Product Highlight: Jackson Racing x CSF FA20/4U-GSE Drop-In Dual Cooler

Times, they are changing.

An operation the size of Speedhunters cannot be run on well wishes or page views alone; we rely on the support of our official suppliers and advertisers to keep this big ship of car culture afloat. This will likely come as no surprise to anyone as it’s how online media works. The alternative is a pay wall and that’s not really our style. The problem we’ve had previously is that our integration of our supplier content has often been awkward at best and very poor at worst. That’s all about to change.

Going forward, I’m going to be working as Commercial Editor with the ultimate goal of harmonising this process. My main concern, though, is going to be how this content is presented. It needs to be as relevant, interesting and ultimately of as much benefit to you, our readers, as possible. It also has to be obvious.

I don’t think it’ll be a particularly difficult process, because I do genuinely think that we’re supported by a group of great companies, run by genuine car enthusiasts who are dedicated to furthering their respective fields. We have unprecedented access to these companies’ knowledge and experience, so it’s about time we took advantage of it. This will be a win-win for all involved.

One of these companies is CSF Radiators.


Last month, I met Ravi from CSF for the first time during our pre-SEMA trip. During the visit, he talked about a dual cooler that he had just been working on for the ZN6/ZC6 platform.

CSF teamed up with Jackson Racing to develop a drop-in dual radiator and oil cooler for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ with their 4U-GSE/FA20 engine. From factory, the 2.0L flat-four is a highly tuned engine which runs relatively high compression, and as such, even stock cars can experience severe spikes in oil temperature. With so many aftermarket options for forced induction being deployed by owners too, the need for upgraded oil cooling is obvious.

Most won’t want to run a separate, external oil cooler, so a dual purpose cooler is the perfect solution. By integrating a liquid-to-oil cooler into the radiator without comprising the radiator’s cooling efficiency (in this case, the cooling efficiency is actually increased), the result is a simple and neat solution that fulfils its requirements perfectly.


Nearly a year in development, the resulting dual cooler is a perfect drop-in replacement for the factory radiator; there’s no cutting or trimming required and the all-aluminium radiator with its built-in oil cooler is fully compatible with the factory fittings. The kit comes with all of the necessary components for installation, including a Mocal oil sandwich plate as well as pre-assembled oil lines for a true plug and play installation.

When compared to the factory radiator, the Jackson Racing dual cooler features over 100 per cent more cooling surface area, all thanks to CSF’s B-Tube technology. The B-Tube setup boasts a 15 per cent increase in surface area over traditional oval tube cores alone.


At the liquid-to-oil cooler side, 10AN fittings are used to ensure optimum oil flow between the cooler and engine. The oil is captured and returned to the engine via the sandwich plate which adapts to the oil filter housing.

With the addition of the oil cooler, it’s required to add an extra 475ml (0.5 quart) of engine oil.


After thousands of miles of heavy testing on both street and track (including in Jackson Racing’s own Scion FR-S that won its SCCA national championship class), the dual cooler maintained engine oil temperatures within a 16°C (30°F) range. This ensures that oil temps remain optimum and offer consistent engine performance. From a cold start-up, the liquid-to-oil cooler will assist in getting the oil to the correct temperature faster too.

The Jackson Racing Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ Dual Radiator/Oil Cooler is available now from Jackson Racing Dealers at $895.00USD.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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Does this mean you will finish the KM4SH K20 Golf?
I'm all for integrating sponsor's products if you want to present them in an engaging way like that build.


This kind of advartisement could be great way to not only support speedhunters, but actually get new technology to enthusiasts and professionals. Part being an advartisement, part being informative article.
I actually support this 100% as this can help me to learn new and upgraded technology. 

Kudos to speedhunter and those who keep it alive.


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I'm a little confused at what exactly is going to change as far "harmonizing the process" goes. Informational articles like this are great because we can learn many new things. Those suspension Q&A;'s with KW were cool too. I think a lot of the readers' gripes with the way sponsor integration has been going up to this point is that it appeared to be a lot like corny product placement in a TV show/movie.


As long as its cool products related to car modifying, its all good


Whatever keeps the pictures coming. Nice radiator, could you post the dimensions so we can check if it can be jammed into our various projects with a little work?


I actually like informative posts like this. Is there any technical or mechanism knowledge needed or is it simple for even novices like myself to use in the future?


johnbezt  These kind of posts are certainly the way forward, and that's exactly what I meant with regards to some previous product integration. Instead of a random hyperlink to johnbezt's new turbocharger, we can take a look in-depth at johnbezt's new turbo and what makes it better than others. Or we can have johnbezt come and answer readers questions. Essentially, more good stuff with more substance.


