The R34 GT-R Antichrist

As a Speedhunter, I have to remain neutral at all times and strive to deliver a realistic representation of what’s happening in Japanese car culture.

The fly-on-the-wall approach is one that I’ve always tried to follow, and that means refraining from bringing my personal opinion into it. But this find at StanceNation Japan G Edition last Sunday in Odaiba is difficult. Really difficult.


Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a whinging purist that will go on internet rants at anything that challenges my taste in cars, but I’m sure you’ll all know what my position on this BNR34 Nissan Skyline GT-R would be. That said, we are all entitled to do anything we want with our cars, so if you’d like to accelerate in a straight line and run a 1,500hp engine in your R34, go right ahead. And if you want to take your slammed GT-R to a StanceNation show and dump it right on the ground, that’s okay too.

From a visual standpoint, this san-yon features catchy stock red paint – possibly just as rare as the 300 cars that were offered in Midnight Purple II – and up front there’s a Top Secret bumper categorized by a massive grille opening and large side intakes.


It’s all functional, though. Behind it there’s a large intercooler to feed, itself cooling the intake charge of a big single Trust/GReddy T88 turbo strapped onto the exhaust side of the RB26.


Air suspension allows the car to be aired out and the wheels to camber inwards to give the sort of look very few people would expect to see with a BNR34.


The Nismo Z-Tune fenders are wide enough to allow OZ Futura wheels to sink up inside so that the rim sits flush with the fender line. Behind the white spokes is an Endless braking setup sporting calipers that match the hue of the exterior.


There is a lot more red in the interior; in fact all of the red is in there. All of it. The custom upholstered seats are finished with a quilted pattern and the headrests are embroidered with the vintage Skyline and GT-R logos.


The red stretches across the dashboard, the pillars and the headliner, with other remaining surfaces like the air vents and MFD binnacle having been flocked black.


Curiously, the meter panel hints that in a previous life this car may have well been a Tommykaira R, because as far as I know the digital speedometer instrumentation was not sold separately. Plus, a few red cars were made by Tommykaira.


The rear sports a low-mount spoiler styled after the stock main BNR34 wing, while the side and rear skirts are carbon emulations of the Nismo set.


It’s certainly not what we are used to envisioning when we conjure up images of BNR34s, but it’s just another unique creation that allows an owner out there to stand out from the crowd. At least mechanically the car is very well prepared and no stone has been left unturned.

The final verdict is up to you…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I honestly shed a tear... hey i'm all for being nuetral Dino, but this! If we can save just two cars from this "Ritual", we need to exempt the BNR34 and the JZA80. It's just heartbreaking to watch


I'd like to add the FD3S to this list

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Tears have been shed here too


It's like a crash on the side of the road. It's horrible but you can't turn away.


lol Exactly!!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The fact that it can just be brought back to normality with a suspension change keeps my mind at peace.


Not too keen on the red interior think it looks a bit tacky. With projects like project GTI, I can see more cars in the future having the best of both worlds. I don't have a problem with it at all (interior aside).


its.. just... so much red...

If what you alluded to with 'dump it on the ground' I want to believe it is on an air suspension, if so, it probably sits at a 'normally-seen-as-functional' ride height while out and about and no one would bat an eye at it out on the streets...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

all of the red


"Air suspension allows the car to be aired out and the wheels to camber inwards to give the sort of look very few people would expect to see with a BNR34."


Verdict in... this thing is freakin' amazing!


lol this is why i love this web page. Even tho we all have this love and appreciation for these cars... A VERY diverse set of opinions are epressed. Mi Nuh Like E! lol

Rowan Day @rowanfotos

Sex-Spec is back!!!!!!!
Not that i'm excited about it but there's certainly some early 00's nostalgia to the subject...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

The wheels are pure sex if that's what you mean lol Wasn't sex spec FDs on 20-inch cast & chrome wheels? Don't see any of that here ....

Rowan Day @rowanfotos

Was referring to the show-over-go styling, particularly that interior that gives me a headache just looking at it. I mean how could you drive/ride in that? It's reminiscent of the early 2000s car scene, at least in Aus - see "Autosalon", name says it all.


