WTAC 2016: Records Are Meant To Be Broken

The title says it all. What would a record be if it didn’t inspire and encourage others to challenge it? It’s what drives time attack aficionados the world over, from Japan all the way down to Australia where the sport has found a true home. Ever since 2008 when the first event took place, to 2010 when Speedhunters covered the World Time Attack Challenge for the first time and onwards to this year – the Aussie and international entrants have pushed the envelope of this motorsport to the very extremes of what anyone could have imagined.

To kick off this year’s WTAC event, we met up with the organizers this morning at Pier 2-3, right across from the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge, where an eclectic trio of cars were selected to sum up what we can expect to see this coming weekend. First up, the Tilton Interiors Evo, a car that has snapped up three victories over the years and the vehicle that perfectly embodies how time attack has grown. On the far left is TCP Magic’s quad-rotor, twin-turbo beast which Mad Mike will drive in the night drift competition after the main event. And last but not least, probably the biggest surprise of them all, the Pagani Huayra BC. The Italian hypercar will be driven by Keiichi Tsuchiya as part of a new class that WTAC’s organizers hope will bring a whole new dimension to the event. Needless to say, we’re all looking forward to see how the weekend will unfold at Sydney Motorsport Park.

Stay tuned for more from WTAC 2016…

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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The Tilton Evo is literally the embodiment of the perfect evo racecard


lol can't wait hearing Keiichi Tsuchiya commenting while driving "eeeeh, hayaidesu!? abunai! abunai!"

Pete the perfect pilot

Go mad Mike. Rotary for life


LukeEVOVIII I wish I were in Sydney D:


I wonder if that new class will mean hyper-cars and their track-only variants will finally have a home to throw down!  Anyone else up for seeing a FXX, P1 (GTR, possibly), LaFerrari, 918 Spyder, Zonda/Huayra, and other exotics fight to set fastest lap at a variety of tracks on the same day?


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My cat would love the Tilton Interiors Evo!


WTAC is such an awesome event. Wish I went to it this year but couldn't get time off from work :(


can't wait for this.


Sorry, have to say it, but that Evo is Fugly and I like Evos.


Chri5 Duncan have you even seen currently competitive TA machines?


earmenau I have no doubt it's competitive, it just doesn't look good.


Chri5 Duncan earmenau because racecars have to look good to be efficient in the aero department..


@Dom Chri5 Duncan earmenau Whats the point of being fast if you dont look cool?


BozoMotosport Chri5 Duncan earmenau what's the point of looking good if you're not fast?


WTAC in person. 
Pac Performance racing in Orlando @ Sports Compact World VI Challenge on the live stream.

Its going to be a big weekend!!


Got a link for this?

Gianluca FairladyZ

Hahaha Dori-King will drive the Pagani! Man that will be a great show !!! Wish I could be there to see it!


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The overdone aero just means it could never be used in wheel to
wheel racing. Time trial is boring anyway. It's just for establishing
grid position, then the race starts and that's when the real racing
begins. Time trial is mostly for people who don't have the skills or wherewithal to
race. So not only is this car ugly, this competition is boring.


Pagani in WTAC!? Cooooool


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Therealstig Now we get to see how slow it really is ;)


when i saw that the Huayra BC was gonna be in the competition my heart jumped but after when i saw that Keiichi himself was gonna be driving it i fell out of my chair. WTAC is gonna be insane can't wait!!


I want this to happen soooo bad....and happen again, again, again! Please give us more legendary drivers in legendary cars doing time attack!!!!!

I feel if this does good, it can lead to amazing things. Look at hillclimbs in Europe. They started out with everyday cars, graduated to faster cars, went race car, now they have gone full-tilt plaid with crazy ex-Formula chassis and BMWs with Lola-F1 engines and stuff. If TA hangs on long enough and the records start getting low enough/important enough, I could imagine a future where we see F1 drivers moonlighting in custom LMP/hybrid chassis, insane bespoke one-off complete cars, etc. 
That is, if we still have cars that humans drive.


Chri5 Duncan Difflocked_Mees "Time trial is mostly for people who don't have the skills or wherewithal to race"...  um... I dont know where to begin with this.


hop there is a live stream


@daender It does make me wonder, though: just what's the difference between a car made by, well, essentially, a shed, and a car built by one of the fastest-rising marques ever, controlled by some numpty called Ron Dennis, and is one of the most successful F1 teams ever barring the current turbo era? The budget difference must be immense, but how about the times they would set? Surely McLaren does not want to be served by a small crew of builders?


Mark Reyes  We've been watching testing at work via GRS MotorSports facebook page. There Facebook or YouTube channel should have it come the weekend. And im sure PAC Performance should have some sort of stream also via Facebook.


RodneyWaller it'll be on the main website starting tomorrow


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@DriveCircles Therealstig sideways? :D


Imagine driving the tilton evo through snow! One badass snowplow.


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Chri5 Duncan 
"A pretty car is one that wins races", said a certain Juan Manuel Fangio.
And, by the way, that "Time trial is mostly for people who don't have the skills or wherewithal to
race" comment is one of the most absuredly ignorant and idiotic things I've ever had the disgrace to read. You've obviously never gone around a track crunching for laptimes if you think such a thing...


Maybe I need to rephrase that. I've done both and TA is boring compared to endurance road racing. Our last race we won 1st out of 58 cars. It's about building a car that is fast and will last 24 hours. And putting together drivers, crew, pit stops and strategy all combined for a winning effort. We got FTOTD also but that's just a side note. I'm not even warmed up with just the 15 minutes of a TA session and there's no wheel to wheel battles.


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Redbul car park drift @morocco
video (full hd + slowmotion)


Chri5 Duncan AlejandroRamirez 
That's adifferent argument altogether, one that's much more agreeable. Rather than denying the skill of drivers who enjoy a completely different style of racing you could've just said that it X or Y was your preference. I personally don't enjoy drag racing very much, the only thing exciting or challenging about it for me is the start...but it would be a whole different story if I said drag racing is for people who don't have the skills for cornering and that their cars would be useless for wheel to wheel racing because of the drag slicks.
To each their own in regards to racing disciplines, but the real lesson here is that you and me both could use a bit of thinking before posting hahahahah!


Keiichi in a Huyara BC for competition? I'm a fan of his appearances on old Best Motoring eps. but this has to be considered an upgrade.


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Chri5 Duncan

There is nothing ugly about it. Function over form and its one of voltex's crown jewels for aero. Shit looks fuckin badass