7 Pictures For 7’s Day

Before I get started, no, of course you aren’t only getting seven pictures for this year’s 7’s Day (7/7) coverage. This is just a quick post to whet your appetite for what’s to come.

I spent a total of eight hours split between Daikoku PA and Umihotaru PA on Friday afternoon and evening, and once again came away amazed. Every year without fail, this group of enthusiasts manages to top the previous year’s event.


I arrived at Daikoku Parking Area just after 3:00pm because I knew that it wouldn’t stay open for a long time. With July 7th falling at the end of the week, RX-7 owners were going to be making the most of it.

And I was not wrong. Even by mid-afternoon there were a good 50+ cars present, and the numbers were steadily increasing by the minute.


RX-7 owners are a colorful bunch; they love variety like no other car group I’ve come across in Japan. It’s all about standing out, and it makes things so entertaining even just walking past the line-up of cars – something I also saw you guys enjoying via the live videos I did on Speedhunters’ official Facebook and Instagram. Check them out if you haven’t already.


I’d also like to thank everyone that stopped me in my tracks to say hello or grab a picture. I have to say, I was blown away by the amount of love Speedhunters received, and I’m sorry I ran out of stickers!

My call to spend most of the afternoon at Daikoku turned out to be a good move because by 6:00pm the whole place was completely grid-locked. Every parking spot was spoken for and a line began forming at the entrance with those not wanting to just leave taking up truck parking spots and stopping along the access roads. Of course, it didn’t take long for the police to come out and start blearing announcements through the public address system, telling people to leave the PA.


As the sun set it was time to move. The scramble to come in became the scramble to leave, as owners jumped in their cars ready to head over to Umihotaru PA on the Aqua Line. That’s where the mayhem continued.

I came away with memory cards brimmed full of images, so I’ll spend the next few days selecting the best and then prepare a few worthy posts to chronicle this unique Japanese celebration we’ve religiously covered over the years. Happy 7’s Day!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Only in Japan.


Where FC love? ;(


What company is selling this wide body from dark blue fd3s 1st pic?


RE Amemya kit... or copy kit done by some other company, like the one that races the full spec dry carbon fiber one in time attack. To put that kit on your car it requires heavy frame mods to the front inner frame. Just like the gt300 class cars the strut towers have probably been tube framed to hold those super wide front tires and arches. There are several copies of this kit all over America excetra but not with clean fitment like that one...


thanks for the info...


I think that is not a widebody kit, the owner just changed front bumpers.


Ah, I mishaped. A blue one seems like re amemiya's GT300 bodykit, but I'm not sure.


I thought the same but there is none on their site.


ok i spot the sticker now - it's Re-amemiya kit but looks like some exclusive one.


That MazdaSpeed tho.


Isn't that the A-Spec body kit, or did they release a whole car before the 323?


Didn't knew there's a complete car from MazdaSpeed, so yea I guess it's a bodykit.

Burrard Acura

Can't wait to see the rest of the coverage!

Dino Dalle Carbonare

Working on it!

Dominik Hofmann

YEES finally I love your articles about 7's Day, Dino :) that last shot of the green SA already managed to become my new wallpaper :)

Dino Dalle Carbonare

One of the coolest meets of the year!


Internet search




Every time I'm considering getying rid of my fd3s you guys post picks of race ready examples and I'm pulled right back into the rotary world....


I don't see how you could consider it; the FD's a modern classic. If you're serious, though, wait it out. I'm sure the value will only increase.


Probably sick of changing apex seals :P :P


helo to your


I wonder if that veil-side kit is actually useful, like does it improve brake cooling or increase drag?