An Evo IX By Unlimited Works

I chose to spotlight this Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX from last weekend’s Battle Evome meet, because it’s a nice representation of a Tsukuba Circuit sub-1-minute car.

But what makes this Unlimited Works-built machine so special is that it’s far simpler than what you might expect it to be…


Outside, the IX wears a full Voltex aero package comprising of a new front bumper, some chunky side skirts, and wider fenders front and rear to give it a more aggressive stance.


To this base round of upgrades, additional Voltex aero that includes a carbon lip and twin canard setup to boost front end downforce through the corners was added. RAYS Volk Racing TE37SLs in custom gold with black decals wrap around the Evo’s stock Brembo brake setup, albeit with slotted rotors, race pads and competition-grade fluid in the mix. Yokohama Advan A050 semi-slicks are used to get the most out of the package.


I really like these long vertical fins added to the carbon side under-skirts; a little touch that you may not notice, but one that makes the car’s intentions rather evident.


The Lancer’s owner doesn’t really take rear-seat passengers, hence the replacement of the back doors with carbon items. It’s a bit extreme, but hey, I bet it saves a nice chunk of weight.


As does the carbon trunk lid. Check out the huge Voltex GT wing too.


That joins a carbon diffuser at the rear to complete what is a tough-looking yet functional exterior.


Under the bonnet, things appear pretty conservative; there’s a tubular stainless steel exhaust manifold but it’s mounting the stock turbo. So how does it manage to lap Tsukuba in 59″331? Fine tuning is the key with this setup. Unlimited Works rebuilt the 4G63 with a Brian Crower 2.2L stroker kit, which means the turbocharger boosts up quicker and stronger, resulting in around 400hp from the combined package. Furthermore, a modern Australian Haltech engine management systems gave Unlimited Works the tool to tune for better response and a stronger mid-range.


Under the car I spotted a New Zealand-made Racefab chromoly subframe which shaves a few kilograms off the front of the car, and an adjustable Öhlins coilover setup to make the most out of all the other improvements.

This is one way to give your Evo the sort of performance required to smash out a 59-second lap at Tsukuba.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Good to see some international brands being used in a Tsukuba quick car.
@Dino any 86/Fr-s/BRZ? I know they were quite popular at Yokohama World Time Attack late year


willis85 None at this event


Booo, still MX5s, Evos, DC2Rs its like my 90s car wet dream.
Got to get to Tsukuba.


Guys, I am so happy to see these grassroots cars and events again on SH. Great job Dino!


_rafal Good to hear! It's the stuff I love the most too :)


Not sure if Evo 9


When i saw the first post about battle evome i knew it was going to be a great week on speedhunters!


It's an 8. Tailights and rear bar arr a giveaway. Plus no mivec. Still such a mad car though!!


Matt Khoun


Is it unusual for sub-minute cars to run without a cage?


as i mentioned over and over again,...


thank you very much Dino!!


It's a Mivec engine.
Look at the end of the intake cam and you'll see the the cam position sensor.


@Benchmark Yeah but is it evo 9...
It could be evo 7 with evo 9 engine and evo 8 or 7 lights with evo 8 drivetrain
It could be evo 9 with evo 8 lights with evo 7 drivetrain.
it could be evo 8 with evo 9 engine with evo 8 drivetrain, but evo 7 drivers side door...

with evo 9 monsoon shields.
with evo 6 brakes.
It could be evo 8 GSR MR with evo 9 engine, with evo 5 RS drivetrain with evo 7 drivers side door with evo 9 RS monsoon shields.

Not sure.


But underneath it's a fiat 500




Awesome Evo. Good to see Evos coming back on Speedhunters' pages. Just shows how much potential these monsters have


Honestly, since he removed the rear windows anyways, I think it wouldve been kinda cool to just cut out the rear of the window section and smooth it over with aluminum work. Might look clean but Im too lazy to photoshop it.


p.s. Everytime I see a post related to tskuba, I cry a little knowing its not in forza6 :(

FuelEconomyKilledTheCarsWeLove!     these guys make some awesome parts, Hayden Paddon (hyundai wrc) runs heaps of their stuff in his evo race car


Wow Superb Post.. Love this Evo IX. and the things done by Unlimited Works. A nice post to start the day with. And again Great pics speedhunters_dino


Nice to meet you, i'm TERU
what the use lens?


wasted spark on an evo?


Doesn't matter, they're the same chassis.


yazio thats how they are stock, cop or cdi is all aftermarkt


the car was very good 
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