Hamrocks I think if it's done right, everyone is a winner. Readers can gather information or get direct access to product knowledge and companies can connect directly with potential customers. 

I'll have to ask about the KM4SH Golf. I'll get back to you on that.


zapsnyder I'm finding out for you now...


189021 With regards to installation? I'm about as un-mechanical as they come but with a little thought and care, I reckon even I could manage this one.


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I would much rather see this than an advertisement hidden as a car review, or a "friend's car" that happened to have a full suite of one companies' parts (and also happen to work with them hmmmmmmm...).


D1RGE I think I know the features you're referring to (or maybe not) but I know that while it certainly wasn't planned, I can see why it did come across that way. What can sometimes happen is when you're hanging out at a shop and it turns out one of the guys working there has a cool build, and obviously it has some of the shop's products on it because he works there and is getting them at a discount. I think in this sort of situation, it would be a shame not to feature the car, but some transparency would go a long way. Even if it's just one line to acknowledge that Jimmy works for Bob's Brake Kits.


Good to know. I'm similarly, un-me mechanical as they come but would love to be able to work on a car


nothing is wrong with a shameless plug to help pay the bills. Like search DevBizkit drift supra on youtube and help me purchase 1 of these drop-in dual coolers :D  but the cooler really is badass and I would really love to see how it handles drift abuse.


Paddy McGrath johnbezt I can dig it


Paddy McGrath D1RGE My example is like knowing Larry is getting his Porsche massaged by BBI, and then we see a feature on a car of someone that works there. It gives the impression of a "tit-for-tat" situation. I.e., "Hey. we'll work on your car for some free advertising on your site".

Trust me, I know how business works and sponsorships, they make the media world go 'round. We've had magazines our whole lives (well, some of us heh) that had as much if not more advertising content than articles and features. But with something on the header like "sponsor content" is all anyone needs to be able to decide if they are getting an unbiased article or a promotional one. I'm cool with sponsored content as long as I can still get the quality news, articles and pictures from SH that it's always featured. 
I will give SH some props for who they have partnered with so far. At least you aren't trying to jam knock-off bullcrap and cheap shite products down our throats. And always, keep up the good work.


Paddy McGrath D1RGE How you've featured shop cars has been great Paddy. You feature them as solid car guys that are working for the love, and have loaned you amazing cars that you got to review properly. I'm behind that all the way.


I appreciate sites like this reviewing parts. Professional opinions help as opposed to the reviews on Amazon or Ebay. How can the same product have just as many 5-star reviews as 1-star?


If you're going to promote products, this is how you do it!  There's shared value here for sure.


Paddy McGrath johnbezt Paddy gets it!


Wait, does it have a thermostat for the oil?  If not and it constantly flows thru the cooler, wouldn't this increase warm up time?


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Paddy McGrath Hamrocks Please let us know what's happened to the golf. It kind of just disappeared...


DevBizkit We have several different direct-fit models of our "O" series of radiators w/ built-in liquid-to-oil coolers, includint this Fa-20 system

We also have:

Subaru WRX/STI 02-07, 08-14+15 / Honda S2000 (Jackson Racing) / Maza Miata NA & NB (Jackson Racing - coming soon).

The Subaru WRX/STI system has been used in a 600 HP+ STI w/ 2JZ swap in Canada. All reports back from the race team are that the unit never over heated throughout the season in the pro-2 class.  (NV Auto - Ontario, Canada)

Watch this video of the car ripping it up! -


Paddy McGrath zapsnyder
We have several different direct-fit models of our "O" series of radiators w/ built-in liquid-to-oil coolers, includint this Fa-20 system

We also have:
Subaru WRX/STI 02-07, 08-14+15 / Honda S2000 (Jackson Racing) / Maza Miata NA & NB (Jackson Racing - coming soon).

Everything we make is designed to be a "drop-in fit" - it will bolt right into the OEM location with no modifications necessary. 

Here are the dimensions for this Fa-20 system -


3nigm4 Paddy McGrath Hamrocks Good news / bad news. The project isn't dead but it is on the back burner for the time being, but there might be an update at some stage in the new year.


CSFrace Oh crap....thats excellent. I've seen the vid but know very little of the spec sheet. Thanx for the info.


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CSF teamed up with Jackson Racing to develop a drop-in dual radiator and oil cooler for the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ with their 4U-GSE/FA20 engine.


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I agree, it feels more genuine that you fully acknowledge that the article is to promote a sponsor's products, but by keeping a high quality of sponsors/partners it shouldn't feel like you guys are ever pushing crap.
Please never accept any sponsors with products you wouldn't fit to your own dream build, and I'm sure you'll then keep the readership happy!


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