The Supra Show-Stopper

Hear the name ‘Toyota Supra’ and an image of the fourth generation model sold between 1992 and 2002 will likely come into your head. But while the JZA80 is certainly the most popular and valuable of all the Supra models, the third generation cars are not to be overlooked. Check out this radical example I found at the recent Street Neo Classics show.

Neoclassics-Show-18 copy

Dubbed ’24K MK3′, this 1988 Supra owned by Brian Canales is part high-powered street machine, part import show car and even part lowrider.

Neoclassics-Show-16 copy

Brian’s Supra certainly isn’t subtle. You can spot its scorching orange paint from a mile away, and when you get closer you’ll see body modifications that include a set of bolt-on fender flares adapted from a 240Z.

Neoclassics-Show-19 copy

And beneath those over-fenders sit a set of 18-inch custom-finished RAYS Volk Racing SF Challenge wheels with chrome centers and gold-plated barrels. The tires are Continentals with a healthy amount of stretch.

Neoclassics-Show-17 copy

In contrast to the exterior, the cockpit of the Supra is actually rather mild. There’s a roll bar, a Sparco steering wheel, aftermarket gauges and a pair of Recaro seats from a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

Neoclassics-Show-13 copy

The real excitement lies under the hood, which is home to a highly-detailed 2JZ-GTE swap with a massive single turbocharger hanging off the side. Along with the color matching, you can see that a number of components, including the cam gears, have been plated in gold.

Neoclassics-Show-12 copy

But that’s nothing compared to the turbocharger, which has not only been given the gold treatment, but has custom etching that looks like it came straight off a candy-coated Impala show car. It’s definitely different, and it’s impossible not to appreciate the work that’s been put into it.

Neoclassics-Show-14 copy

Sure, this Supra might be a bit wild for everyone’s tastes, but it’s always nice to see someone give this kind of love to an under-appreciated platform.

Thumbs up to Brian for doing it differently.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: japanifornia_media



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Damm just the orange paint is a show-stopper looks sick.


Would love to see that turbo on a ratrod. rust rust rust GOLD rust rust rust.


It's just nice to see a Mk3 getting some attention.


JZA70/MA70 coverage is always appreciated, this one will be polarizing. Could use a parking brake cover. Might cost $20 at a custom leather shop, at least mine did.


My render


I feel ambivalent.


JoeOlSoulR I usually call it a "drawing" but yes it is a very good drawing


I appreciate the fact he notched the flares around the moldings instead of acting like they were not there, or removing the moldings.
Could come down some in my eyes... but I say that about many things.


I love it.  something a little different


A bit wild for my taste, but neat all the same.


Good looking car, might not like the screw-on overfenders but the etching on the turbo is pretty nice. Just a question, though, the point of stretching the tyres is to...?


Great car! The only thing I don't really like are the over-fenders, they don't fit perfectly.


Trentworth Mostly individuals stretch their tyres over wide rims to achieve a specific look. However, a "practical" reason for stretching tyres is to ensure the tyre tread fits under the wheel arch, as it is a ticket-worthy offense in many states/countries.

But it's mostly for the look.


If I still had my MK3, this is definetely the direction I would go go in.

Instead, I had to apply my "ZG-Flare-all-the-things" philosophy to my 86.


That thing is a pure work of automotive art. Kudos to him.


I wonder if in 20 years this will look nice...


dat fender gap doe





So awesome! The arch gap is criminal though...


I've always thought that those GSR Evo seats in this Supra look the worst out of all of the Evo seats


not bad, I've seen this car in person at a few shows. some of the details are very nice. I would say it does need to be lowered alil more... I mean it is a "show car" right? Kudos for modding a not so modded car though


Trentworth As far as I can tell, nowadays it's just for looks. But I think that look comes from the japanese street racers/drifters of the past. The grip racers on a budget would stretch a bit their "regular" tires to increase sidewall stiffness. The drifters would heavily stretch the tires and pump the pressure up to reduce rear grip.


The factory gap is like 5-7" or something... it's fully fist-able... that's why large drop


S13GG I'm sure it is! More lows still required for me.


Did he modify the front bumper? If not, this one is a 1990-1992 Supra, from 86-89 they had this symbol on the front bumper instead of the Toyota logo.


SupraMK3 The emblem looks to be added. The factory kouki emblem is slightly raised with a blank out plate underneath to hide the depression the square emblem needed to be mounted. However, I think you're correct on this being a kouki. The bumper, side trim, taillights, front signals, HVAC controls, and side mirrors are all oem kouki, meaning either every last detail was updated, or it's a 91-92. The black interior was also a super rare option only offered on the '91-'92 cars.


Love it!


Engine bay looks neat, but the interior is missing a lot of parts (trimming around the central lock button, parking brake cover, caps in armrest on the doorpanel) But it's still a high end build, and some love for the mk3 is always nice:) Mine:


It's all fun and games until you drive it out of the parking lot and pop a bead because you have too much tire stretch. Luckily, that's easily fixed with a different set of tires.


Mk3=X-Wing fighter. This Mk3= X-Wing fighter....on shrooms.

Mmmmmm shrooms


@Fabrik8 aaaaahh, NO, not even.


Awesome, and even has perfect stretch. Just needs to be lower. But if it gets driven regularly, I can forgive the ride height.


*Stretches tires*
*Runs a 2" gap anyway*



Just curious, anybody know how the gas cap is opened? Looks covered by the overfender


Big Pooky I don't get that either. Go lower, or go meatier, and in this case meatier would suit much better!


Gods, I love the MkIII Supra. This looks beautifully bold in orange, and the gold filligreed turbo is a real eye-catcher.


Absolutely hideous. Of all the A70s out there, even the over the top ones, this gets featured.


@trooper_one RotaryNissan Thanks for clearing that up gentlemen, I knew street racers in Japan and Germany used to do it but i never quite understood the reasons why and how the stance community picked it up. I also found a thread on that explained it to some detail. that's the link to the thread.


Orange and gold...bling bling! :)

JMax Paint Garage LLC

So..... no switches for the bitches?


Spaghetti Big Pooky He don't wanna scrape everywhere and go thru a midlife crisis every elevation change. Maybe he's saving up for bags


Big Pooky


Agreed. I hate that this is what it takes to get noticed in a Ma70. As a mk3 owner myself, I'd rather my car be unappreciated then obnoxious.


Jagdroach I think that side swings inward as if the pivot is an inch or two inward from the right.


Doing it wrong edition 2015


@Meeve : As someone else here said, maybe he isn't done with the car mods and is planning to put in bags later? Like maybe after funds accumulate?


Just No on so many levels NO.


orange and gold dont match.. maybe in green it wouldnt be so bad??


the car was very good 
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