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When you’re at the Goodwood Festival of Speed there’s a wide variety of automotive-related delights to tickle your fancy.

I’ve a soft spot for the older machines – the classic liveries and celebrated cars that have enjoyed a lifetime of success on racetracks around the world. One area of the show that I’ve never really spent a huge amount of time around, however, is the newer stuff, including the latest super and hypercars. So, yesterday, I decided to take a wander through for a quick look.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters--8

New for this year is the ‘first glance’ paddock, which affords you direct access to the newest models and prototypes to be announced. In stark contrast to the likes of Geneva and other static motor shows, at FOS these are all real working machines, and most tackle the hill throughout the weekend too. The sea of YouTubers and car spotters is especially dense in this area, but perseverance can get you up close and personal with the latest and most exclusive machines at Goodwood.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1695

I’m strangely taken by –and this is probably the most wordiest and Italian car name ever – the Italdesign Automobili Speciali Zerouno Duerta. The vents, ridges and lines look fantastic in the Goodwood afternoon sun.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-9844

Right next door and Italdesign’s take on the GT-R leaves me feeling comparatively cold. There’s a lack of cohesion between the front and rear ends in my opinion – an awkwardness that I guess is a result of trying to shoehorn creative design ideas into an already existing chassis. It just doesn’t quite work.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1822

Possibly the wildest-looking design in the paddock, the Apollo Intensa Emozione (IE for short) packs a 780hp V12, and sounds as insane as it looks. In a world of EVs and hybrids, the Apollo is a refreshing change and, although its wild styling might be a bit love-it or hate-it, it’s good to see brands that aren’t afraid to put it out there.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1878

Lanzante’s P1 GT is a car so subtle that I didn’t even capture it when it passed me on the hill. That is, if you can call a 986hp one-of-one hypercar subtle? You see, P1s aren’t a super-rare sight at FOS, and from the front, bar some aerodynamic changes, it looks pretty much like a GTR. Here’s why the dynamic changes were necessary – a private customer has commissioned Lanzante to create a longtail version of the P1, much like its elder sibling; the F1 GT.

Building on a P1 GTR, the extended decklid does away with the P1’s hydraulic rear wing and active aero system, meaning that Lanzante had to completely rethink the way the car cuts through the air. The name and the colour are a nod to the original longtail and, I have to say, it looks completely stunning in the flesh. The price is a cool half-a-million pounds ($661,000USD approx) for the GT conversion, plus the £1.5million if you’ve not already got a spare P1 GTR kicking around.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1826

For many, this is a first look at the McLaren Senna in the flesh. Many, myself included, questioned the design when it was first announced and, although it’s growing on me, it’s certainly not McLaren’s finest hour. Side-by-side with the Lanzante P1 GT and I know which one I’d take.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1884

Not in the paddock, but rather on Toyota’s rather understated stand, the Toyota Gazoo Racing new Supra was on display. Sadly, the prototype Supra is still wrapped in camo, but this race version should give us an indication of what the Supra could look like once the aftermarket gets its hands on it.

There’s definitely some lines in there that are strongly influenced by the MkIV.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1799

The Brabham BT62 is a highly anticipated beast of a machine. With 700hp on tap from its 5.4-litre V8 quad-cam mid-mounted motor, and weighing just 972kg, this extreme track-only hypercar is a direct competitor to the new Senna. The base model will set you back around £1million, pre-tax, if you’re interested.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1192

Of course, looking back through time, cars of this ilk have always been wild and wacky. By pushing the boundaries of engineering and design, these aspirational marques give us some truly incredible machines. Hopefully they’ll still look as good in a few decades time as they do now, if not even better.

Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1794

In comparison to everything you’ll find in the supercar and first glance paddock, it’s still the relatively subtle Singer DLS that’s got people talking here. A car that is infinitely less shouty than the hard, angular and aggressive lines of futuristic super and hypercars, but one that seems to have stolen Goodwood’s heart.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters

Cutting Room Floor
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters--9
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1663
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1859
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1857
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1820
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters--5
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1819
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1811
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1614
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1803
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1805
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1797
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1707
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters--4
Goodwood FOS 2018 by Jordan Butters Speedhunters-1230


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Is there a possibility to get a higher resolution for wallpapers? You guys make always very nice photos/pictures, and i cant even use it on my 1440p (2560x1440) 27" display. Not even talking about the 4k Display... :(


Afraid not. As things stand, our images are constantly stolen and re-posted elsewhere without attribution, along with being offered as prints illegally on the likes of eBay. To offer them in higher resolution would only make this an even bigger issue. Not to mention the extra storage and bandwidth required to host them.

I do relate, by the way, as I always struggle to find good wallpapers for my 5K iMac.


