Satin Black & Stunning: Andy’s Rod Works ’34 Ford

At the end of the week before last, I happened to find myself in an industrial estate in Matsudo, Chiba-ken, and dropping in to Andy’s Rod Works, a shop synonymous with Willys drag racers and all sorts of other performance-oriented customs. When I arrived, Ando-san, who likes to be called Andy, was busy sanding down the exterior panels of an old, black ’34 Ford. I didn’t take too much notice to what he was doing at the time; I was too busy lusting over the already-completed hot rods he had dotted around the shop.

But it turns out the ’34 Andy was prepping in the paint booth was due to be shown at Mooneyes’ Hot Rod Custom Show some 48 hours later. Given its far from completed state, I just couldn’t see how it was all going to come together in time.


Fast forward to Saturday morning in Yokohama and I was blown away. There it was, the roof-chopped hot rod all completed, sporting a pristine semi-satin coat of black and some steel wheels that Andy also managed to get painted in time.


What I didn’t see in the paint booth were all the details beneath the exterior that had already been taken care of, including the highly-polished Chevy 350ci small block V8 under the two louvered hood covers.

Andy’s paint work has earned him a reputation in Japanese custom car and hot rod circles, and it’s all good.


And the same goes for his custom interiors, many clients requesting fully leather-trimmed cabins with all the right sorts of details.

It’s cars like Andy’s ’34 Ford that make me want to shoot more hot rods, and I don’t think it will be hard for you to understand why.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I hate to be that guy, because I am sure there is some genuine talent and man hours behind this build.  But every time I see an old Ford hotrod with a SBC thrown in to save money and time, I immediately lose interest.  It's not like small cheap Ford motors are hard to come by.  And if they are using the excuse "this was cheaper and easier", then what else did they apply that mentality to when building the car?
So close to being good, but that engine ruins the whole thing for me.


RedWhine How available are small block ford motors in Japan? Maybe in the US they're easy to source, but it's probably a different story in Japan.




3nigm4 RedWhine That is a fair argument.  But if this was a crate ordered engine, ordering a crate 302 SBF shouldn't be too much trickier.  But to your point, it could have been junkyard sourced.


RedWhine 3nigm4 this is a tired argument, have you thought that maybe there's a chevy mill in there because it makes power, it's reliable, it looks good AND despite half the posts on the HAMB there is a long tradition of using mouse power in your rod? The mouse motor makes power and hot rodders have been using it since it became available, ditching their flatties because they were getting beat. Have a good look at lots of 60's rods and race cars, you'll find they're SBC powered, or hemi powered or olds powered. The SBC has its place its not lazy its a good choice. Sure the flathead has its place as it was major part in getting hot rodding going, they look great and they sound great but they're not what you're talking about and they are NOT cheap..

What I believe your suggesting is something like a 302? Well you could but why would you?  Some late model Ford motor would, to many, look out of place......and you'd probably get beat by the guy with the SBC.Let's stop all this all this lazy choice crap and hear it for MOUSE POWER!!!!!


3nigm4 How available are 1934 Fords in Japan?


370 Hemi Good point. I guess he just wanted to run a SBC.


Decent definitely, Stunning, not even close. You like it  and that’s fine, I like it also but it is not even close to stunning.  It’s very run of the mill and the engine choice is lame, there’s nothing here that hasn’t been done a thousand times on other cars.


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Arguably the "template" for all full-fendered '34 Ford street rods, Pete Chapouris' "California Kid" was small block Ford powered. On the other hand, what is likely the most famous "Deuce" of them all, Milner's Deuce from American Graffiti, was running a Chevy mill. 

Hot rodders work with whatever suits them, and many icons aren't born of brand loyalty, Bigfoot notwithstanding.


JustinPorter1 well said and eloquently put.


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