The Future Of The New Supra

So, the new Supra is here. Finally. It took long enough.

The renders, the concepts, the prototypes, the camouflage, the teasers. Oh God, the teasers. I don’t know about you, I feel like I’ve been part of a very public development process for the past five years. We’ve all seen it, a load of people have driven it. So should we be surprised that we’re not surprised by it?


Toyota have been teasing us about the new Supra since 2014 (according to a certain YouTuber150, ‘for almost a decade’), and if you go back and compare the original concept with the launch car there are some unmistakable differences. But surely everyone saw this coming? How often do concept cars land on the road looking anything like they originally did? Certainly the more adventurous and exciting ones don’t.

Yes, I would absolutely love for the new Supra to look like it does above straight out of the box, but there are myriad reasons discovered by much more cleverer people than I as to why that didn’t happen. But that doesn’t mean it couldn’t, in the future.

Tokyo-Auto-Salon-2019-28 copy

I can sympathise with those whose reaction to the A90 has been left somewhat short of their expectations, however, as my initial reaction was much the same. We’d essentially seen what the car would look like, with an increasing number of camouflaged appearances over the past couple of years.

We’ve even seen what the racing versions will look like; something of a strange move I feel – revealing the wider, lower and more aggressive-looking racing version whilst simultaneously aiming for maximum visual impact for the road-going version. It can’t have been just me that excitedly imagined the Gazoo Racing Supra sans-livery?

My point is that there was no real surprise in the aesthetics department, so people turn to the numbers in search of stimulation, and so the online circle jerk begins. While 340hp isn’t exactly going to set the world on fire in 2018, 500nM of torque (370ft-lbs) isn’t to be sniffed at, and as Toyota has proven with the woefully underpowered but immensely fun GT86, they know a thing or two about chassis dynamics and creating a driver’s car.


“But this is a BMW, not a Toyota!” I hear you cry. Don’t worry – there are other articles online to appease you if you want to see people crawling around under the A90 pointing at BMW badges, but I’d like to think that Speedhunters audience is a little more open-minded. What’s more, this partnership isn’t something that Toyota has even attempted to hide from day one. If you think that Toyota’s input in a flagship sports car as important as the A90 stopped at deciding what size Toyota badge they’d need to cover the BMW roundel, then you’re way short of the mark.

We now know what it is – but what could it become?


We should be looking is the direction that the new Supra could go. Paddy put it more eloquently than I could earlier this week: “I think a lot of people are making the (forgivable) mistake of comparing the stock A90 to the idea of their perfect modified A80.”

This is a modern-looking sports coupe with an already aggressive design, ripe for some extra fettling to make it really stand out. Lower the suspension, add lips and diffusers and some choice wheels and it’s already looking decent.


Or go wilder and this thing starts to look truly impactful. As you can see from Khyzyl’s renderings here, it’s no big stretch of the imagination to see how good the Supra could look both just a bit lower, a bit wider and with some styling touches, and then with an all-out restyle. It’s not a far-fetched concept, someone will do it.


And that’s before we even dive beneath the bonnet. I’m not exactly aware of the differences in turbochargers or levels of tune on the A90 and BMW’s existing platforms, but we do know that gains of almost 100whp can be had on the B58 motor from a simple ECU tune alone, on regular unleaded pump fuel.

Over 500whp can be had by swapping the turbos, exhaust, ECU flash on the stock internals and fuel system, again on 93 octane. With internal work, good fuel and an uprated fuelling system we could easily be knocking on the door of 800whp+. It’s all starting to sound a bit more 2JZ, isn’t it?

Khyzyl has even got me excited about the prospect of styling cues from the new Supra influencing how people modify the A80. Although they’re now probably more than I can afford anyway, pal.


Does the new Supra have the potential to be a future classic like the A80 now is? I’m not so sure, and there’s no accounting for the value that nostalgia adds to cars like that.

