Built For Zero-Yon

It doesn’t really matter if you’re into drag racing or not, it’s hard not to respect the know-how and engineering that goes into the motorsport. And while the rest of the world continues to pursue this pure form of racing, its popularity in Japan isn’t what it once used to be.

This is a topic I’ve touched on before, and it’s a true pity that zero-yon has lost a lot of its appeal in Japan. Of course, it doesn’t help that the country has never had a proper drag strip. In the past, if you wanted to race, the closest thing was the slightly downhill strip at Sendai Hi-Land, and even that’s been shut down now.


So it surprises me every time I come across a drag-specific build in the Japanese tuning world – cars like the Jetwake Racing BCNR33 Nissan Skyline GT-R, which was on display at the R’s Meeting at Fuji Speedway the weekend before last.


Street drag cars, especially GT-Rs, have a certain feel that just makes them stand out. From their obvious stance, sitting higher than the time attack and slammed cars everyone is building these days, to the little bespoke aero additions. And then there are the engines…


From its stroked and beefed-up bottom end to its HKS V-Cam and big Trust intake plenum, this is what a 1000hp RB26DETT setup looks like.


Once you have that side of things taken care of, it’s onto the crucial turbo choice. While something medium-sized may suffice for a street setup, if you plan to race your car and shoot for big horsepower numbers an HKS T51R SPL does the job pretty well. This thing mustering-up well over 2.0bar (28psi) boost and shooting down the strip with the wastegate screaming away must sound insane!


It’s all business at the back.


The carbon spoiler is so thin it needs multiple supports to keep it from folding over at speed.


This car has managed 9-second passes when running Hoosier drag tyres.


In a sea of time attack and street-oriented cars, Jetwake Racing’s R33 was one of the cars that really stood out to me at this year’s R’s Meeting. I know it’s probably a futile wish, but I really do hope that more people in Japan get back into drag racing!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Dino can you please shed some spotlight on some r35 cars?Please thanks again.


Dino can you please shed some spotlight on some r35 cars?Please thanks again.


I always like the street legal ones.


If more people are supposed to get back into street racing, there first needs to be a place where they can go to, otherwise it won't make any sense for tuners to build drag cars. Why not build a dragstrip setup at Fuji? The main straight is pretty long, so even a drag strip hybrid would be very doable and would do it for now. :(


This is a nic car. I like how you can tell exactly what its for by the spoiler on the back. Gotta love a 9 second car. And i agree with NurSo. Unless you want illegal races, give people a place to do it. And make it cheap. Some of it is the way the economy works. No interest means no paying customers kind of thing. But if you have a strip and want to keep interest, make it cheap and it will be busy.


TC-05 with meaty slicks. Yum.


Maybe a Speedhunters sponsored drag strip would help rebuild the community of drag cars.


Damn 9 second passes! I'm still to this day astonished at the Ross Sport Evo 6 that can do 8.7 second quarter miles, and it does Circuit racing as well!


PatrickPeebles That would be cool!


NurSo Well they use the main straight for drag races at times, but more exhibition type of runs. Toyota certainly has the space to build a drag strip at Fuji.


Always had a thing for the T51R SPL. I also like that sticker just above the exhaust cutout on the rear bumper. Clever.


I love the sticker near the exhaust, nice touch.


If I were the real prime minister of NZ, I'd commission SH to build a large drag strip and motorsport facilities in return for massive tax cuts, free passports and honorary doctorates.


I wonder if they are planning to paint that HKSPOWER valve over? kinda like it that way.


I wonder if they are planning to paint that HKSPOWER valve over? kinda like it that way.


1000hp - no way!


tunerguy21 What does it say?


LukeEVOVIII We've got a few "street"(ish) GTR's in Australia that run 7's and very low 8's. Some that see regular street duties run in the 9's.


It is sad that it's lost it's way a bit over there. I did hear when I was up at the QLD Jamboree that there was mention of bringing some Japanese Drag cars over for next years event, whether that was a passing comment or fact, I don't know, but it would be cool to see. They've bought cars from PR and NZ before, as well as the HKS R33 drag car many years ago(to a different event), so I can't see why it won't happen. It'll give them a world class track to run on which should allow them to get some really good numbers.


Spaghetti Yeah it would be cool, as there are some nice ones around. Not super fast, but great unique builds


Ivaylo ?


elvexilix They don't care. #becauseracecar lol


Spaghetti tunerguy21 Over Night


speedhunters_dino Spaghetti tunerguy21 Am I "special" because I don't get how or why that's clever? :|


Just coming here to say that Jetwake is possibly the most badass name for a tuning shop I have ever heard.