Bisimoto: Building The 911BR
A Unique Project

Since childhood, I have always been fascinated with automobiles. In fact, my very first word as an infant was ‘car’. Despite my engineering background being more geared towards chemistry and fluid dynamics, my love and passion for cars has guided me into the fascinating world of tuner vehicles, and I love them all.

So, one could only imagine the excitement when Mel Mayuga, service manager at McKenna Porsche in Norwalk, California, reached out to my team and I to build a Porsche 911 commissioned in the honor of Steve McQueen. A unique 1 of 1 project to be built and then auctioned off for charity, with the proceeds benefiting the Boys Republic in Chino Hills.


The Boys Republic is a non-profit treatment community for troubled youth, and it has a special connection with ‘The King of Cool’. After a nasty altercation with his stepfather, McQueen was sent off to the Boys Republic as a youngster. In his older age, he credited the Californian facility to turning his life around, hence the idea behind this unique project: something Steve McQueen would drive if he were alive today.


After a blessing from McKenna’s GM, Bob Hogan, and with the financial support of Danny McKenna, Brad Doyle, and Dunkel Bros.’ Peter Dunkel, the project was a go. As an admirer of the classic Porsche body lines, and an advocate of modern technology, it was my goal to create an old school driver’s car chock full of today’s tech. Think lightweight, reliable and quick – a car that appeals to all the senses.


The base donor was a 1980 Porsche 911 SC, with a 3.0-liter air-cooled engine and an antiquated CIS injection system, but part of the plan was to backdate it to mimic the previous generation 911 produced from 1969 to 1973. In pure Porsche RS tradition, my team and I also wanted to eliminate any obnoxious creature comforts, and also integrate the latest in Porsche’s air-cooled offerings: the majestic 3.6-liter flat-six powerplant from the Porsche 964/993 family.


Electing to use an AEM Infinity 506 ECM with dual lambda sensors for each engine bank, the ‘new’ base engine was updated to pure sequential injection, and seamlessly integrated into the backdated SC’s slate grey chassis with a Bisimoto PNP harness system, using GuldstrandPro amenities. Porsche does an excellent job in creating a pure driver’s car that’s excellent for daily driving and also track-ready upon demand. I wanted to push the envelope even further and make this build more Porsche. The intake plenum was harvested from the parts bin of the water-cooled 996 GT3, which shares the very same bore spacing as the legacy 964/993 engine.


This was mated to individual 48mm throttle bodies, which receive fuel via Rothsport fuel rails and EV14 Bosch injectors. The setup uses the same Porsche chamber volume expansion technology, and with a crossover of 5600RPM, optimizes airflow at different engine speeds, rendering it superior to static individual throttle body packages.


The actuator solenoid is controlled by the AEM Infinity and was optimized during the partial and full throttle tuning sessions at Bisimoto. The system also features closed loop wideband oxygen sensing for independent banks, and a sophisticated bank-specific knock protocol to ward away detonation during hot days, or if poor fuel quality is ever encountered.


For this unique 911 project, I designed a stepped primary header system using algorithms perfected from my racing experience. The 304 stainless design optimizes exhaust flow, minimizes power-robbing reversion, and improves scavenging via a built-in venturi in each bank’s 3-1 Burns collector, and PTB hardware.


Connected via a 2.5-inch Vibrant v-band integrator, a custom pulse chamber system completed in house provides a myriad of power and sound advantages via Helmholtz influences.


Ignited by 7 heat range NGK Iridium spark plugs, the result was 316hp with a wonderfully flat torque curve. Due to the meticulous tuning session on 91 octane, the throttle response and acceleration are exhilarating, as a proper driver’s car should be. Nice, burbling idle, far from loud, but a race inspired tone when at wide-open throttle. The pulse chambers allow for a drone-less deep tone when cruising, allowing for cabin conversations when in ‘flight’. The pulse wave technology also cancels unwanted sound frequencies, while enhancing scavenging at targeted RPMs.

