WATCH: Goodwood Festival Of Speed 2021 On Speedhunters

It’s July, the sun is shining and hundreds of motorsport greats are preparing to hammer up a 1.16-mile hillclimb in the middle of Chichester.

Out of context, there’s nothing remotely normal about that kind of behaviour. Yet, since the mid-’90s, the Goodwood Festival Of Speed has done exactly that. And it’s now a staple in the calendar for motorsport fans all around the world.


It’s a simple concept made bizarre by the fact it takes place on Lord March’s driveway. But that’s exactly what makes it so entertaining too.


For 2021 the Festival Of Speed was granted test event status, which means all attendees (all 140,000+ of ‘em) are required to be either double vaccinated or have negative lateral flow tests every day to gain entry. Obviously, despite this fact, there’s a whole load of regulars unable to attend for obvious reasons. But the Goodwood live stream is a perfect alternative giving you all the action from the comfort of your sofa.


We’re two days in already, but competition is getting seriously fierce with multiple cars running sub 49-second times. Qualifying follows today, with the big shootout finale taking place on Sunday.


It’s something you won’t want to miss, and through the powers of social media and cross-platform sharing we’ve ensured you won’t have that issue either. Simply head over to the Speedhunters Facebook page here and you’ll be greeted with live streams on both Saturday and Sunday.


There are no tricks, no sign-up required and no hassle. Just action at your fingertips from one of the best events in the world. What’s not to love?

Mark Riccioni
Instagram: mark_scenemedia
Twitter: markriccioni



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//how do we watch it


oh. cool. :>


Super excited for this one! Can't wait to see the cars at Goodwood!

DB Mino Cooper

reptilians - they aren't falling for nsa coin anymore, print more TP and create a JDM bubble - they will all buy in an then the market will crash and we will will outlaw petrol. Maybe they can live in it with the nike dunk collection until we are hungry again.


Are those Death Grips lyrics?


Give me some of what you are smoking bro

DB Mino Cooper

its the souls of the worker bee - you have to be ruling elite to get any. Best you can do is siphon adrenochrome while freebasing crack in a zero oxygen environment.


FYI he’s now the Duke of Richmond. His son is Lord March now.
Fantastic event though, not had chance to explore much of it as I’m sat in the timing room working on the Hill Start Line.