He's probably talking about the interior as I had the same thoughts

Rowan Day @rowanfotos



I totally get why people become all upset about performance vehicles being slammed/stanced for looks. The very engineering that went into a car that makes it into a legend gets tossed aside for looks...
On the other hand there is no denying the outright appeal of owning such cars. If you could afford it you would probably own it, right? But therein lies the crux - not everyone is some sort of driving demon/track hero. Most people (who are honest) never drive their cars to the edge of their capabilities (the car's). So the performance on tap (in this case suspension) never gets used. Like it or not it doesn't really matter at all. Even those with "functional drive height" don't necessarily ever drive their cars to their full potential - it just looks more like they might.


That's a very good point. I've worked a few track days as an instructor and it's comical to see people's attitude change before and after someone who does know how to wheel a vehicle around. When you look at it through that lens it isn't so bad I suppose. Furthermore, the more people trash these cars the more they raise the value for owners that mod them properly.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah each to their own.... that's what I was hinting that.


Looks great! What's not to love?! Air up and enjoy. Top work by the owner.


This really isn't that bad. I've seen 'worse' cars on here. The red interior is too much for me though, but so long as the owner is happy that's all that really matters.

Once it's at driving height it'd look like most other GT-R's (from the outside at least), and would still make all the right sounds.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Like I said earlier, it can always be converted back to normality. At least the rear guards weren't blistered or played with, just a simple rolling of the inner lip


not a huge fan of the interior but its not my car. love the fact that its on air and also digging on the wheels. if the owners happy with it i approve

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Wheels are gold

Rory Downshiftaus

Appreciation should be given, where appreciation is deserved, and this thing deserves it. I would MUCH rather see GTRs done to this calibre than see examples on fake wheels with fake parts all over them that get "tracked". Can we also take a minute to appreciate the OZ Futura and just how good looking that wheel is. #defendauthenticity


What do you mean by "tracked" in quotations?

Rory Downshiftaus

A lot of people in Australia, especially QLD, tend to get a little confused as to what track racing actually is. There are events up here which allow cruising, non-timed and your mates in the car on a track. Then they go and post all over social media like "first track day a success". So, I put it in quotations since the term is a little lost in translation these days.


You said "tracked", not a race car.

I use my Mini on trackdays, as such, I do refer to it as being tracked. But it is definitely not a racecar, as I don't use it to race.

I think tracked cars, or "tracked" cars, as you put it do deserve some respect, as they do endure a lot more abuse than a typical street car.


Absolutely. Makes perfect sense. Racing implies fighting for position on track with other cars. Time Attack et al are not racing. Track days are not racing. Club level competitions for fastest lap times are not racing. I've been saying that for years now!


so Rallies, Hillclimbs, etc. are not racing?


No. They are time trials.


I'm sorry, this is just disgusting.


Honestly it's fine. It's all fine. I'm all for stanced cars (have one myself) and I prefer R34s which are a bit more functional, but as long as no irreversible damage is done, who cares? If it's air suspension even better, as the fenders are unlikely to get banged up. The interior isn't to my taste but oh well.

Dino Dalle Carbonare



I think its pretty cool but all red is kinda too much for me


Interior wise this is not my cup of tea but if the owner is happy with the outcome then that's all that matters (just feel bad for the owner's wallet)


I celebrate diversity and individuality. But Yes this hurts. On the brighter side, classic GTR now hitting ‘caretaker’ status, so might be one of many stages. This being said, great car and great build.


no air + red interior would be perfect!


this thing is beyond sick. people who hate on this probably have phone holsters and wear hiking shoes to the mall. i was considering bagging my r34 sedan and this just confirmed it. crucify me lames

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

Being on air means this thing won't be stanced when it is raised up for driving duty, so I don't mind it at all. And that spoiler is certainly unique: taking the stock piece and chopping it is actually a new take on custom.

I'm also rather interested to know if this is an actual Tommy Kaira or the owner got the instrument panel from someone who was selling off theirs.


The sex-spec interior trim is a close second as the worst part of this thing.


I’m seeing red alright! Holy cow. Combined with that gay stance nowadays.... Buckin futt ugly! Sad really. To another iconic R34 get tortured. First one I saw was in a YouTube video making fun of these idiots stancing their rides like this! Lmao


You use 'gay' as acderogatory term in 2017. There's only one idiot here.


And for once it’s not me. Hurrah!


Well Dino-san the color is amazing and so are the wheels..even the fitment and air is swallow-able..but damn that red interior is abit hard to digest...


Ali G-TR


Car's looks cool. It's different. Interiors sucks though. Dino coming through with the only worthwhile features on this site.


