American Luxury, With A Touch Of Gangster

If you’ve ever seen the 1999 movie The Matrix, you’ll likely recall the suspenseful ‘debugging’ scene. That’s where Neo gets picked up under a highway overpass in the city, while raining, cold, and dark, with Trinity proceeding to use this crazy futuristic debugging gun to suck a crazy monster-like creature out of his stomach. The scene just screams mob, and though it’s not a movie about the mafia, the car of choice sure was.

This movie moment planted a seed in Ken Stevens’ mind many years ago, and eventually found its way to bloom into ownership of a beautiful 1965 Lincoln Continental hardtop sedan.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-01
2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-17

Two years ago, Ken was doing his usual pre-smog search through the local Craigslist in search of something the stood out to him for his next build. His previous cars included a couple of Audi S4s, but his favorite and what he described as “most notable” would be his 1972 Audi 100LS. As is the case with most enthusiast owners though, when a build sees completion and the market is right, it becomes time to sell and move on to the next chapter in life, and Ken’s timing couldn’t have been any better.

At the time, Ken was working at a shop that specialized in air bagging cars, and they had just completed an install for a customer’s Lincoln Continental. He totally fell in love with the look of the car, and it further helped push his motive to bring that old vision he got from the movie to life.

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The car Ken found on Craigslist belonged to a gentleman who had purchased it in the early 1980s and had since passed away. His brother then stored it in an airplane hanger for the next 30 years until Ken came by, made a deal to purchase it, and embarked on bringing it back to life.

You’ll notice some details still left behind, like the 1983 registration tag and original California black license plates. The car did have issues and cosmetic flaws that needed to be addressed – as one would imagine with anything that had been stored away for so long – but that wasn’t a problem for Ken.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-15

Many hours were invested in restoring all the chrome trim and polishing out the deep black paint. After going through pretty much everything in and around the car, Ken was pleasantly surprised to have not found any sign of rust.

The Continental is an iconic American luxury car; it was a status symbol for the wealthy, and many famous icons such as President Roosevelt and President Kennedy owned some generation of the model. Ford put countless hours of engineering and innovation into the uni-body design, taking influence from its European competitors, and constantly trying to one-up them in creating a prestigious car that gave the owners an unmatched driving experience. These cars weigh nearly 3-tons, get roughly 10mpg, but retained a caliber of luxury that was unprecedented during the ’60s. Features such as A/C, a 430ci big block V8 that made 340hp, and a 3-speed automatic came standard from the factory.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-09

And let’s not forget the iconic suicide doors.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-21

Ken knew of their significance, so he decided to go with a modest approach by keeping the car as original as possible. The drivetrain was completely rebuilt by Rise Above Speed Shop in San Leandro, California, and the motor was gone through as well. Everything was thoroughly inspected and either replaced or cleaned up so it functioned as it did when it left the factory. Some mild upgrades include Mooneyes valve covers, Edelbrock carburetors, an electronic ignition upgrade, and a custom exhaust.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-19

But Ken wanted to ensure this car made that same gangster statement it did in the movie back in the day. He added his own flair by bagging the car on Choppin’ Blocks suspension, running dual Viair compressors, a custom Seamless air tank and Air Lift Performance 3H management. Future plans for the car include a custom hidden sound system, possible period-styled custom Rotiform wheels, and potentially a Coyote engine swap (if he decides to go with a resto-mod style in the future).

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-14

Overall, Ken’s original vision slowly became a reality. The Lincoln makes a bold statement everywhere it goes, whether that be driving down the street or laying frame in a parking lot. Being nearly 20-feet long and having miles of chrome all around the car, it truly sets itself apart from anything else on the road.

2018 Lincoln Air Lift Spedhunters by Naveed Yousufzai-44

Continentals have been gaining a huge cult following after making numerous appearances in Hollywood, and quite frankly, it’s well deserved. These cars were underrated for a very long period of time, and it’s always nice to see the new generation of enthusiasts adding their individual style to surviving icons.

Naveed Yousufzai 
Instagram: eatwithnaveed


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It’s not “nearly” 10 feet, it’s actually 18 feet....


10 feet? Hell even the Honda fit is more than 10 feet. Maybe a 10 ft wheel base. Never own a Lincoln but this one is REALLY eye catching.


fat finger nip slip, sorry! fixing it now! thanks for pointing that out!


Magical! American cars isnteven my thing.. but wow!

The poor French Carguy

I'm not a fan of things "bagged" and too close to the ground, but this car oozes style so much...


Great looking car! Looks very similar to the one that "Old Man" owned in Pawn Stars, rest in piece!


Lol, I hope you meant peace.
This car has so much presence, I’d do the coyote swap and leave the rest as is.


This car is just SO AMERICAN.


I do like old American cars quite some, but this is easily one of my favorites. I just love those suicide doors so much, and like i'd like to cruise around in one of these with my friends, and just look baller.


That's Villa Montalvo, isn't it? Man, that car looks spot-on perfect there! Nice choice of location!!


i think these are the most gangster cars ever made


If you want to see the actual Lincoln used in the movie...


Amazing to think its all original paint and interior? Is that correct? It polished up very well indeed if thats the case. It would be a shame to modify it any further. I hope it stays as is!


I used to really like these, till I ended up working on ten or so of them at a previous shop. Hilariously annoying to repair things like the electrics.


Oh man, what a machine. It's so long it looks amazing when it's bagged to the ground. This is a beauty! Great setting for the photo's as well.