A Hakosuka Surprise In Thailand
Speedhunting Bangkok

It’s not every day you get to see someone hack away at a six-figure car’s rear fenders, but that’s exactly what I found myself watching when I dropped by Infinite Motorsport in Thailand during my recent visit for the Bangkok International Auto Salon.

It wasn’t the only surprise I was in for on this particular day though…


Formed by a group of close friends, Infinite Motorsports is a company that specializes in car customization. On top of vinyl wrapping services and the design, supply and fitting of air suspension setups, it’s also Thailand’s official distributor of Liberty Walk products.


After years spent working with the Japanese bodykit maker, Infinite has developed a strong relationship with Mr. Liberty Walk himself, and seeing as though Kato-san was in Thailand for Auto Salon, a special event at the shop was organised.


It was timed to coincide with the start of a new build – specifically an Audi R8 set to receive the Liberty Walk wide-body treatment. Kato-san would make the ceremonial first cut.


I’ve seen countless cars with these wide-body kits, and in the back of your mind you know some sheet metal had to be sacrificed in order for it to happen. It is, however, an entire different experience watching it happen right in front of your eyes. Kato-san, having done the deed countless times before, seemed totally unfazed as he leaned the saw onto the top section of the arch and pressed the button.


It was all over pretty quickly though, but not in the way you probably imagine. Unfortunately, the tool bits on hand seemed to lack the necessary cutting power to fully penetrate the thick metal, and instead of having the assembled auto media stand by and watch Kato-san spend the next five hours finishing up the dissection, they moved onto a Q&A interview session.


Knowing that I now had some extra time up my sleeve, I decided to take a look around the shop. That’s when I noticed an old school Nissan Skyline in the garage sporting the classic works look. One look under the hood is all it took – it had to be shot.

The Hakosuka With A Heart Of..

I’m always amazed when I find older Skylines in other parts of the world, but even more so when we’re talking about a real-deal KPGC10 Hakosuka GT-R, which is what this car is.


Over the past few years, the values of genuine KPGC10 GT-R have shot through the stratosphere. We’re looking at a very expensive piece of classic JDM machine here, and that’s before factoring in the egregious import taxes that would have needed to be paid to get this car into Thailand. It’s amazing the lengths people go to be able to own something rare and special.


Nutchapol ‘Nu’ Jatursrivilai recently added the KPGC10 to his collection and has been enjoying it ever since, despite the A/C not working. Believe me, that’s not something you want happening in Thailand’s tropical climate.


The GT-R ticks all the boxes when it comes to nailing the works look with color-matched fender flares and a bucktooth spoiler up front. You can never go wrong with classic RS Watanabe wheels on a car like this either, and here they’re wrapped in some seriously stretched Toyo rubber.


The interior has remained in a mostly period-correct state, but look closely though and you’ll see an A’PEXi Power FC sitting in the passenger footwell. What would a naturally aspirated, triple Solex carb’d straight-six like the GT-R’s legendary S20 need a modern day engine management system for?


This. Yes that’s an RB, an RB25DE sporting RB26 engine covers and breathing through six individual throttle bodies to be precise.


We’ve seen setups similar to this in old Skylines before, but perhaps not in a genuine GT-R. I’m sure it’ll sound pretty damn good at full noise though, and with fuel injection it should provide reliable performance too.


If you’re anything like me though, you probably asking why someone would ever do this to a genuine GT-R? I’m sure – or at least hope – the car’s original S20 wasn’t sold off.


With the unrelenting heat doing its best to kill me, I quickly wrapped up the shoot with this very unconventional GT-R and headed back to the city for the final day of Auto Salon.

Thailand was full of Speedhunting surprises and this was another one for the books.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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The outside looks clean as hell!
The modern RB engine doesn't look that out of place either, could be because they didn't slap a huge turbo on it but rather went for that clean ITB setup.


Truth be told, it didn't sound out of place either. I never got to here it at full tilt but if it did have turbos plumbed to it, then it probably would have been off


Not gonna lie, way more interested in the Alpina E30.


Lol I had a feeling. The heat was trying to kill me and I had to flip a coin which one I would do first just incase ;)


The GTR is sweet and so is the liberty walk build. But there were not near enough photos of that Alpina BMW


I'll have to work that into the next trip ^^ time and heat index said noooooo


Diggin the Skyline and the engine setup choice. Really interested on how this R8 is going to look soon.


My guess is its not the only surprise under the hood that you'll find in Thailand ;-)


LOOOL ! Uhhhh o.o


Who signed the dash of the hako?


Did you get a pic of the VIN tag?? Why oh why would it not have an S20??? The only reason I can think of (if it's real) is that it blew up in the 80's and was disposed.... a couple things - steering wheel is replica, center console badge is replica, center console has a RD (rear defroster) switch which did not come on GTR, side windows appear to have blue tint (GTR was clear), rain gutters look to big (GTR was pinched together), brackets in engine compartment where a GTR battery goes are the same that would be on non GTR. I love hako's and hoping this is a clone.......the most valuable part is missing...the heart

Rapee Leepraditwan

If I remember corect. Thailand still doesn't have genuine c10 gtr. This car more like 2000gt.

But, This 2000gt is still unicorn due this car is only one of two 2000gt coupe on thailand soil when most of
skyline is 4 door sedan.

This data is from Thailand's Skyline club. But, that data is 5 years old plus. So now, I don't know exactly
number of 2000gt or gtr but I still think that number is still same except someone can import classic skyline
with loop hole in Thailand's car import law.


Also if you have a pic of the gauges tach should redline at 7500 vs 6500 and speedometer should go to 240 and be red at 200 vs 170 on normal gt or gtx hako


Not a genuine GT-R. It's a 2000 GT.


Not a genuine GT-R. It's a 2000 GT.


''the tool bits on hand seemed to lack the necessary cutting power ''..................''mai pen rai''.....typical Thai way........ Will they ever learn?


another cool find and great article.
original GTR or not, I'd still have it