The Return Of GTR-700

Being a GT-R aficionado does strange things to you. Most would just put it down to passion, but it’s definitely more than that. If you’ve ever owned a GT-R and loved its abilities, then you might understand what I’m getting at.

Nissan created some very unique machines in its RB26-powered GT-Rs. These cars never pretended to be beautifully designed sportcars from Europe, and because of that Nissan never even attempted to compete on the level of higher tier supercars that were around in the years the RB26 GT-Rs existed (1989~2002). But these GT-Rs could pretty much annihilate every single one of them. Invest money in the right places and the possibilities are endless. GT-Rs perform very well as fast road cars, incredibly well as circuit cars, and can be made to do amazing things on a drag strip. Which brings us to the car you see here – GTR-700.

Yes, this is the GTR-700, a legend in the world of GT-Rs and probably one of the most followed Skyline builds on the internet back in the days before YouTube even existed.


To share the various tuning steps that he was going through with his BCNR33 GT-R, the car’s owner, Mario Torborac, set up a website called, which I’m sure some of you will be familiar with. I visited the site religiously.

Ex Vi Termini is also how I came to know of Australia’s Croydon Racing Developments (CRD), the Sydney-based workshop that Mario originally enlisted to work on and transform his car. For a couple of years, he ran the Skyline as a powerful street car/weekend drag machine, and with around 700kW (940hp) – hence its GTR-700 name – it was rather quick.

The transformation to fully fledged drag car shortly thereafter saw it become the third quickest GT-R in the world at the time with Andrej Pavicevic at the wheel. Its best ET was an 8.27-second, behind HKS’s own BCNR33 GT-R, which had run a 7.67-second ET, and the Heat Treatments BNR32 GT-R from New Zealand which managed a 7.57-second pass.

With Mario having to relocate overseas for work the project was halted, but the intention to keep developing the car has always remained. And now it’s about to happen.

Hit play above to see a quick update that the guys at MotiveDVD have put together, which includes an interview with Robert Marjan, the guy that’s teamed up with Mario to bring GTR-700 back and shoot for the outright quickest GT-R title.


Robert himself already owns a pretty crazy 7-second BNR32 GT-R street car known as JUN II, and you can expect to see a little spotlight on that shortly.


The engineering knowhow that CRD has gained with the development of JUN II will be poured into this crazy R33, which right off the bat weighs in 600kg less. The RB32 engine destined to power the build will also go straight to methanol rather than E85, which is what JUN II runs on.


With so much potential still in this car, Team CRD won’t be happy until they break into the 6-second bracket.


Shaving well over a second off what the Skyline previously ran won’t be easy, and to that end the guys are preparing themselves for a long period of development. But it’s going to be a great deal of fun along the way as they really push the envelope of RB engine tuning.


It will also be cool to see how the GT-R’s outward appearance evolves along the way. I always liked how Mario retained the stock BCNR33 body, but shooting for 6-second ETs is a whole new ball game, and some fresh aero to help the car maximize performance down the strip may well be in order.


JUN II has managed to run a 180mph (290km/h) exit speed, but GTR-700 will be upping this substantially. By how much still remains to be seen, but it’s guaranteed to be a world away from the 13.72-second 0-300 km/h record that Veilside held back in the ’90s with its BNR32.


Call it the lure of the GT-R. Some people get sucked in and do insane things with them, and Robert, Mario and the Croydon team are about to create something really wild. We’re going to be stopping by CRD regularly for updates, so stay tuned for more on the rebuild of GTR-700.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Really awesome that these cars can murder modern hypercars twenty-thirty years after release. Wish Nissan would make a similar car again...


Mayank0809 Modern hypercars are hitting 60mph in less than 3 seconds. It would take tens of thousands of dollars for a 3 decade old GTR to do that today. Don't fool yourself, ANY car can be fast with enough money, GTRs are nothing special there. Especially the old generations.
Keep in mind, the livability of a highly modified car is extremely compromised. To get an R32, R33, R34 to modern hypercar performance, you're talking about highly stripped interiors, no sound deadening, drag radial tires, race fuel, meth injection and turbo lag that makes the car unusable on the street.


