AGY’s GT-R Game Is On Point

How does that song go? “I love R34s and I cannot lie?” It’s something like that, I’m sure.

But, yes, I’m consumed by this specific generation of the GT-R, and I’m not 100% sure why. While I have an idea in my mind of a perfect BNR34 build, I’m always on the look out for examples to share, whether it be ones built for stance (remember this one?), or something like this circuit-spec creation from Auto Gallery Yokohama.


In my mind, this is as close as you can get to the perfect R34 GT-R track-ready setup, and with a name like AGY behind it you know it’s a quality build.


This was one of two customer-owned R34s plus an R35 that Koizumi-san of AGY was looking after at last weekend’s idlers Games event at Tsukuba Circuit.


It’s a full-on track oriented build that was created from the ground up with a strengthened chassis and a totally stripped out interior. In fact, there is only a thin carbon molded dash and hooded cowl that houses the AiM digital dash; everything else has been binned in the pursuit of simplicity, and weight savings.

AGY is respected by everyone in the GT-R tuning world, but their true speciality is transmissions. In fact, they’ve built a reputation on everything to do with Nissan drivelines, from tougher gear-sets and synchros for the 5-speed gearboxes used in the R32 and R33, to rebuilt and performance-tuned transfer cases. They do it all and do it well, so it wasn’t surprised to see a stock shifter in this R34. You’d expect it to have been replaced by a sequential in a car of this calibre, but AGY does a special Getrag gear-set, which while not cheap can handle a hell of a lot more power and torque than the stock one.

On top of the welded in and gusseted roll-cage, this car also sports some damn nice carbon door cards.


It’s definitely one of the toughest-looking track R34s we’ve come across in a while.

Widened front fenders with a tucked in lower section transform the front end, and there are riveted-on wider fender panels at the rear.

They’re there to contain 300-section racing slicks, which themselves are possibly the reason why we’ve only seen AGY cars at idlers events – where slick tires are permitted – lately. Serious AP Racing brakes tucked in behind RAYS Volk Racing TE37SL wheels ensure the car has the sort of middle-pedal confidence you need in a powerful track machine.


The most refreshing aspect of all? That’s easy – the lack of exaggerated aero. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for using aerodynamics to shave lap times, but there’s something so right about a car that just looks simple. Not that a big GT wing is in any way subtle, but you know what I mean.


That’s possibly why the Skyline looked so damn good being put through its paces around Tsukuba.


I was really curious to see what was under the hood of this car, but every time the AGY team completed their outing they’d disappear. It turns out they had rented a few garages in the back paddock.


When I finally found them the carbon bonnet on the wilder of the two R34s was up, showing off the fully built ‘RB28′.


With a Trust T88-34D turbo, but not even an HKS V-Cam or aftermarket intake plenum in sight, it’s a simple yet brutally effective setup. The use of a Link ECU shows that even loyal HKS shops like AGY are now playing around with other engine management solutions.

The result? Turn the volume up and enjoy the music of our people; GT-R owners that is. More to the point, ones that run big singles.


As speculators polish and baby the rarer of the R34 breed, rubbing their hands in anticipation of values continuing to rise, here’s a guy that doesn’t really care. He just wants to drive and build a badass track BNR34. Fist bumps all round!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I can dig it.


Nice car. Lap times are showing 58.30 to 58.50 or about 2 seconds faster than an R35 "Z Tune." Not sure what tire they are on or what the track temp was, so difficult to compare, but the driver was extremely consistent and from the steering wheel it looks progressive and easy to manage when it steps out on him.

It's funny how everyone wants a big wang, but few people can tell you how to figure out center of pressure or what a shark fin is actually for on an LMP car. Spend an afternoon reading about attached flow and vortex generators and you'll realize how painfully inadequate most "aero" is on "race cars" at the track. Kyle Drives is a nice place to start for those interested.

Nice feature Dino!


Clutch fan FTW!


unshrouded ftl


Does anyone know what the theory is behind front fenders with tucked in lower section?


Release of high pressure air. Reduced pumping losses.


probably increased airflow and access to the wheel well. Plus, less material. I don't actually know though.


I'm always torn when I see a BNR34 turned into a full on race car. I often think it would be better to start with the cheaper and more common ER34. The extra stiffness of the BNR34 is moot given it has a full cage. The interior is all gone. The body panels are all modified or custom, Mechanicals are easy to swap - and many parts are non standard anyway (suspension, brakes, differentials, etc). Kinda like with EVOs. The GSR is a better car than the RS. But that was because they knew all the RS parts like brakes, seats, etc would be upgraded for racing anyway


Not meaning to sound snarky, but what would you prefer owners do with them? I much prefer seeing a track focused GT-R over some street modified poser mobile.

These cars were designed to be raced, not just sit in a garage.


That's why I said I'm torn. A BNR34 is a very desirable car as the prices they are commanding can attest to. There is little advantage to making a full on race car out of a BNR34 when a ER34 could be used. I'd prefer that BNR34 were kept as fast road cars so that more people can have them to do as they wish - road use, track use, etc. Even if that is a 'street modified poser mobile'. A category which the vast majority of cars would fall into. A track focused GTR is not the same as a full on race car that I'm talking about.


I tend to agree. If nothing else builders could save some $$ on the base for their project.


Modded WRXs and STIs come to mind too.


The line is about 'big butts', so you must mean the r35. xD




Clean and functional GT-R is best GT-R. Perfection.


Ohhhhh that sound!!! It's poetry in motion, just love it!!!


Was it Nissan or was it Paul Walker(2Fast 2 Furious) who make this car so beautiful ? Every one knows and loves this car, it´s so strange XD






Nice post and demostration of Skylines and GTRs, a trust enthusiasm boy race car.


Sexy twins.
I would only change the rear wing back to the NISMO or at least a "lower" mounted GT-wing (if it's not affecting aero this much). And I though the popping edge of the front fenders would be open, I remember seeing this style and it was open.