But while you might not be getting that warm, fuzzy feeling from the OEM car just yet, I do think the future’s bright for the A90. I can see it being a car that the aftermarket really embraces, and I can’t wait to see what people do with it.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Renders by Khyzyl Saleem
Instagram: the_kyza
Facebook: TheKyza



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I can already visualize all the cool things for this car in the next couple of years. Not to mention all the clean and/or wild body kits. :)


That rear spoiler, YES PLEASE!


i just want the vents to be real


They technically are. They're removable for added cooling/ducting


I guess I am on the opposite side of the street as I hope the future of this car is short. I am in the minority that I dont like it. It still looks too much like a rejected design from alfa romeo. The way its designed screams niche car to me and I dont think it will go mainstream.


You obviously never saw Alfa Romeo design history.


Fun fact. The C4 Corvette sold more Vettes in any given year than the Supra did from 93-98. Total.

"Niche" pfft - the Supra already was.


Why would you actively want a car not to do well just because you don’t like it?


Team up with Mercedes and it will cost too much. They do have a new twin charges striaght -6. If you like the old celica gt4 and Supra, get a c43 4matic and c63 s.

Henrique Cassiano

C43s are V6 tho. Mercedes doesn't produce L6s anymore, unfortunately.


MB is building inline sixes again - check out the E53 (which runs their new 430hp turbocharged inline six).


The C43 is a V8. You're thinking of the C36.


Oh nvm. You meant the new C43. Silly me.


2jz are very similiar to Mercedes m104.


Mercedes amg gtr looks like a better supra then the little BMW Z4.


I’m not even sure what ‘looks like a better Supra’ means when it’s not a Supra at all.


I am not sure why people still haven't figured out the difference between "then" and "than".


Well, thank God for the aftermarket. Stock Supras suck anyway.


This new Supra looks awesome. Honestly, when I heard about the new Supra me being an artist took to the drawing board and imagined a new Supra. I had only looked at the first (2015) Supra picture so far. So I drew the rear end, mine looked like the (new) 86's rear with gen 4 Supra tailights, gen 4 Supra trunk (more angular), And with the gen 4 spoiler (with fujiwara lip or as 'muricans say "gurney flap"). It looked similar to Kyza's white Supra. Also Kyza your renders are legendary!


nice reference to F&F mate!




Those renderings are pure garbage - it's not the artist fault the car is garbage - the fact the only thing he can do with it is turn it into a robot vacuum cleaner says everything, buy a Miata, buy a Vette, buy a Lexus LC or RC - don't buy the Beemer hit with the ugly stick.


Or just buy what the hell you want?


The best version of the new Supra is the original prototype (pictured in dark grey metallic).
Again...manufactures teasing us with amazing one off show pieces, then presenting us with cheap plastic pigs...seriously, this is getting old. My #1 top automotive pet-peeve!


There are countless reasons why things have to be toned down from concept cars - cost/safety/mass production/usability.

What would you rather them do? Create toned-down concepts that end up making it through unscathed, or continuing to aim high but accept that changes will come?


Khyzyl, you are a beast! These renders are incredible!


I don't know, maybe I'm not a Supra purist (Skyline owner) but the Mk5 excites me way more than the Mk4 ever did (stock for stock that is). Mind you there are some odd design choices for sure, but nothing that warrants as much flak as the car is getting right now. It's the initial release and the car has a lot of room to grow. I find that what the masses want is for the car to look exactly like the Mk4, which is absolutely ridiculous. People who are resistant to change are a f*cking cancer, and this applies to anything in life. People are scoffing at Toyota's claim of a better Supra. 50/50, low C of G, less weight, active rear diff, more power/torque (albeit only slightly over the Mk4), adaptive suspension, aluminum body panels, lots of tech and modern features, all while keeping the cost reasonable?? Sounds like a better car to me. Just like any new sports car, the haters are gonna hate until they see it in person. This thing is going to sell, so f*ck the haters.


I'm just waiting for someone to give the front end a whole new face, like RE Amemiya puts Porsche faces on cars sometimes. Let's see a JDM Odyssey face swap or something lol. Maybe Rocket Bunny can do a BOSS kit with an A70 nose, complete with popups. I thought we were done with this weird protruding nose trend in the early 2000s when the McLaren Mercedes SLR did it


"I see a blank canvas that only few can afford to modify."

~Me... saying that in the last supra post.


Look how many modified gtrs there are...