Thanks Dino! That plate brings back tons of memories. I remember going to Ex Vi Termini and downloading videos to watch, cause that's what you did. This was always a favourite, the Skyline rying to climb off the dyno:


370 Hemi Mayank0809 I totally disagree with you there. Mainly due to the fact that you are comparing a 20-30 year old sports coupe to a modern day hypercars. The fact that the comparison even exists makes these cars pretty special, don't you think? And with a few basic "boost up" mods, a 7,500 rpm clutch drop pretty much any R32/33/34 GT-R will accelerate 0-60 mph in the 3 seconds. Most 500-600 HP GT-Rs with a proper clutch will break get the in less than 3.


carl_plessl Legendary videos!


speedhunters_dino 370 Hemi Mayank0809 I'm kind of in-between both of you here (370 Hemi/Dino). The GTR is in no means going to be able to do what a modern day hyper-car can. Even if it can match a lap-time or acceleration times, it won't be the same experience or usability. There are also a ton of cars that can be modified to have blistering acceleration times, many featured on this website. No matter what, when you push a cars stock performance far enough there is going to be compromise. For the record, I love Skylines and have owned an R32. I'm not bashing the Skyline as I hope to own another in the future. The fact is there are tons of other cars that have the same capability when tinkered with. Just because my Evo V accelerated 0-60mph in the sub-4 second range with a big turbo didn't make it a supercar.


Gregonater 100% agree. GTRs are great cars but, no amount of mods will make the experience equal to or close to a Zonda or Koenigsegg. 0-60 is one metric of performance I used and sure with a few $$$$ you can make an older GTR get a sub 3 second 60 sprint but that doesn't make it a 1:One does it?
Besides that, when doubling the power output, you need several items, aftermarket ECU(a piggyback won't work), upgraded fuel system, single turbo conversion, bigger intercooler, bigger radiator, bigger oil cooler, and the upgrading of the rest of the drive line to accommodate the increase to the transmission and maybe differential.


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Lol I don't really think anyone was comparing the "experience".. Personally Hypercars/super cars are a total joke. Barely anyone can afford one and truthfully they aren't all that special when they cost 1-2 mil plus. Neat looking for a 10 year olds poster but I'm sure they are not the best street cars any more than this built gtr.
It's sounds to me that you're a skyline hater, no need to put down this respectable race car other than to boost your own ego... Which I'm sure gets hurt a lot driving a gigantic hemi battleship that couldn't outrun most stock 5.0 mustangs or even my wrx.
Long story short, get a life you mopar loving snob


Therealstig Oh okay, thanks friend :)


370 Hemi Gregonater 
Well, this reminds in the difference between a modern day 911 GT3, and 911 R.. Porsche had to remove the PDK technology, and the leather Recaros, for a set of old fashioned seats with checkers stiched unto them, and sold it for a higher price tag...

Now, beside budget limitations, the modern day Hyper cars, can't give you the feel an old R33 would give, when R33 can still give you 3 seconds run to 60 (or close), and still maintain daily driving practicality


I'm so back in the old days reading and SEEING this familiar car <3

It all started as a project called project 1000kw.

...nice to hear Mario is still in the team :)
Back in the days I was wondering why the project suddenly died and iirc it was because some rather serious health issues. 
I watched the built on slow speed internet back in the days and loved how Mario described all the steps detailed and how hard the throw backs hit in.

I remember that one quote till today " NI SEN bariki" - "bakka!!!" when he was asked about his power goal by a japanese tuner and his answer :D


I am dazzled that a stay at home mom can make $9393 

in a few weeks on the computer .


600kg less than the Jun II? Damn, R32 interiors are heavy.


Oh yes, exvitermini! Thank you Dino :)


How much power can an internally stock RB26 make:
Still a mighty impressive car with a weapon of a motor, drivetrain and classis which was mostly unmatched as a package back in the day and still exceptional today. Other than Porsche, there are not many cars which have been such a force in straight line speed as well as circuit; and with modern turbos and fueling the power levels now being achieved with RB's is amazing.


How much power can an internally stock RB26 make:
As a combination the engine, drivetrain and chassis of Skyline GTRs was largely unmatched back in the day, and remains massively capable today. With modern technology turbos and fuelling the power levels now being achieved with RBs is amazing. Straight line speed or circuit GTR does it all.


This feature made me incredibly happy, since I used to 'waste' countless hours on Exvitermini watching and downloading videos. In addition to the dyno jump posted below, I used to love the JUN EVO drift video.
Coincidentally enough, I am working with Scott at OCD Works (who used to work for JUN and still does for Tomei USA) right now on full billet RB valve, coil, upper and lower timing covers. Will debut at SEMA! ;)


speedhunters_dino These kids just don't understand hahaha


Mahfoodh Do you think anyone that spends millions of dollars on a modern hypercar is in the least bit upset that they are not getting the experience from a 2, 3, or 4, decade old car LOL?


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Turbology Hey, I remember that clip!  I guess that makes me old though :(


ExViTermini.. Sh*t that takes me back! :D


But how reliably? Compared to a 2JZ they are paperweights when pushing large power.


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And new piston rings, and rearends, and....well, you get the idea...


There are rumors that it was planned to switch a mid-engined, but I believe it will retain the front-engined, all-wheel drive layout.


Man this is gonna be a rocket! The icing on the cake for me is the Bride pro type Kevlar Zieg II.