Despite honing my skills in small displacement natural aspiration for decades, my recent projects typically involve big boost and power, with an emphasis on the latter and not much in the department of details. This build was a pleasant departure from that norm with some huge influence from Larry Chen.

Interior Details

The interior was fitted out with custom bespoke Bisimoto Bomber lightweight aluminum seats featuring leather inserts by SOS Upholstery, and a Bisimoto/VDO 11,000RPM tachometer.


For occupant benefit, elegant Rennline foot plates were employed, complemented by a backdated console-less interior, a Bisimoto bolt-in 4-point chromoly roll-cage powder-coated by Reliable Coatings, and a Momo Prototipo steering wheel.


To further reduce weight, an aluminum radio and A/C delete was also wrapped in textured leather by Collins Auto Trim.

1 Of 1

Machinehaus aluminum billet hinges keep the rear decklid beautifully secured, while lightweight vintage RS door panels maintain the theme.


For that late ’60s/early ’70s look, the door and window frames were polished by Reliable Coatings.


Due to the uniqueness of this charity build, a custom ‘1 of 1′ signed vehicle build plate takes pride in place above the knee panel, and a bespoke ‘911BR’ Porsche-esque badge adorns the rear deck lid.

The result? A true merging of lightweight classic Porsche flair, modern technology and elegant beauty.


Weighing in at a feathery 2400lb (1089kg), with CAN BUS communication protocol, positive drivetrain engagement via an Action 2MS clutch and lightweight flywheel, engine cooling enhanced with PurOl zinc-fortified synthetic oils, and a close-ratio Porsche 915 5-speed gearbox, the 911BR is a blast to drive and sounds heavenly to boot.


The factory torsen bars were even upgraded to a modern Bisimoto coilover suspension with inverted shock bodies for decreased unsprung weight. Custom 16-inch Outlaw wheels from Fifteen 52 (complete with McQueen Racing ’48’ caps) wrapped in Toyo R888 rubber finish off the look.


It was truly an honor to be part of this build, and this weekend the car is at Monterey for the Mecum Auctions event. All proceeds will go to the Boys Republic, and my team and I are just bursting with pride knowing that this is for the kids!

Bisi Ezerioha
Instagram: Bisimoto

Photos by Larry Chen
Instagram: larry_chen_foto



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Great build from Bisi. For some reason I read the article with Bisi's voice in my head....


I'll never understand how gandma's lawn chairs from 1920 ended up in all these cars, but whatever floats your boat I guess.


RyanKuan  haha, me too!


The tach reminds me of Singer's. I dig the build!


Interesting build, beautiful car. Whats the colour?


Built for a great reason, but sorry, not feeling this one. Front end looks as if it's pointing down.


Nothing wrong with the 915 transaxle at all. Just curious why it was used instead of a G50?


Are you guys the same company behind the 1000hp Odissey?


MarcelloSpineda They sure are


not only technical ,high class
hopefully the new owner will be not only generous with money to honour Mcqueen ,but also honour him by taking this beauty to the streets


I must say their is no flow to the this car. Rod Emory would have been the right man for this build even though he is a 356
Man. The paint is off

John Cena himself

The seats?! You build a kickass 911 and then sit on metal seats?!




Great attention to deatil

Seats screem "back pain and brocken neck" though.


@John Cena himself YOu put the leather and foam in the seats. There are holes to mount them.


MarcelloSpineda Exactly


There's quite a lot of classic cars that many would love to see remastered like this: Singer-fied, Eagle-ized, what ever you call it.

So let's just do this thread, aye? Three cars that would be lovely with treatment like this.

