USDM & Proud: Reinventing A Civic Icon

The late ’90s and early 2000s were a very good time for Honda in North America.

On the Acura side of things you had the Integra GSR, the legendary DC2 Integra Type R and of course the later model years of the original NSX. On the Honda side, a new rear-drive roadster called the S2000 had just shown up. And in 1999, Honda released an all-new version of the Civic Si – a handsome two-door coupé that was powered by the capable B16A DOHC VTEC engine.


While it wasn’t quite the knife-edged circuit machine that the Japanese domestic market EK9 Civic Type R was, the USDM EM1 Civic Si would go on to become one of the most desirable Civics ever sold in America. And they’re still very sought after today. Knowing the importance of the EM1 Si to the American Honda scene, the crew at Nemo’s Garage decided to use an Electron Blue EM1 as the base for their latest build, which was displayed at the recent Wekfest Long Beach event.


Although it was immediately identifiable as an EM1, this car has been thoroughly altered from a stock Civic Si. The original B16A is long gone, now replaced by a K20A that sits inside an immaculately detailed engine bay.


Along with radical looking intake and exhaust manifolds, the K20 has also been fitted with a large Precision turbocharger. It’s a setup which should be a nice little upgrade from the EM1’s original 160 horsepower.


There are so many cool, bespoke details on the car too; like the one-off titanium exhaust system.


And inside, a custom suede center console and dashboard with integrated tablet, push button start and a digital dash cluster.


No ridiculous wheel poke or tire stretch here, just a custom-finished set of RAYS Volk Racing CE28s wrapping around Endless brakes.


Not only does the Nemo’s Garage EM1 build show us how the Southern California Honda scene continues to evolve and push the envelope, it’s a very fitting take on one of the most popular USDM Honda models of all time.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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i dig it


Love this car, but it would have been nice for the photo if the steering wheel bolts were all actually tight and there wasnt a Craftsman tool box on the floor.


@JoshK I just noticed the same thing when I was actually looking for the wiper stack, seems they removed the wiper anyways soo...

Very clean looking car and I like the idea of the interior!


Ah, the good old days. I had a daily driven K20-powered EK4 back in 2005, probably the most fun car I've ever had and full of great memories, every drive to work was an adventure.

I recall driving back over the hills from the drags one day with a 13 second timeslip* sitting on the passenger seat, window down, big grin on my face. A couple of guys shouted out "SHE-TEC!" as I passed...then returned to their broken-down, hood-up Mitsi GSR that had been running solid mid-14s all day. Driving a Honda was a license for others to rag on you, but damn they were fun.

*Granny-launched, granny-shifted-not-double-clutched-like-I-should-have, street tyres, unprep'd track, full interior, useless driver, many excuses


cars build in a style like this will still be cool 20 years from now, looks+function thankfully they didn't stretch the tires or over the top chamber that causes the tires to have as much grip as a bicycle (not hating on all cars here that have the extreme camber)..... i cant say for the interior if it will still be cool in the future, usually custom dashboards just look tacky or terrible, but i do like this one very well build .... props to the garage


That interior is clean as hell, well apart from the steering wheel but wow, some serious work gone in here, my mind always makes me think USDM is US drift market haha, as you can imagine a Honda wasn't what I expect to see, tbh same with "domestic market"


Awesome spotlight! I followed the build of this car on The Chronicles website, through their Vlog's, and it seems like a lot of work went into this car. I normally don't care for the whole "USDM" look, as they usually seem kind of boring to me, but this one, I quite like for some reason. Were you there when they gave that award to Joey(aka Stickydiljoe)? I think he really deserved that one. It's good to see Nemo's Garage getting some good coverage from SpeedHunters.


Oh, obligatory throwback photo, complete with The Stig driving:




Love it! I had one of these as a daily many many years ago, and still to this day it remains as my top 3 favorite daily drivers I've owned! Such a nice looking, simply styled car that needs very little to improve it's looks. Engine and bay in this one are amazing!


JakWhite thats a KEY!S Racing one.. Uber JDM and quite expensive :) Still prefer the vertex one I have




Illest interior on a Honda......Ever!


Anyone notice the two steering wheel bolts that are very loose?


Clean........and they also remove the bulb from headlights


Hands down the cleanest EM1 I have ever seen.


@FlushPoke most likely switching the wheel for the show?


I love that interior


@FlushPoke We had recently got the hub back from plating and didnt want to risk cross threading those two threads. We didn't have a tap on hand when we were putting the wheel on so we left them out a little. Don't worry, it will be fixed for the next time the car is in the public eye :D


Top, top notch work here. Absolutely next-level Honda for sure.


@JoshK The car isn't finished afaik..check out stickydiljoe on youtube for some footage of the build

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Omg what have I done... So many bold fonts.
Even the nzhonda moderator is using it.
Trendwhores. Sheep.


I love my EM1! I'm the second owner and its bone stock except for a set of Eibach springs and a set of Konis.


Joe at Nemos Garage Dude if that's the only single thing that can possibly be said was wrong with the car....then you guys should take that as a compliment. Please always continue this caliber of work.


Is the "one-off Titanium exhaust system" not an adapted Tomei Expreme Ti AE86 Type R Exhaust?


with a very nice speed  sure the car could be a champion one


the car was very good 
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