Saito, Blušs & Hibino: This Is The Russian Drift Series

For so long, this was a series reserved for only the hardcore international drift fans.

With the Russian Drift Series GP (RDS GP) celebrating its 10th anniversary this year, for the very first time I’ve found myself at Moscow Raceway where the 2019 championship’s important opening round is being fought this weekend.


Pro-level Russian drifting has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, and today the series is regarded as one of the best on the planet. The organizers have invested in overseas drivers and judges, world-class tracks, and even an English live stream, all in a move to push teams from seven different countries to their absolute limit.


In 2018, every round of RDS GP had a guest driver, usually a high-ranked Formula Drift star. This year, drivers including Daigo Saito, Kristaps Blušs, Tetsuya Hibino and Charles Ng are fighting for the top championship spot by contesting the whole season. In the judging box is FD’s Ryan Lanteigne, David Kalas from the Czech Republic, and Ukranian Red Bull driver Aleksandr Grinchuk.


It’s Friday here and qualifying has just ended, but the drivers don’t have the opportunity to rest – the first battles will commence shortly. As I’m writing this, the battle table is being announced for what is sure to be an epic showdown between the Top 32 drivers.

I’ll have a full wrap-up of this event in the coming week, and am also planning detailed comparison between the Russian Drift Series GP and Formula D.

But for now, you can check out the English live stream HERE. The Top 16 battles start at 2.00pm local time (11:00am UTC) Saturday. Spasibo!

Vladimir Ljadov
Instagram: wheelsbywovka



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Julio Jonathan

I did not know how heavily they invested on inviting international drivers and judges, and even providing English stream - not until this point. This series got me growing towards it. Can't wait for more feature on the series, Vlad, keep it up! ^^


More lame drifting. When will drifting just go away so we can get coverage of proper racing?


Sounds like you know how they drive. Don't leave such comments when you don't know what you are talking about.


more lame comments, there is plenty of coverage of proper racing, no one is stopping you from getting your fix elsewhere.

Drifting probably wont go away because its exciting and the kind of format that is great for spectators and if the tickets are selling then why not cover it?


youve seen team burst drive yeah?


Uh, never, I guess?


In Mother Russia, car drifts you


Hey Vlad, love the image of Kristaps Bluss' Car, mind sharing how long you dragged the shutter on this image? Thanks Man! Cheers!

Vladimir Ljadov

Not long, 1/80, but he was drifting damn fast ;)


Great images thanks Man!


Can we please get a feature on losev’s Mark ii toyota theres so little info on the web about it and what is daigo saito driving in the series ? Is it the supra or his chaser?

Vladimir Ljadov

There will be a feature on it soon ;)


Saito build Toyota Altezza with NASCAR V8 for RDS. It's as mad as his other cars.


Thanks man . I love those Na v8’s