Isn't there some way to watermark them so they show up clean on Speedhunters, but marked on anybody else's website?

Jordan Butters

Not that I know of without some clever code that would slow loading down on image-intensive stories.

Chris Colouryum

Sadly there isn't a way. Something I've looked into with as had a client request something like this and our developers investigated heavily. Physical watermarking over an image is the only way (like you see on paid stock photo websites) with a paid licencing access to the original file is the only way around this. It also creates a trail for reproduction if people exploit it too.


Well, there's the next app for some aspiring 22-year-old in San Francisco.

Jordan Butters

5K iMac! Someone's doing alright *taps away on 2009 Macbook*.


It's an absolute POS, still use my 2009 MBP for the heavy work :)

Jordan Butters

She's not glamorous, but she'll destroy your toe when dropped from waist height, and survive just fine.


Go Big Iron.


Do the extra pixels make a big difference for you during work? Any weird scaling with videos and stuff? Just curious honestly.

For the record I see images from SH on some social media platforms with the photographer stamp cropped out. I don't see how that's worth the time and effort.

Jordan Butters

If someone can make a quick buck for minimal skill and effort, they will, sadly.


Jordan, these Goodwood photo's are stunning.


Much appreciated Ross!


What's up with the brakes on that Brabham?


Looks like simplified version of the F1-style "cake tin" cooling ducts which enclose the rotor and caliper.




new supra so lame :(

Trs berlinetta

What don't you like about it? I never thought it looked all that existing from the factory but I thought the tuneablity of the 2JZ was always the reason it was so revered.


Apparently I'm alone in thinking the new Supra looks excellent. I'm just dying to know where it's going to sit in the market.


I think it will look good, especially once tuners make it a bit more like the race version.


The design feature that kills it for me is the same thing that put a big, red "X"over the R35 in my mind.

You see how the top of the door glass is highest at the A-pillar and the slopes downward as it heads aft? I hate that.

With the R35, I really don't mind the rest of the car - tank that it is. I like tanks. The Abrams looks cool. But that sloping window top just ruins the whole car for me.

Only the 370Z's been able to pull that off, for some reason.


Yeah, proportions are terrible. It looks like a cheap, toy car.
Toyota has been on such a roll with Lexus...but the Supra is a bit of a disappointment.

The strategy doesn’t even make sense. Why even involve BMW if they’re engines/drivetrains aren’t as reliable? Not only that, but they could’ve just based it off the Lexus RC. Back in the day the Supra and the Lexus SC were essentially the same platform.

Unfortunately, we’ll be stuck with it for a while with all the bean counters saying, “I told ya so” if it isn’t a hit. When the reality is THEY missed the mark.

Jordan Butters

Let's reserve judgement until we see the final road going version, minus the camo. If the powerplant and drivetrain are on par with BMW's recent turbocharged M cars then tune-ability will be very good. I have to say, it did *sound* very Supra-like going up the hill at the weekend.


for me, the lexus lc500 is the new supra ;)


It's not that McLaren CAN'T top the F1, it's that their current mindset prevents them from doing so.

Nowadays, apparently, you can't build a functionally clean, elegantly engineered car - and especially not an exotic.

No, it's gotta be hybrid this and AWD that and turbo, etc.

The F1 was stylistically tight and functionally clean, a super- light rear-drive chassis with a naturally-aspirated V12 and a manual transmission.

In all ways, a better car than the P1. But since "cutting edge" is synonymous with "heavy and complicated" these days, the P1 will never be the F1's equal.

The P1 is an IMPRESSIVE car, but not TIMELESS the way the F1 was - or should I say, IS.


I agree to an extent, but notions like being 'timeless' or 'iconic' don't come about straight away. I'm sure no-one was using those words to describe the F1 initially.


You're probably right, but the F1 was a much more straightforward car mechanically.

When you can charge a million bucks or more for your car and people will happily pay it, you have carte blanche to get the best materials, lots of wind tunnel time, superior engine designers, etc.

The money and time you save by leaving out the AWD systems or hybrid drive can be spent on a fuel engine with more power, or a chassis with better aero, or more advanced tires, etc.


Just to add - what you’re essentislly describing is the Senna. And that’s something I don’t think will ever be called ‘timeless’.

Jordan Butters

In years gone by, I'd agree with you. But when you're building a modern competitive hypercar that has to compete both on track AND on paper with what everyone else is doing, and everyone else is doing complex AWD systems and EV/hybrid systems, then you eventually have to concede that times change and you have to roll with them.


So the wildest designs and the crazy enough people to let the designs come to life goes for the Italians. The new new has an OLD in it. Predictable but at the same time trusted and charming so why not. (just saying not complaining)