Nissan Parts Bin Mixing In A P10 Primera

I like oddball engine swaps as much as the next guy. You know the kind I’m talking about: 2JZs powering Nissans, RB26s powering BMWs and LS V8s powering everything.

But while those sort of swaps are fun, I do respect people sticking to a well defined theme. Like using brand-specific parts to transform a car through the parts bin of the manufacturer that made it in the first place.


It’s something this touring car-themed 1993 P10 Nissan Primera does so well; it was a joy walking around it and pinpointing the various upgrades borrowed from different Nissan models. It’s also the car that really stuck in my mind from StanceNation Japan G Edition in Odaiba, and the reason I decided to save it for my final spotlight from the event.


Let’s get started in the shaved and wire-tucked engine bay which serves as a perfect backdrop to showcase the SR20VE swap. While the P10 was available with an SR20DE, the Neo VVL-equipped SR20VE didn’t appear in the Primera until the P11 in 1997. This particular SR20VE is an even later unit from a P12 Primera 20V, sporting a more modern head cover design and boasting 204hp, 17hp more than the original P11 version.

The stock cast aluminum intake plenum and single throttle body has been retained rather than using quad throttle bodies with velocity stacks – something that would really make this whole project close to perfect – and is plumbed up to an HKS Super Power Flow air filter. HKS headers and a custom exhaust enhance the sound of the variable valve lift and timing head on the old familiar SR20.

The engine is mated to an N15 Pulsar 5-speed close-ratio transmission, which in turn is spiced up with a Nismo clutch and LSD.


The Primera’s owner, Ryo-san, who built the whole car himself and brought it all the way down from Hokkaido for the StanceNation event, hunted out European-market headlights and taillights as well as USDM Infiniti G20 front and rear bumpers, ensuring that the P10 looks unlike any other in Japan.


If you know your GT-Rs you’ll likely be drooling over these immaculate Impul Silhouette C1 wheels, which were the road version of those used on the Impul-Calsonic BNR32 JGTC race car. Behind the bolt-on centers hides a Brembo braking system borrowed from a BCNR33 Skyline GT-R. It just keeps getting better, right?


The interior is stripped out of most of its trim, the only things to look at being the bolt-in roll cage, Bride seats, and Nismo 240km/h speedometer.


I’ve added this car to the long list of vehicles I need to shoot from Hokkaido; it ticks all the right boxes and is built with a theme that a lot of Nissan people will admire. There’s nothing I would have done differently on this car.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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That engine swap is clean.


What about the suspension? Doesn't scream "performance build" with that height, but who knows.

I like the performance side of the build, the visual side, not so much.


My e46 ex-daily is as low as that, and while its really firm, its not bad at all :) You just need a good suspension setup. And i live in rural norway, so roads are crap too, haha! Now, i have a 1990 Primera 2.0 that i got for free, shame its the less attractive hatchback version.


Have you ever seen how low a 90s supertourer is?! I follow this guy on instagram and he does take it on track.


Supertourers had massive tubbed wheel wells that went well above where the arch finished. Hence the tucked in wheels. Not comparable with a standard chassis running that low.


Well, that changes things. It would have to be wicked stiff to avoid leaning on the bump stops though. I suppose if he's dedicated enough to street drive a kidney crusher like that, I can only look on and say, "strike on, noble road warrior!"


man, and he drove it down from Hokkaido too? i'm bleeding internally just thinking about it...

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Yes he sure did! Props to the guy! Deserves a full feature, good excuse to go up there for the summer.


Maybe need an autech kit, love the car concept. I have almost the same parts to build my own (exept the 20V).

Dino Dalle Carbonare



What ever happened to Mike's primera build?
Come to think of it, what ever happened to Mike?!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Mike left us last year. As for his Primera, no clue


Nice to see more P10 recognition online! I can't wait to get stuck into my build

Dino Dalle Carbonare

What are your plans?


Mid-90s BTCC style and a similar engine setup as Ryo-san is running in this feature. It's by far the most fun and capable 90s Nissan I've driven in stock form, such a laugh to drive. Just a shame it really doesn't look too great at stock height with 14s!


Incredibly cool. I'd possibly go a step further and add some motorsport inspired graphics.


I am the owner of Primera. Thank you for taking a picture. I had dreamed of being listed in Speed ​​Hunters from long ago. Thank you!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

My pleasure Ryo-san! I will have to come up to Hokkaido and visit you to shoot the car properly!

Jay Soh Tsu Chung

It's a beautiful car, Ryo-san. And I really love white colour cars as well. Well done and keep up the good work!


at first i didn't recognize its a p10 m its kind of interesting with clean execution and the seats but when i saw the sr20 fwd my smile can't be stop, for almost 2 years reading at speedhunters , I've been waiting for a sentra or tsuru with sr20de or even a SE R atleast on one of the pages but this is the first one sr20fwd ^ ^ aside from the mike kojima but the sentra's there are not documented as this one. really great article, thank you for making the car community fun everyday DINO.

Dino Dalle Carbonare

My pleasure Allan! Great to hear I made your day with this spotlight!


Awesome ride!!! Simple and clean. Definitely taking the less is more philosophy. I love a good big budget build but this is what really keeps me coming back to this website everyday. Great work Dino!


great build and an inspiration for my build.
having a p11 as a daily ride didn't knew that a neo vll would fit.
going to build almost the same as above in the article.
can't wait till we can read and see the full story Dino


Where do i get those side skirts and lip???? Been lookin for years


Jalopnik recently highlighted the p10, or more specifically the G20 as a "meh car". I personally love them though.


Nice to see one of these. I owned a p10 once which I bought for $850 and drove for 5k miles till the clutch burned out. Wanted to do a build, but it was broken into, vandalized and towed. But maaan these are cool cars, very under appreciated for what they were, beautiful build!


grill paint and lazy dash cage work killed it


if its just okay to share my own project car. its not much but it makes a lot of fun. ^ ^ its also my own personal blog and experience.

ps: please delete if not allowed.


Wonderful engine in an awesome car. I'd have it even as OEM. I bought a crap B14 because it had the 187hp version of this engine, awesome car. Terrifying, but awesome.

Note: although the ultimate version of SR20VE is named 20V, it in fact has only sixteen valves.


just want to share smaug my nissan sunny