The Wheels & Fitment Of Raceism

How do you drive this low? Your tires must surely rub the arches? Can you even handle a speed bump? Is your suspension broken?

Participants of Poland’s Raceism festival hear these questions a lot.


While there are many choices when it comes to cars themselves, there’s an even bigger selection to choose from when it comes to aftermarket wheels. And that’s good, because there’s nothing that’ll make your car stand out more than a set of great-fitting rims.

Modern styles fit newer cars while retro designs go hand-in-hand with your favorite German and JDM cars from 20th century. At an event like Raceism, if you’re able to successfully marry new and old, you’re going to get positive feedback (and scores) from the judges.


Stance culture loves wheels, but fitment is just as important. Wheels need to be in perfect harmony with the bodywork.

The stance encyclopedia provides a bunch of names for fitment, but the most important is hellaflush. If hellaflush is king, tucked and flush fitments are its servants. If your wheel rim ends at the point where the wheel arch starts creating a solid single line, you’ve found perfection.


In my first story from Raceism 2019, I mentioned that the wide-body trend seems to be sticking around, and for that reason, wheels with enough width and offset to fill out even the deepest fenders are in plentiful supply.

While some owners prefer to use wheel spacers to achieve tight fitment, using wide wheels in the first place goes with the true spirit of customizing. Wheel face design is secondary, because taste is the main factor here.


If there’s one thing you should know about Raceism, it’s that this event puts car quality above everything else, hence why there were so many rare and special wheels for me to point my camera at. Yes, I did spot a few replicas here and there – and to be honest, I think they were used in a sarcastic way given the hardcore modified cars they were attached to – but overall, the wheel quality was extremely high.

If there was one trend I expected to see more of, it was turbofans. Those few sets that I did see were mostly attached to rally-themed Skodas and Toyotas from the ’80s, so they looked like they belonged, as opposed to just being something added for the hell of it. Of course, stance is mostly about design over function, but the meaningful approach is always celebrated.


The progression of stance styling in recent years should finally put an end to those questions I started this story with very soon. Enthusiasts are doing what they like, expressing their own style and vision as they go.

The wheel was one of the first great inventions of mankind, so it’s only fair that in the 21st century we get to play with it in different ways.

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Man, so many incredible looking wheels in there.


This post is the most raceist I've ever read.


No Regamasters :(

What are the wheels that are on the Markii that won car of the show? They look like Equip 01 with some extra sauce.

Vladimir Ljadov

They are custom wheels made by the owner himself. Obviously, JDM inspired.


nice kranze bazreia :)
my fav vip wheel


I love these wheel only posts. Thank you!

twinkie on point

Wow, an entire industry based on zero understanding of how a car is supposed to work! Amazing how this stuff can catch on and become a trend. Imagine being such a knuckle dragger that you have no idea what you are doing to your scrub radius and actually hurting your cars performance.

Having "race" in any way shape or form in the title of this even is like having the word "fitness" in a cake eating contest. These guys are the fat asses of the industry who slurp on 7/11 soft drinks while they yell at their TVs. lmao.


Wow thank you internet police! Can you enlighten us again with some more of your fantastic knowledge and understanding? Because having your 2-cent -that mostly consists about talking shit of everything you saw on this article- on something no one asked your opinion about really brings something constructive to the conversation!

I feel the need to precise that was ironic... who knows, you might think we want more of this ^^ Next time you see something you are not into on the internet, did you know here's a little squarebox on the top right corner of your computer screen, with an "x" in it?... The great thing about it is that you can actually click on it and go read something else, instead of feeling the urge to make picturesque paragraphs on how you are so right and intelligent and everyone else is just a bunch of retards ;)

Unless who knows, maybe you are Ayrton Senna or Ferdinand Porsche, back from the dead... then maybe your 2-cent about race cars and engineering would be worth something.


Please don't feed the troll, folks.

twinkie on point

I'll leave your posts up when you learn to behave like an adult.


Advan RG1's..definitely not a wheel I expected to see in this post! One of my favorite all time wheels.


Awesome wheel pr0n. I'm surprised to not see any TE37s though.

Vladimir Ljadov

I was just as surprised as you not seeing (probably not noticing) them at the show.


RAYS Engineering did nothing wrong.


That blue Mazda on Lorinser's with Durex logo on a caliper, complete madness

Cool photos !


Just wheels. Baby just show me the wheels

Keaton Belliston

Man those are some sexy wheels. Although, the "HellaFlush" look just makes me realize how much I appreciate a fully visible sidewall.
I mean, have you SEEN those Advans?!!


like that? ;)


At this point, I don't know what "your exchange rate" is, and frankly I am too afraid to ask.


I think we can all agree, wheel and tire fitment is such a bitch. Offset, camber, suspension travel, tirewall stiffness, whether or not your car is AWD and you need to match front and rear settings, fender clearance, the list just keeps going.

I haven't hit that sweet spot for my own build, but I am looking forward to the set of tires that finally does. Of course, they'll discontinue it when I've only gotten one set, hahaha.

You change any one parameter and suddenly you're stuck with tires that disappear into your fenders like a turtle taking a nap.