What a bizarre comment.


How so?


I don’t understand the logic of shitting on everyone else’s hard work as a way of saying you like something.

There’s a whole raft of ‘worthwhile’ content on here every day. It might not all appeal to you, but it’s ‘worthwhile’ to literally hundreds of thousands of others.


And that right there is why we have Speedhunters. This site has many different points of view, and I am glad for that. I mean, we got three different perspectives of SEMA alone. Most auto related websites can't boast that. I'm not nagging on Carthrottle or sites like that, just appreciate it. I mean just the editing alone takes hours, and sometimes even days to get a post out. That is because the people who come online to read it or check Speedhunters the first thing they do when they boot up a web browser (like myself, a daily reader of this site), and the people get joy out of reading these articles (I guess that is what you call them) and I wish people would just be more mature about it. And Dino created this post, to create a discussion, and a mature one at that, not a argument.


Man, OZ Futura are one of the best wheel designs out there – they never get old. That interior though? Not for me.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yeah love those wheels!


If this car was indeed a Tommykaira R then the real crime was to dismantle that car in the first place. How rare are them?


I am surprised there is only one mention of this to be honest. Many of the commentors likely have no idea what TommyKaira is to be honest. Sad times and if this was a genuine TKR its a travesty!

Александр Трофименков

Honestly, stanced cars are cancer, they are ugly, they are self destructive, and they are generally owned by douches who don’t appreciate a car they own, instead they view it as an another accessory to that image they are trying to show off to other people. Kinda like a car enthusiast wannabes. I personally met a guy who owns one of the most expensive stance projects in my country, and guess what? The guy couldn’t even tell the difference between a fwd ‘box and a rwd ‘box! (In fact he didn’t even identify the fwd one, as a gearbox, he was dead sure that the thing was a starter) these cars, this culture and these people are precisely the reason why everyone thinks that all enthusiasts are attention seeking arseholes.


I'm not mad at it at all. All things considered (title) it's fairly tame. I mean it's really red and perhaps a fairly rare base to start. But the camber isn't crazy at 0psi the fenders are even not bashed to hell, nor are they flared, no chassis mount wing for no reason either.

All good on my end.


Damn phone this wasn't meant as a reply.

To reply though your generalizations are fairly off base imo


He does have a point Dave. Most people who adhere to this style of tuning have very little understanding if any understanding of vehicle dynamics. Tell you what, the next person you meet with a stance car you should ask about scrub radius and ackerman angles. Let us know the reply. Most guys in the racing world can easily explain to you what these things are and why they are important. The stance crowd is without question one of the most uneducated groups of enthusiasts in the automotive industry.


Odd question to ask, most people who don't race wouldn't have an answer. Not just stance guys.

That would be like me asking you the difference between a stock floor body drop and a traditional. It's outside your wheelhouse.

Not everyone want to go fast and sacrificing performance for looks is nothing new.


The difference is cars like the RX7, GTR, etc were designed to perform. They were designed as sports cars. When you take a sports car and you "stance" it you're essentially undoing an entire ethos behind a design principle.

There seems to be a trend in 2017 of everyone having to accept everyone else's build or ideas when the reality is this GTR more than likely handles like absolute shit. I think stuff like this gets posted because they know it will trend and rustle feathers. The Adelaide article got about 5 replies.


Sidestepped my point but it's cool. I don't think you have to accept it at all that's cool.

Ultimately the owner decides the use of the vehicle once they take possession. Civics were at least in part designed to shuttle people around using little fuel. Go tell a civic racer how they ruined the intent of their car.

One of the first cars on hydraulics was a Corvette. Going against the grain is what enthusiasts have done since day one.

Александр Трофименков

My biggest problem with this build is perhaps the fact that he could easily do this to a regular r34 coupe, just slap a top secret bumper and a couple of gtr badges and you good to go


Then people would just call him out for pretending and you know it. :)


Fair point. I'm against taking something that was intended to perform and ruining it. Just funny to me how people will blow money on garbage like this that's all lol.

I'm unaware of any Corvette using air suspension from the factory. Hydraulic lift sure, but not air suspension. If they did at some point it's not offered anymore for a reason.


Poor wording on my part. I meant after market on a custom called the x sonic.

