Le Mans Meets Pikes Peak: The F132 Evolved

Hey, Speedhunters readers! After seeing the epic work by my car/art bros Ash Thorp and Khyzyl Saleem lately, I’ve been inspired to keep up the theme and share the F132LM, which is the latest iteration of my F132 concept.

This version is inspired by the wild aero-driven bodies of LMP cars and the insane machines that attack the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb’s Unlimited class.


As with the original F132 concept, I found that the two seemingly disparate worlds of vintage American hot rods and modern race cars actually end up working quite well together.


There’s just no beating the sinister character of the ’32 Ford coupe, especially once it’s had its roof chopped to create that iconic gangster aesthetic.

This project was mainly about learning more skills in 3D software, developing my knowledge of modelling, texturing, and rendering, so I could better create some of the crazier machines I’ve been dreaming about lately.


With that in mind I tried to take things to a new level with this F132 variation, especially when in came time to develop the mid-mounted twin-turbo V8 engine and drivetrain. This is my favourite part, and I love how it turned out.


With inspiration from a variety of hardcore race cars, I built up an equally hardcore setup with the motor and transaxle as stressed members, pushrod suspension, mirrored turbos, and a massive gold anodised machined alloy motor plate as a key visual element.


It was so much fun to develop, and I love that the striking colour scheme grew organically in an unplanned fashion, with the gold elements inspired by the gold anodised suspension parts I saw in LMP racers, and the purple Wiggins clamps providing a contrasting colour pop, separated by the black intake and valve covers.


As part of learning some new 3D skills I tried out the amazing CAD (computer aided design) program Fusion 360, which I used to make the wheels. Using proper CAD for the first time was a revelation after fumbling around in polygon modelling programs for years. I’m excited by the opportunities it unlocks in terms of both visual design and in developing actual parts for my real-world car projects. I’m currently modelling a shift handle for my ‘73 Barracuda, and I have lots more ideas for parts I can model and then have machined or 3D printed for the old beast.


This project was also a chance to build my first 3D environment, which was inspired by the amazing McLaren Automotive facility in England, with its pure white workspaces and matching lifts and hardware. I’m happy with how this first simple exploration with a full 3D environment and lighting went, but rendering these images was brutal on my poor little laptop!


The bright white, high-end looking workspace environment lends a nice sci-fi touch to the images, something I’ve reinforced with the dual vertical brake lights.


Once the hard work of the 3D modelling is done, it’s a lot of fun to render a series of images that match what I’d photograph if I saw this car sitting in a workshop in real life.


I’m still surprised by how well the vintage hot rod style fits with the aggressive modern aero. I guess it just shows there’s some truth in a favourite saying of mine, that every car looks better as a race car.


That’s a wrap for this little project. Thanks to Speedhunters for allowing artists to share our digital dreams with fellow car lovers, and thanks to everyone for reading.

Happy hunting!

Aaron Beck
Instagram: _aaron_beck
Web: www.aaronbeck.com



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The new Batmobile looks dope.


dope as hell...


This should be added into NFS Payback. Ghost, EA, are you taking notes?


I keep hoping for somebody to build this thing for real!




Good first April


If Bruce Wayne were a racing driver, this is what he would would drive.


I thought this looked so good it was real. Well done on the pictures mate. And your right, the 32 Ford Coupe looks great in this dress!

Nick VanGorden

The designs look great! This definitely need to make its way into a video game someday soon! As a person who has poor artistic/3d design ability, I think it would be cool to do a string of articles from Mr. Beck, Mr. Thorp and Mr. Saleem for basics of 2D and 3D design and what software to use and expected costs of software. Maybe even some side notes from cad engineers from KW or HRE or any other aftermarket manufactures like Honneywell Garrett, HKS or Mishimoto. #Designingspeedhunter

Nick VanGorden



pop the doors on that beauty and give us an interior shot!

Daniel P Huneault

Somebody please make this!!!! I for one am very interested in what products your building for your cuda being a mopar guy myself - please keep us posted!!!!


I just can't get over the unaerodynamic looks of the old ford fitted with extremely aerodynamic pieces.. I understand why you would do it as an exercise and it's kind of neat. But it will just never work as a design to me. On a real car there is no way they would custom fit all of this bodywork and leave the character of the front nose and windshield intact.


Hmm, hard to say. I'm not an aerodynamicist, but you have to factor in frontal area as well. Even though it is kind of brickish in its shape the nose is small and the total height of the roof is low as well.

So...kind of tough to say how well it performs without looking at the data etc. It could definitely be more aerodynamic though how much of the Ford would remain is questionable!

Mark Joseph I. Argoso

It won't work now as it were, but with actual CFD work there is room, I think, to beat the base shape into a form that can be used for go-fast applications. So far it looks like a mish-mash, but this is a good place for the air to do its work in refining the specifics.


We'll if you are going to build something so absurd just because it looks cool, and someone should then it might as well have an air spike and piss on your time attack mods.


I will say that I liked the street version better, but I still totally dig this. Someone please build this for real. Even if the aero doesn't work legitimately, this is a case of the "who cares it's cool" factor.


OOF!! mean as hell, that rear suspension setup has me going crazy!!


If street cars looked like this in the future I would sell my soul and work 5 jobs to own and drive one. :)


This car reminds me of a girl who is really into BDSM but volunteers at an animal shelter.


I Can't stop looking at this mean machine... Looks so brutal and so clean at the same time, it's brilliant !




This is like a hotrod and F1 car all mixed into one, would love to get my Girls to have pictures taken with this. I hope this retro style comes back into maintain stream.


The profile pic really seals the deal. Great rendering!


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