East Meets West: A Liberty Walk SRT8 Challenger

When it comes to blending Japanese styling with American culture, no one does it better than Liberty Walk.

It’s been almost two years since Kato-san released his renderings of the new Dodge Challenger wearing bolt-on overfenders and slammed to the ground, and since then we’ve seen plenty of tough builds materialize in the real world.


The owner of this Challenger SRT8 decided to go with a black and gold theme which resembles a yellow jacket, and borrowed SRT’s Super Bee emblem for an nice added touch.


Altering the retro styling of the Challenger with overfenders caused quite a commotion among Mopar purists when the kit was released, but I think it works really well with the huge body of the car.


The duck-tail rear spoiler also adds an extra dimension to the look.


The Corsa Performance Exhausts system not only allows for a slight increase in power and flow, but it ensures that all hell breaks loose with a deep and intoxicating growl when the owner punches through the 6-speed manual gearbox, revving the 6.1-liter HEMI V8 engine to its redline.


The Lexani LC-Monza forged wheels have been treated to a gold finish to match the yellow jacket theme, and they’re a good fit for the Liberty Walk transformation.


Being at a Japanese event inspired by American culture and custom styling, this Liberty Walk Challenger is a fitting way to wrap up my coverage from the New Style Rounder Car Show.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography



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I like it. Super clean!


I really like widebody cars


Now the real question is, does it move as fast as it looks




JulixnReadinger You mean, you like cars with fender flares... this is not a widebody.


BryceBerhenke I wouldn't think so only because that choice of wheel isn't what I'd think for a car that is going to be moving quickly.


Speedhunters U0001f64a


@BryceBerhenke @CharlesChris15
To be fair, I love speed but if I had spent the amount that a Liberty Walk costs, I'd be driving it at 30mph everywhere, (stereo blasting Run The Jewels at full volume) just so people could see the smug smile on my face as they look on confused...
All the while my ego would be saying:
"Yeah that's right, I brought a super car and had someone hack the sh!t out of it, I'm that rich. Behold the lack of Fu@ks given."


Fucking sick!!!! Screw the Viper, I would love to see a GT3 spec Challenger lol.


I do like this car, but it really is just "more of the same".

But I have a sincere question: Doesn't anyone care about paint anymore? For instance, look at the pic of the duckbill/SRT logo, you can see utterly amateur-hour orange peel in the black. You go all out on the look, wheels, fitment, $$$$$ kit, etc. But get close and it looks like it was never wetsanded or hardly prepped before paint. What happened to the attention to detail?


"Overfenders" are not at odds with a retro car if the retro refers to the 70s.  In the day, they were typically called fender flares, if they were added, or flared fenders if the original sheet metal was modified.   They were very common on race cars when the rules allowed.  When did people start calling them overfenders?  My guess is about the same time chrome moly became cromoly -ha ha!


John Evans Because fender flares were generally purely aesthetic whereas over fenders are placed higher than where the original fenders were placed allowing for things like spacers and wider tires


Jbrady43 John Evans No, flared fenders were to allow use of wider rubber and widen the track.  Like I said, they were very common on race cars, and the purpose was to go faster, not look cool.  Of course when something wins and is fast, it starts to look cool, so it became common in the aftermarket.  http://wordlesstech.com/most-winning-corvette-racecar-ever-heads-to-auction/  This is how it looked in the day - 1968, so it is not some recent trend.


Flare all the fenders!


Look good except for the wheels. If you want to go old-school, do it all the way.


Serge914 What do you mean old school? Nothing on this is old school. Those wheels match the style perfectly.


Not without the fenders ripping off and the wheels getting road rash.


Lexani wheels????!!! Whaaattttt???!!


The wheels are old school in spirit, like the car. You can trace the design all the way back to Jim Hall and his Chaparral cars from the sixties. Which, BBS later borrowed/stole for their wheel design in the seventies.


D1RGE Agree with poor paint. Also how the taillights don't line up with the rest of the rear. The devil's in the detail...