Oh yeah...

Look how many modified mk4 Supras are out there...


I can understand why people might dislike the new Supra but I like it, it looks modern, has some cool styling cues and I'm sure it will be a great car to drive. I think we just need to rejoice in the fact that Toyota has revived one of its most iconic badges put another 300+bhp coupe onto the market. If you've got 50k to burn on a coupe you really are spoiled for choice nowadays and being a Supra it will be hugely supported by the aftermarket with and endless list of parts being available from all the top companies.

Matthew Everingham


But seriously, it's not cool to like/support new stuff online. It's a great looking car, I can't wait to see what crazy shit people come up with at Sema 2020!


BT f U knew crs Matthew uD pRBly Ndrstnd ths s just rebody sht fur markuting purpose so ppl r let dWN, U no?

LoL Who are these people who dare have an opinion? It's rebodied BMW with some minor tweaks and upgrades. MK4 Supras are heavy over weight POS anyway. 2JZ are good but heavy also. I don't see what the fuss is about with any of these cars. This new one looks pretty bad from the front. Not a game changer by any means just a way for companies to milk a name for money.



So, speed hunters, when are you going to get together with Toyota and Kei miura and do another km4sh thing huh? ;)


"But it's BMW" I say who cares this is supra what we waiting for centuries dumbass, even GT86 is subaru FR rebadge and yet you still flock to it if you see it in person with good wheels and some body kits


i thumbs down FRS on the streets


Me too. only teenagers buy them. Besides a C5 Z06 will kick the shit out of a modified FRS without doing much but tires and sway bars. Heeeeeeyyooooooo


I love the "supporting the hobbyist" concept that Toyota has gone for here. It's very unique and I would want more manufacturers to do this, designing the car from the ground up to support engine swaps and performance upgrades along with visual ones. I think it's the Gazoo Racing folk that gave good feedback with that, how to make it work on a production vehicle.

Daniel Rodriguez

Why are people so damn close minded now days most if not all car companies share tech left and right. By the way supras BMW engine and chasis is not a bad thing or are bimmers bad cars.People said they should have kept it jdm, imagine Supra with nissan, mitsubishi, or honda, yeah ok, the only jdm company with bad ass engines is yamaha and they dont even build cars.So stop hatting on the new Supra most people that hate the car cant freaking afford it any ways..long live the SUPRA ...


This article is basically what I’ve been trying to tell people when it comes up in a discussion. Yeah it’s BMW parts but it’s been all tweaked by Toyota, in the same way the FRS is Subaru parts. It’s probably not anyone’s first choice, but it’s half the price it would’ve been if done in house and it probably is way better to drive than any “keyboard critic” will tell you otherwise.


Got my A90 edition ordered.
Will be looking for intake and a remap right away to get a boost in HP.

Sebastian Motsch

Many fans claim the design is horrible, because the lines of the stunning FT-1 Prototype have been adjusted to fit the shorter wheelbase BMW Z4 chassis. This statement is true to an extent, but a healthy dose of lowering stretches the vehicle optically. I also converted the car to Targa specification (aka T-Top), which also helps with the proportions – at least when the targa roof is off. Advan Racing GT alloys with an inch more diameter than the stock wheels, and a Brembo big brake kit with carbon ceramic discs, prepare the car for the power upgrades surely offered by various tuning outlets soon. Toyota, please make a targa version of this sportscar!

Please let me know what you think about my concept in the comments.
Best regards,
Sebastian Motsch /


First, I am excited that Toyota finally has another hero car. It's been too long. And I don't really mind that this is a collab with BMW. But I just don't think it is a handsome car. Some of the renders are definitely an improvement. But I was never enamored with the original concept either, so I guess I shouldn't be surprised that I'm not drawn to the production version. Hopefully its driving dynamics will more than make up for any other drawbacks.


