Race Car Hauling, Streamliner Style

We feature a ton of race cars here on Speedhunters, but we don’t spend much time at all talking about how they actually get to the track. And why should we? Most are transported via basic truck/trailer setups that exist for the simple purpose of getting to and from an event or race.

But occasionally you’ll find folks that take their hauling setups to the next level. That’s the case here.


The rig was built by Rich Roberts, the same guy who built the altered wheelbase Plymouth from my last storyThis is how he hauls his race cars around. Based on a 1941 GMC COE, the truck and trailer combination is a work of automotive art.


Digging a little deeper reveals a creation that is equal parts modern and vintage. The powerplant is a late model Vortec V8 from a GM Commercial truck, ensuring the COE gets down the highway with the reliability of a contemporary hauler.


But the styling is all streamliner/art deco, with swooping lines, fender skirts and other cool details like these semaphore turn signals mounted on the cab.


The rig is mated to a triple-axle trailer that shares the same streamliner styling along with chrome trim porthole windows. It looks as much like a vintage train car or airplane as it does a race car trailer.


Further building on the aerodynamic looks are a set of Moon Disc covers for each of the trailer’s six wheels.


But it’s not just about looks; the spacious trailer is as functional as any other high-end race car transporter.


And that means it not only has the space to carry the car, it has all the toolboxes, work benches and parts storage areas that you might need for a weekend at the track.


It’s not too often that I come across a truck/trailer setup that’s as cool as the car it brought to the track, but this one definitely falls into that category.

How can you not love this?

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia



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god damn, this truck is gorgeous. I'm dying for more pictures of the interior and engine bay setup. I wish there was more info on this build.  Original trailer? custom made? Original frame/suspension? Is it on air? So many questions I want answered


Not my favorite style, but I have to take my hat off for this guy's build, it's incredible !


why don't we built modern trucks that look like this? it's glorious!


Best thing I've seen on Speedhunters in a long while.  Tons of style at play here, with function included!


Spectacularly gorgeous!!!  Absolutely love the Art Deco touches.


Any pictures of the car it carried?  This this is what my dreams are made of!


A bubblenose! Heck, I'm more interested in his wood toolboxes.


The International Lonestar would be the closest modern equivalent for style.


HOLY SMOKES!! This is beyond awesome! That trailer would have made a nice motor home as well!


fantastic, down right absolutely fantastic


I really need to make more money somehow... people are on insane levels of motoring, which has become unfathomable to me.


Could this be the first truck spotlight in SH? If so, this is epic, for the first truck spotlight


i'd like to see it in life, with my own eyes


This could be transformed into the most epic camper!


Best VPN Come out to California and see it!


xrockonx I might be able to track it down for a full feature if you guys wanna see more. Will def need to bring an ultra wide angle lens haha.


wagonwielding Glad ya liked it.


RemingtonBox Spotlight on the Plymouth is now up :)


gagahsasono Maybe the first "big truck" spotlight? We've featured a ton of pickups :)


It should be a feature of the month. We see so many race cars on this site and so many of them must have custom tow rigs. The classic rigs are just unreal.


Hydrolastic Or some of the new Western Star trucks.


xrockonx It would appear to me that he modified a generic triple axle, goose neck, enclosed trailer. The interior picture looks to me like the type of construction of a modern enclosed trailer.


EPIC TRUCK! Although... I must say, for all the money sunk into the truck, you think they would have chosen a better floor jack! I'm 99% sure that is a Harbor Freight special...


And your point is? I have three HF Jacks and all have done exactly what a jack is supposed too...lift things on demand without fail.


Just Awesome - let me add my voice to the call for a more detailed looksee!


My Uncle Joseph just got a new yellow Infiniti QX60 Hybrid just by some part-time working online with a macbook.


that thing is incredible - perfect color choice


More detail pics please, especially inside the cab.


GeorgiaSuffolk go away


@Mike Yes , you are right Mike , that is a Harbor Freight jack , I have had it for 4 years and it works just fine.


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