My choices?
Lancia Stratos. Basically, full-on carbon body, modern WRC suspension package and modern Pirelli compounds for circuit, rally tarmac, gravel, snow, and heavy rain (because I want to rally this during The Philippines' monsoon season), but the chassis will still be spaceframe, albeit now updated to mimic WRC-level construction, and it will have an active rear spoiler. The V6 will be based on the same Dino plant, but everything else is new, with the goal of a 12500rpm redline and 444 bhp.
Bizzarrini P538. Thanks to the modern LS engine, this will be much more straightforward: carbon monocoque and body, replica ultralight rims on new Pirelli rubber, new-grade suspension (but the setup stays the same), aerodynamic tweaks to cut out any rear-end lift at speed, and a bolt-on roof for rainy days.
1957 Salih/Offenhauser Belond Exhaust Special Indy Roadster. Anyone can fill me in on this car's powerplant and other specs, but the treatment is the same: carbon construction and body and modernized internals, developed in conjunction with Haas F1, and modern Firestone compounds. Tihs one will also have adaptations for wider tires and a beefed-up F1-style suspension system.


Old men who like cars of the Internet: unite!


rally2727 Mitsuru  i was wondering if they were,because the moment i read "Bisimoto" i was like: "Hold on a second,i already heard  this company... :D and then the Odissey came to my mind :D


Great car and built for a great cause. Just one question though, did I read right when it said this was tuned on/for 91 octane? Why so?


I like it all, upto and until the tinted windows, they just don't suit the clean and cool image this car has (and the original car this is based on had)


TarmacTerrorist LOL :-)


Bisi built several insane Hondas, but the Honda community is full of haters and completely shit on the guy, so he took his genius elsewhere. God forbid we have an aftermarket company that does something more useful than putting out billet aluminum ricer parts.


Your opinion really changed the world for the better! Good job Spence! - Actually, now that I think about it, nah.. Your comment didn't help anything at all.


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As a curiosity, the bore spacing for 911's is the same since the first one until at least the 993... That's upgradeability for you...


With more than 100 hp per liter, its got to be a fairly high compression engine. I'd guess around 11:1, based on factory Hondas with similar volumetric efficiency.




3nigm4  California premium fuel is 91 octane.


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All this talk about the exhaust and no sound clip?
Also is that your girl by the giraffe?


UWerqxTeam_MJ Bizzarrinis make me all kindsa weak and flustered.


California premium is 91 octane but I imagine it is easy for Californians to get E85 or higher grade fuels. I would not put 91 in any car that has a high compression motor TBH.


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Typo? You would NOT put high octane in a high-comp motor? The octane rating has nothing to do with quality of the fuel, it's a measure of resistance to knock. Higher compression demands higher octane.


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MarcelloSpineda rally2727 Mitsuru Don't forget their 1000hp Genesis too


RostomianS What are you talking about?


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CyborgGT In some parts of the world 91 octane is considered low, especially in New Zealand (where he appears to be from) where you can get 95 and 98 RON at the pump. I suspect he knows the relation between octane and knock resistance; just a matter of different perspectives I guess.
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I was wondering about his username. Had to do some reading after your informative post. Wiki says:
"In most countries, including Australia, New Zealand and all of those in Europe,[citation needed] the "headline" octane rating shown on the pump is the RON, but in Canada, the United States, Brazil, and some other countries, the headline number is the average of the RON and the MON, called the Anti-Knock Index (AKI), and often written on pumps as (R+M)/2). It may also sometimes be called the Posted Octane Number (PON)."


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Those seats are an absolute failure in an otherwise great car. Why would you put headrestless seats in a sportscar? I understand they look cool, but these render the car useless.


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JakWhite no tint in socal is death


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flyingjolly I believe the seats are still in progress. I may be wrong though...


flyingjolly I though the exact same thing.


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flyingjolly because basilar skull fractures shouldn't be rare! that's why! LOL - joke - those seats are really for the kids....


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Well hes getting shitted on by the Porsche enthusiast and purest.....soo which i dont mind....


Is this guy trying to be like icon and singer..... He should stick to ricing out vans.........


Honestly just he glade it came out the way it did....... I know bisi himself didnt design this one becuase all his other cars are ricer mobile's........dude has bad taste.......


QuattrogroupB Haha, really? What's he up to now?