Shaking Down The GT4586

When we charted our most engaging car features of 2016 a couple of weeks back, Ryan Tuerck’s Gumout ‘GT4585′ Toyota/Ferrari mash-up rated highly on the list – and for good reason.

In recalling the feature, which Larry managed to shoot in a record four minutes flat before SEMA roll-in, we mentioned how much we were looking forward to seeing the 458 V8-swapped 86 being driven in anger. Now, thanks to Donut Media, we don’t have to wait any longer.

In the 4K clip above, Ryan and his team head to Willow Springs International Raceway to give the GT4586 its very first track shakedown, and the result is everything we hoped it would be. Of course, a drift session wouldn’t be complete without a buddy along for the ride, and joining in on the action is Chris Forsberg behind the wheel of his demo Nissan 370Z.

The Speedhunters



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Is there a reason why the dash display constantly flashes? That would annoy the hell out of me.


I don't like the placement of the "Donut" sticker on the bumper... and the sticker design itself. It looks like an afterthought...


3nigm4 a lot of LED/displays seem to do that a lo in HD videos. Something to do with the strobing/capture speed/etc.


Amazing. Chassis seems to be super balanced. Kudos to the setup/track guys, seems like they spent some time getting that thing dialed. The interior shot while exiting the fading corner is absolutly sublime to watch.


D1RGE 3nigm4 That's right. LEDs can't be dimmed by lowering the power like other types of lights, and so they're typically connected to another component that, in effect, strobes them. By turning them on and off at a specific frequency, someone is able to regulate the actual intensity of the light that our eyes will perceive from that LED. But when you film them with a fast enough capture speed (or get lucky with still photo timing as Larry Chen did last year with that Mustang) you can capture an image of the LED "off", or actually see the light appear to "flicker"


School me. Is it supposed to sound like a Ferrari?


weedesign4u  It probably is, more than likely just on there for the shoot seeing as donut media are filming it, so can't really dig at that man :)


SeanW1  Given that it's a Ferrari motor making the noise I guess it does sound like one by definition haha, but I get what you mean, it doesn't sound like a typical 458 but then the exhaust isn't typical


Usually I'm bored to tears by standard scene overfenders and/or modern drift cars in general but this is pretty awesome, real clean thought out build and not tooo mental aesthetically by todays standards, not digging the roof scoop but it's doing a job so fair play :)


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ComJive D1RGE 3nigm4 That's the science part!


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But when will this car get a hood? Now it still looks "unfinished".


RoK1981 Come on dude, its drifting. Drifting is like demolition derby meets Fast and Furious meets NOPI car show meets figure skating.


So, looks are unimportant?
Don't know if drifters are car-wreckers or men in too tight pants with visible package on ice skates or the characteristic teenagers with white caps playing NFS on the screen in the dashboard of their mothers car???
What I do know is that a hood with cutouts for the heads would look fantastic on this car.


weedesign4u was going to say the same thing, so aesthetically abrasive. Crazy how much such a small detail like that can completely change the car for me.


really...your only take away from this story is where is the hood? so many negative people. Thanks for the content and getting us a video of this car actually running and performing. Its good to see it actually works and sounds so amazing.


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Sorry, let me rephrase it;
To me (personal taste), a hood would be a fantastic cherry on this all ready epic pie


RoK, there has to be something mentally wrong with you...


Prepare yourself....the trolls are here!


RoK1981 There was a hood. They destroyed it during testing. They mentioned it during a behind the scenes video. They actually have to make another one.


Thanks for this useful answer @LarryChen. Sorry to the people that got bothered by my question.


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True, apparently my brain works differently then others. I didn't expect these reactions when I posted a question, so, if that makes me mentally ill, I'm proud to have a few screws too loose in my head.


In the 4K clip above, Ryan and his team head to Willow Springs International Raceway to give the GT4586 its very first track shakedown, and the result is everything we hoped it would be...go here>>


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3nigm4 the framerate of the video and the frequency on the dash display is different and not synced up which gives you the strobing


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