I'm diggin it...
But PLEASE fix that camber and get rid of those damn air bags, good way to ruin a good SRT-8 or any decent muscle car. 
Camber defeats the purpose of flares in my book, why bother?!


For me, there is a logical distinction between a fender flare and over fender. Flares are simple fender extensions that are attached to the existing fender, similar to what you'd typically see on an old school Z or 2002 turbo. While over fenders might replace/ or cover up the entire quarter panel, like what you see on 240s. One doesn't have any inherent functional superiority over the other. Cool story.


They look better than they used to, that's for sure. All the sick mini trucks in Orange county used to rock these... They certainly don't make em' like they used to.


Zzzz call me a hater but Liberty Walk seems to be all about following the same boring process on all type of cars.


That's got to be one of the better fitting kits. Someone needs to run this in FD! Oh wait it's a tank. lol


Damn. Too many close ups. I would have loved to see more wide shots to really get a good look at this beast.


@freeatch Serge914  Fender flare are old school, we used to have them on our cars in the eighties. Muscle cars are old school by definition, like a Mini Cooper or a Fiat 500.


I dont know man. They were lame then and are still now. I dont care if their track proven(which i doubt), or if Marco Wittman endorsed them. I will never buy them are give them credibility.


By 'fix' you must mean 'add more' negative camber.


CozzyCozbourne kphillips9936 No. Take out that camber and give it a decent height. No longer a muscle, just another useless trailer queen.


earmenau John Evans made a wider point which is correct by the way, you just got stuck on a technicality of definition and missed the point. Cool story, bro.


Shhh, can't you see that the grown ups are talking here? Go away.


I wasn't really giving them any compliments. I wouldn't touch those wheels with a ten foot stick. Just saying they look A LOT better than they used to.


D1RGE Orange peel can be classic to, some people go out of their way to get that perfect OEM orange peel on their concourse correct cars.


kphillips9936 ummm no, I don't know what you're calling "camber, but this car isn't even running an aggressive amount of negative camber. In fact it's got more of a "performance camber" than anything else.

And in case you haven't heard, it's 2016, a car can have airbags and actually handle, launch, and stop better, and still be able to lay frame...Keep Up!


CharlesChris15 BryceBerhenke What you say makes absolutely no sense. It's a two piece mesh racing wheel....how is that a choice of wheel that doesn't make you think of going fast!?!?

That's THE quintessential "going fast racing wheel look going all the way back to the late 60s!


dadecode  I'm calling the back wheels cambered and how is it performance when the tires rub the wells? 
What does it matter what year it is, people still run a good set of coils and struts that handle better than bags. IMO, this is just a silly fad. 
Just a good car that'll never see it potential due to being dragged on it's belly. 
You can keep you air bags.


You're just a hater. In & Out Burger has followed the same process since 1954, and nobody's complaining. If you can do it better, then DO IT. Get famous and stop whining. If you can't do any better, then recognize the fact, stand aside, and let better people than you build their cars.


You don't have any credibility to give. Get over yourself bro.


John, you're talking to little 13 year old punks, who got all their car knowledge from video games. Good post nonetheless.


Since when is being a car enthusiast all about getting famous??? Im lost....lol


loaded_horse D1RGE This isn't one though. They just missed that detail. Not something you'd notice at a glance, but when a car has close-ups taken.. well, that's what happens.


Honestly this is what the car needed. It looks like a fat cat with a bloated belly, and less vertical beef helps out a lot alongside some good widening. Not to mention I'm a sucker for coal and gold.


bakayaru Well it is quite easy to do it better as it requires doing nothing. The stock challenger looks and probably handles way better than this.


I have to agree with that! Very good way to put it U0001f354U0001f354 liberty walk talks and walks all over its competition


Sounds like a lot of haters must be those close minded stuck in there old played out wAy of doing shit type of haters its 2016 and bags to ride beautiful and stay tight U0001f609


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