A Honda That’s Light & Ready To Fight

There’s a lot to be said about the ‘built, not bought’ mantra.

Not that I subscribe to it myself. On the contrary, I know where my skills lie, and it’s not with a spanner in my hands. For the safety of everyone on the roads, and myself, I’m better of getting someone else to build and tune my cars. But I have an awful lot of time for those who are willing to take on a project themselves, and who have the time, skill and patience to create something that they’re proud to call their own.


Take Chris Jennings’ 1994 Civic EG, for example. I spotted the little grey Honda at the recent Mimms Honda Day after it had just come back in off track and I instantly knew I had to take a closer look.


Chris tells me that the car that you see in front of you started out its life with him as a bare shell, which was a £150 birthday present from his wife.


Fancying himself a track toy, Chris’s initial attraction to the EG Civic was down to its light weight from the factory – the model tipped the scales at just 870kg in standard trim. That’ll do nicely.


Over the course of four years, Chris and his friends built the EG on his driveway, with little more to hand than a Halfords toolkit. Tuning experts Hond-R were called in to help with the electrics and wiring, and the cage was designed and fabricated by Alan Dent, but other than that Chris took on 90 percent of the work himself.


The first thing to strike you is just how aggressive the EG looks now. Coated in Audi Nimbus Grey, the body has been lightened wherever possible. A carbon bonnet, Jun carbon splitter and carbon tailgate shed pounds from the front and back, while a carbon rear spoiler sits atop the hatch. The tiny APR race mirrors are probably terrible for seeing what’s behind you, but who cares about that, right? The only thing behind you is the past.


At the front there’s obviously a huge intercooler staring back at you, but we’ll get to that in a minute. A Fiberworx headlight duct feeds cold air into the engine bay, and makes the EG look as if it went a few rounds with Anthony Joshua.


If the speed holes, meaty tyres, polycarbonate windows, snarling intercooler or single eye-less socket staring back at you weren’t enough of a clue, then you should know that Chris’s Civic is more than a little tuned for the track.


Lift the painted carbon bonnet and you soon realise that there’s enough bark to back up the EG’s aggressive exterior. From the moment he picked up the EG Chris had a K20A motor swap in his sights – but not a stock one. While modest gains can be had with some simple bolt-on modifications to the naturally aspirated 2.0-litre DOHC iVTEC Honda powerplant, Chris decided to take things one step further with the addition of a Rotrex C38-91 supercharger setup.

A Vibrant intercooler keeps intake temperatures at a sensible level, feeding a Blox 70mm throttle body which, in turn, delivers part of the explosive mix via an AEM intake manifold. The other half of the mixture is courtesy of a selection of K-Tuned fuelling goodies and 1000cc Grams Performance injectors. A Hondata K100 modified ECU keeps everything in check, while a TiAL Q blow-off valve disperses excess boost pressure into the atmosphere when the throttle snaps shut. Further pleasing noises come courtesy of the EG’s exhaust setup, comprising of a PLM 4-2-1 manifold, custom 3-inch exhaust and a Vibrant 3-inch stealth back box.


The result is an impressive 438bhp and 278lb/ft torque. Obviously the little EG’s drivetrain has been upgraded to take the extra power too, with a Clutch Masters FX400 clutch and flywheel, EP3 gearbox with carbon synchros, Insane Driveshafts 500bhp shafts and a Wavetrac differential helping to put the power down reliably.

A K-Tuned billet shifter is a beautifully engineered reminder when sat in the driver’s seat that this car has been built to take some mechanical abuse.


Focusing on the handling and strengthening, Chris swapped the stock EG subframe, along with the front and rear anti-roll bars, hubs and lower control arms for Integra DC2 items. Hardrace drop links, front and rear camber arms, toe arms and RCAs complete the setup. The coilovers are 6TWO1 items, and bring the EG down to an acceptable, but completely functional ride height.


With so many of the smaller Hondas being slammed to within an inch of their lives by younger drivers, it’s nice to see an EG with a purposeful ‘stance’ for once.

The wheels, coloured to match the EG’s crimson details are Work RSBs, wrapped in super-sticky Yokohama Advan Neova AD08R tyres. Behind sit a set of Accord Type R front brakes and DC2 rears. With braided stainless steel brake lines throughout and a Wilwood adjustable bias valve, Chris has plenty of control over the stopping power at his disposal.


On the inside of the cabin it’s strictly business. The substantial roll cage is painted a deep shade of crimson, and the squishy organic components are kept in place by two Corbeau seats with TRS 3-inch, 4-point harnesses.


Alongside the aforementioned billet shifter with Mishimoto knob, a Personal steering wheel mounted to an NRG quick-release hub are the tricks of Chris’s trade.


Chris tells me for the time being he’s happy with the EG as a weekend track toy, but in the future he hopes it could lead to him throwing his hat into the ring at Time Attack. I certainly don’t doubt the car’s ability – it’s light, fast and nimble and looks like it should be great fun out on track.