Point here being people have done this sort of thing to performance cars since there has been performance cars


There is a trend of stance and there is a trend of hate stance. The more rare/expensive/classic/performance a stanced car the more rumble around it. It seams to me a good commercial move to focus on a stanced performance rare care and fire up that all opinionated hustling. No opinions just questions form an owner of an old (early 70-s) non-performance, not rare, slammed but still drivable vehicle. If it air lifted is it still not functional? Is it so bad for a performance car to be more focused on style? Is it better to be a 1200hp tube framed (and possibly wall crashed) Skyline?


I think that's something you either understand or you don't. Fast cars that handle well are akin to a fighter pilot mentality. If you don't understand why they were built then sure there's no harm in slamming them to the floor. However, if you "get it" then you understand why this whole movement is crap.

If someone has to explain it your already behind the curve.


That's a fair point, but not *everyone* wants to drive fast.


Then don't buy a GTR. This is like buying an F/A 18 to own a plane. Get a cessna. You don't buy a ZX 14R if you want to cruise you buy a Harley.


Its the owner's choice to do as he pleases with his car and what brings him or her the most happiness. You're perfectly entitled not to like it, but neither of us can say what's right or wrong when dealing with subjective matters.

I'm just playing the devil's advocate by the way, as it's not something that I'd do either.


love this


Rice AF


Its good...only red dash bothers me


One of the few cars I'd never wanna see like a static state. If it was this low and static, then we'd all be having a bad time. But tbh that interior is tacky as all hell. Looks like something a more-money-than-brains Saudi Prince would do upholstery wise.


There is the mines r34 and then everything else

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Nismo Z-tune?


This being my dream car, it hurts to see one like this. I'd gladly take it off his hands and restore it back to normality. Just decent suspension, and a lot of hours and elbow grease on that interior


Here's a thought along those lines.

For years, I've had this idea of buying a mid-80s Buick Regal and making a GNX clone out of it. Of course, at this point the only such Regals left have been turned into donks. I hate donks.

So what I figure I'd do is buy some donked Regal, turn it into a GNX and dispose of the wheels, tires & stereo parts by hauling them out to the range and feeding them to my Garand.

My version of a public service.


Quick question - was that bumper designed to accommodate a dual-tip muffler?




Seriously, this is no worse than an overfendered McLaren riding on air. Both are real driving machines where the owner has decided that form > functionality. To each their own.

The interior is not me but from the pictures it looks like quality work.

There’s a lot worse cars out there!


Man you had me going until I saw that interior. Tacky AF. Everything else is reversible so that's fine. It's not even that extreme on the stance side of things, which is good. I feel like its one of those things where someone who recently got into cars and has a little money wants to suddenly fit in with whatever is trendy.


I'm having more issues with all the red interior than with the air setup.


If this is a tommy Kaira then what the owner has done to it is a crime :( if it's just a gtr then fair enough! Tommy ks are rare as now


This car actually looks so mean. Yes, there are parts of it that I don't like, and I definitely would not do this to a GTR, but on a gt-t or some other variant, yes. You can see the owner has taken serious time an put serious work into this car. The stance and engine bay alone should show you that. Sure, there are always going to be builds that people hate on or talk shit about, but a well executed build with no corners cut should not be one of them, despite the style. Respect the car build for the time, dedication, hard work and money alone if you disagree with the type of passion that the owner has. We're all car guys. Lets stick to hating the prius rather than something someone put real work into


Dino, are tommykaira R's more expensive than GTR vspec's?

Dino Dalle Carbonare

No clue, you don't see many! I'd say yes, there is the limited availability factor


Shed a tear when I see the interior... TT^TT


TommyKaira. A wordo I have thought would never be heard of again.

You guys should do a ultra rare feature month in 2018. with the rarest JDM cars (500 units or less sold).
One of my Instagram followers has a SXE10 Tom's 280T in the DR.

You know, educate us on the more rarer JDM cars that have been out of the limelight so long some would say they are even forgotten. Some 90's born kids may have never even heard of them.
It would be like a taste of the best the 90's HDM era had to offer.


If id say one positi e thing tho... that spoiler is actually prettu nice, would look sick on a ER34 sedan


It's different, and it's well fucking done. Not what I would do, but you have to give the owner credit.


RED everywhere even the dashboard,but i understand wat u meant by being neutral Dino..well,it does look good in detailed except for everything is red..wonder how he drive in those interior,apart from the red interior it does look fine to me (being neutral) as he can lift it back up like a normal GTR34 would sit..its a clean ride,no doubt..i give credits to his creativity for pulling this off