Khyzyl's renders are some of the best and really shows the potential of the new Supra
If I was to get the new Supra, I would do a 2JZ swap or a 1JZ swap and attach that to the ZF transmission


The new Supra is definitely the tuner of the future


y'all hating on this already, then hold on to your butts for the RX-9 guys, since it'll be the worst thing ever concieved by the mankind since the black death


... and Chuunibyou English dub


Now it just makes me antsy for what Nissan is gonna do with the next Z car, and how it and the VR30 will do. I smell aa fun comparison between the new Supra and the up and coming Z


I'm curious how difficult it's going to be to give this car a tasteful widebody. Looking at the FT-1 vs the new Supra, I've realized that the wheel wells are quite smaller in design, leaving the headlights almost an inch higher than the leading line of the wheel well. Work arounds might even require cutting up the inner fender! This compromise (likely because of the Z4 platform), along with the clamshell hood, is gonna present a couple challenges for future builds that I'm curious to see figured out.

Great renders as always though, Khyzyl.


now if you give us the turbo 4 version and the A90 version wed be alot happier. dont see why toyota keeps refusing to release special editions of things in america.


Supra becomes legend due to his 2js engine. Supra Means 2jz. No jz no Supra. So Toyots

Except Tesla, all of car companies captured by bean counters.

Bmw engined supras what next ? Renault Engined Mercedes.


Car companies we love are killed by bean counters around 1995.

Keep your originals well and do not feed the troll.

God speed Mr. Musk bury all of them and end this miserable comedy...

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

You're the typical fanboy who thinks 2JZ is what makes a Supra, "a Supra".

Sorry to burst your bubble, but all Supras before the A80 were not powered by the 2JZ, and they are all legendary in their own rights.


I’m not really sure what you just said.

But bear in mind - no BMW would mean no new Supra. Without this collab the model would have never made production - why? Because for all the people complaining about the car online, not enough of them would dig deep and buy one. It’s a niche project, and increasingly in the future these joint productions are the only way that the so-called ‘bean counters’ can justify our ridiculous need for cars that are fun to drive.

Be thankful for projects like this.



I mean. Just think. What makes Supra special ? Overengineered engine. Who makes overengineered engines ? Engineers with passion.

What if todays bean counter mentality captured management in Toyota when they designing original 2jz ? Another piece of sh*t inline six which nobody remember today. And another rwd car nobody remember today.

Does any one know European Ford Granda's today. NO, why? because it has sh*ttiest v6 engines (cologne) Ford ever build. Why ? because some sh*t head bean counter wants to fit a v6 in v4 engine bay so they invented siamese exhaust port which automatically cracks cylinder heads.

Anyway. What I'm trying to saying (with my broken english).

If they want to BWM engined nice lookin Toyota car. Thats OK. Call it Baba Yaga or F1 or whatever. And this renderings are good, much better than original Supra (Which I never fond of it).

However, if you cannot build a Toyota RWD car with overengineered enginge. You cannot call it Supra.

When you looking the Car manufacturing industry you realize, bean counters are everywhere.

Teasla try to build everthing in house. Just try to search SuperBottle for Model 3.

Then look those monkeys. They try to rebrand new Bmw Z4 and sell us as New Toyota Supra.


I’m sure there will be someone who will LS Swap this car in less that 2 years from now.


I don't love this design, but I'm sure, that Abflug could make a great Zephi:R MK2 on it :D


Mk4 Supra’s rivals where Honda nsx and r34 skyline gt-r. Current rivals to nsx and r35 gt-r right now is a Mercedes amg gtr. Stare at the rear end of the Mercedes and you will see the mk4 supra,s rear end. Side profile of Mercedes does look similiar to new z4/Supra. Front view, it looks like a angry Supra with a arrow pointing a you.


Give the mk5 supra a Lexus v8. Make it more like a r171 slk55 amg black series. Rival to the z4.


I wish I could go along with this 100% but being who I am, I can't. The B58 will never be a 2JZ. Visually I can dig the potential in it's styling. But I am not a fan of the B58 and ZF transmission. I can't believe the vitals parts are BMW. I know Toyota likes to penny pinch but hell I think they could have put more research into the turbo V6 that powers the Lexus LS and made a variation of that engine to put into the Supra.


Without the BMW collab this car wouldn’t exist. So if it’s this or nothing, what would you choose?




Great article! If i had one myself id definitely make my own FT1 Concept-kit. I agree with that many probably want a mk4.5, a perfectly modded mk4 as you write.