It may be small, and it might only be a Honda, but this EG isn’t one to be underestimated if it appears in your rear-view mirror.

Jordan Butters
Instagram: jordanbutters
Facebook: Jordan Butters Photography



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Love it! Like you say Jordan, nice to see a meaty, functional 'stance' on a 90's Honda, with plenty of bite to match the bark


Wow. Such an amazing machine! I really don't understand all the prejudices against Hondas. I'm a BMW driver and a big fan of the brand, but I really can't get this deep wish out of my head to own an Civic, CRX or Integra and build an absolute dream out of it. This piece here is maybe one of the most inspiring builds I've seen in the last time.
Really a great article. I had the feeling to be there by my own while reading. Keep it up Jordan!


Im a "honda guy", and my theory for the bad rep our cars get is that because theyre easy to work on, cheap and available, most of them get used as a platform for alot of young guys stancing them out with ridiculous camber and drop, stickerbombs and putting roof racks on them. Which is a shame too, because theyre fun and reliable cars


Absolutely love this car and how humble and calm Chris is about it, just watching it on track for the first time was something raw with the eg being in its natural habitat! Great write up of a well deserved car and owner


I don't even like Civics but, this car is MONEY!



Now thats a clean show! I'm not a honda guy at all but I can definitely get behind this (pun intended). So much purpose in this build, love the color too! Thanks Jordan for showing me the light!

1992 ford windstar

Real, hardcore Hondas are some of the coolest cars out there. This civic is definitely one of them. Props to the builder.


Not one picture with the hood closed? C'mon...

Jordan Butters

All the interesting stuff is on the inside though…

Bryn Musselwhite

That's ace. That's really ace. It must be hilariously funny with that power!


The mirrors are no problem.
Just add small convex discs. On the track your not looking at detail, you just want to know if somebody's there trying to nip your line.


From what I have read on APR's site, the pedestal mirrors are 'wide angle lenses' so they actually provide a wider view despite being smaller. Something to do with the inability to do a proper 'shoulder check' when strapped in with a harness.

Johnny Wombat

Its not easy to do a shoulder check with a harness and a Hans device


Jordan, you're a great writer, but why do people always say someone is saving weight by adding carbon fibre bodywork which wasn't there in the first place? Even if it's carbon fibre, adding a CF splitter and spoiler is adding weight. I'm not anal like this usually, but it's ridiculous to hear all the time.
Still, great writing apart from that pet peeve of mine. ;-)

Jordan Butters

It was more in reference to the bonnet and tailgate, but point taken.

Unless it's the equivalent of when you buy something during a sale and say you've 'saved £50', when all you've done is spend £50 less than you would've spent. :D


light weight EG chassis + superhcarged K20 = power of dreams


When you know the next weight saving stage, is to skip breakfast. :-)


Gosh that must be a handful. Mad props for all the DIY. You can see passion here.


Those carbon fibre spoilers Still add weight...js...

Jordan Butters

Nooo, adding carbon adds lightness. Lightness is the opposite of weight. Therefore adding carbon removes weight.

It's science.

Miles Hayler-MacMillan

I bet his wife's regretting that "£150" present!


Colored Wheels are the Best! They Stand out in a sea of Black / Bronze / and Silver!!! Is it ok for a Honda to sport colored wheels or are we considered "rice" for it? I have 2 sets...the Greens make me smile more but the Blacks are straight track business! I rock the Body kit with the Green Set and I "De-Sport"(take off body kit to reduce drag) the Fit when rockin' the blacks!

Great Spot Light! Honda Love!!!

Chris Jennings

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the amazing comments, lovely to see so much positivity towards my build. Hondas usually get so much hate the whole "rice" term gets thrown around all Jap car.

The APR mirrors, visibility is good actually BUT.... And there is a but..... At high speeds the wind moves them which then means I can't see! Typical. I've got a large wide angle rear view mirror where I can see all my blind spots so I've never been overaly bothered.

If anyone has any questions I'm more than happy to answer


Cody Thompson

Really digging that color. I bought some clearance isle rustoleum years ago that was almost that exact color. It looks like a muted teal gray in the photos. Is it the Audi gray or could you point me in the direction of the color code? Im looking to replicate the color on my motorcycle.

Jordan Butters

Thanks Chris!


Wow Jordan, two Hondas now that are quite interesting and with great stories...I just don't know what to think. Hondas around here too often are that "other" kind so it's great to see that there are Honda guys out there with taste and talent.
Seriously, a great build here and that thing must really be fun with 438 horses and that little bitty car! Once again I bow to a Honda guy for a job well done.


I have to say , I am a Nissan and Mazda fun, but this one is just right that I'd love to have one in my garage...
I have been reading every update on speedhunters page but this particular eg, I keep on returning to its blog..


I'm really sorry to say and not to offend anyone, but credits to owner and builder of this machine you are a master art maker.
If I'd have to choose between your eg and say a sportscar for daily going to work , I'd definitely choose your eg.... ^_^