The Legend Of The Kraken Kuda

If someone takes it upon them self to name their car after a mythical creature that can destroy literally whatever it feels like, then you better get your camera and start paying attention.

That was my thought process as soon as a random Instagram tag brought me to my new friend, Aman, and his 1970 Plymouth Barricuda that he has affectionately named: Kraken Kuda. I was so awestruck by the Destroyer Grey paint job and the slammed stance of the car, I just knew that this would be something to behold in person.

2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-07
2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-01

The day we met up to shoot, I could hear the car long before it rumbled down into an empty parking lot outside Delta, British Columbia. I felt nervous as if a monster was making its way towards me, but my nerves subsided when I saw just how beautiful this car was. We quickly exchanged ‘hellos’ and after I wiped the drool from my sweater, we began to wander around and take in some angles on the beautiful ’70 Cuda.

2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-13

The Magnum 408 C.I.D. stroker V8 sounded smooth and healthy idling around the yard, and it easily fired to life whenever we moved the car around for a new shot. The motor was blueprinted and built at Motor Works in Spokane, Washington, and sent to Aman here in BC.

The V8 is backed by a built TorqueFlite 727 transmission and a Mopar 8 ¾-inch rear end. Feeding the beefy powertrain air and fuel is a Holley 770 carburettor atop an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake and Performer cylinder heads. All that air gets slammed together with fuel and spark above a set of Icon forged pistons and Eagle connecting rods. Once that glorious combustion occurs, there is an Eagle forged crankshaft to handle the rotation and horsepower.

While the drivetrain had my head in a daze of glorious Mopar affection, the body and chassis of the Cuda left my eyes watering with absolute delight.

2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-12
2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-06

When it came time to do the suspension of the car, it was opted to go for an air ride setup from Ridetech Suspension. Aman wanted the feel of an old muscle car but with the ability to stand out and have the car lay its headers down at any opportunity. He left the interior of the car in fairly stock form to keep the ’70s vibe intact with modern day refinement and reliability.

Asides from having the motor built, Aman did most of the work on the car in his spare time at his home garage. He bought it in 2014 on a rotisserie, after the ex owner had hit a dead spot in the project and left the car alone.

Still attending university at the time, he happened to find the ad for the bare hulk of a car. Once he saw it; the goal was set, the car was purchased and it came home and work began on what is now his dream car.

2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-14

One of the coolest parts of our shoot was a moment of crackling revs echoing off the shop walls before the hiss of the air ride letting the car settle onto the floor. The car handles corners well and rides pretty comfortably with the air setup and can be adjusted to be more or less aggressive depending on the situation.

Putting power to the ground and rounding out the look of the car is a set of Bassett steelies wrapped in Hercules tires. They give the car the perfect look and accent the stance just right with that ’70s racecar flair.

2019 IATS Andrew Ritchie Kraken Kuda-20

For now, Aman is leaving the car as is, mostly because it is exactly as he had pictured it the day he first saw it in bare metal on the rotisserie.

This car bares the name of a mythical monster that would instill a similar level of awe and amazement on the general populous, and it’s all due to his hard work and un-wavering dedication. Aman created a gorgeous and incredible beast from a car that otherwise was a forgotten and lonely fish.

Maybe at some time down the road we all will hear the legend of the little Barricuda that became the Kraken.

Andrew Ritchie
Instagram: ridic_u_loose

Follow Aman and the Kraken Kuda on Instagram @Kraken_kuda


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Daniel P Huneault

hmmm if you liked that, you would probably love my protouring roadrunner ;)
love the color - I would tell the owner to paint his aluminum rad black so it doesn't take away from the front end



Naveed Yousufzai

i read this entire article with the 5 6 7 8 s Barracuda playing in the background, and it was glorious.


Sick Cuda!






Carburetor, not carburetor. Barracuda, not Barricuda. Do you not respect your readers enough to use spellcheck?


Carburettor is a correct, accepted spelling in commonwealth nations (such as, for example, Canada, where this story takes place).
Also, next time you plan on rewriting someone else's "typo" to mock them for it, make extra sure you don't mess it up yourself or you'll wind up looking like a bit of a knob :)

Nicholas Maher

While true the carb issue along with an incorrect spelling of the name of the car just makes it look sloppy.
We don't know that the author spelled it as you say (Canadian) or was just sloppy. I don' t really see Canadians spelling it that way, ever, in New Zealand or the UK, yes.


No one cares what Gary thinks IRL either

Nicholas Maher

True, ouch.


Someone needs to make a new Cuda!

Nicholas Maher

Nice car and I am partial to 'Cuda's having owned 2. That said, any car that had chrome bumpers that has them painted black, or body color, just looks like it was cheaped out. As much as chrome is passé it looks better than a aesthetically questionable "paint it black" choice. The 'Cuda could be had with urethane bumpers (really just covers) that were painted body color though you can clearly tell that's what they are, and they look much better. A lot of the detail in the grill is lost when it is flat black, rather than argent gray, also. The radiator should be flat black for aesthetics also.


WTF!? Who authorized an American car feature on Speedhunters? Love the extremely rare American content when it's offered!


Since nobody else has said it yet...



Awesome car and article but when did speed hunters decide to write there articles like old hot4 magazines in Australia, so sad it's 70% spec sheet and less about the feel, look and build


Man, that just sits proper.

I'm guessing traffic moves out of the way for this one.


It looks like they tried to replicate "King Kuda" from Australia with a much lower budget