I was under the impression that the A-series label is gone? Meaning its not a A90 (though a limited launch edition named this to celebrate the old labeling is/was available) and it is instead called a GR Supra?


But you know we’re all going to call it the A90 still…

Martin Hejtmánek

The MkIV inspired wing is all that it was missing. Starting to think about owning this thing - all haters can eat me, but I'm a big fan of BMW to begin with and the MkIV has been my dream car for like forever, so bring it!


i am just about to love this car then the bmw interior comes to my mind. i know i cant buy it... and i dont care if its a bmw engine or not. i just dont think you can feel different when the interior ia bmw. i need someone to change my mind


If you think that Toyota’s input in a flagship sports car as important as the A90 stopped at deciding what size Toyota badge they’d need to cover the BMW roundel, then you’re way short of the mark.

Out of curiosity, are there any videos or articles regarding the amount of input/R&D Toyota had on the new A90/Z4 platform? When you spoke on the FRS/GT86 in this article you say:

Toyota has proven with the woefully underpowered but immensely fun GT86, they know a thing or two about chassis dynamics and creating a driver’s car.

and then went on to say that there are videos circulating now showing the suspension components on the A90 have BMW stamping. BMW had no play in the FRS/GT86 platform development (at least to my knowledge). So, unless Toyota really did have a huge part in the chassis development of the A90/Z4 Platform I don't know if it's accurate to basically say: "The FRS handles really well, so the the new Supra must handle equally as well if not better." Interesting article and renderings!


Uncovering specifics of what Toyota did and didn’t have a hand in is tricky, but they’ve been quoted as saying that handling and chassis dynamics for the Supra/Z4 was handled independently by Toyota/BMW. The two will supposedly handle quite differently.

My point about the FRS is that Toyota aren’t about to release their flagship sports car without having a major hand in how the car handles.


Interesting. If what Toyota says is true then I'd be willing to bet that the Toyota differs from the BMW in 4, maybe 5 specific areas: spring rates, shock dampening, sway bars, bushing stiffness/materials, and alignment. I would think any changes to the chassis itself would be too costly to differ between the two models. I wonder if there's much differences between the BRZ and FRS when compared in the same way...anyone have any insight on this? I wonder if Toyota's approach/relationship/development process to the BRZ/GT86/FRS was in any way similar to their methods in developing the Supra/Z4.


Too bad they couldn’t price it closer to $40,000 or even $35,000


... And still look worse than stock Lexus RC.
Waiting for factory kits or from company like Varis. Not sure that companies like the Liberty Walk can offer something new and interesting.


I'm sorry Saleem, but it's still a very ugly looking car. I don't understand why Speedhunters insist and keep pushing this car on it's pages... page clicks and comments number maybe?


Top secret/smokey nagata turbo v12 supra reminds me of a Mercedes sl65 amg black series. Put a v12 in the mk5 supra. It has been done to an r171 slk already.


It's actually been well over a decade since Toyota had been toying with a new Supra. People seem to forget about he FT-HS from back in 2007. Thankfully Toyota was among those that forgot.


On a positive note for BMW guys, I imagine this is going to open up a whole world of tuning/parts which may have never existed if not for the new Supra using the B58.


Fanboys wanted Toyota to do a retro version of the MKIV; the same thing Detroit did with the Muscle Cars in the mid to late '00s, I'd like to see BMW do a coupe version of the Z4. Much better-looking car in my eyes. The Supra will have potential but I just don't like the look of it.


Im so mixed about this car
In one hand im a toyota purist and hate the fact that its a bmw and its an automatic
in the other hand, the spec's are pretty decent and it has so much potential to blow up like the suzuki jimny did this year when it comes to after market
Toyota, are you playing with my feelings?
Its like a love letter but at the same time its a stab
Im curious to see where the supra will go tbh


A blend between the 1st silver rendering and 1st white rendering Khyzl did would have been the best combo. The car looks cheap to me as they made it. MK4 is a lot better looking.


I like the car overall.. most the front end. but the rear end would have been so much better if the rear lights had some more attributes from the past Supra.. maybe an aftermarket company will do something similar