How A 2,200hp GT-R Can Save The World
The Connection

I think the last couple of weeks have reinforced the idea in my mind that car culture is the perfect leveller. Our common interest in burning gasoline and annihilating tyres at any given opportunity unites us in a way that not many other things can. Regardless of where you come from or what colour your skin is, if you’re a car guy or girl, you’re a car guy or girl.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-9

I’ve been very lucky to have travelled to parts of the world that I probably never would have if it wasn’t for my love of cars. It’s an incredible feeling to be in a foreign land meeting someone you never would have met otherwise, and before you even talk, already have a common interest and instant connection.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-21

In an era where online message boards and forums are full of increasing levels of hatred, harassment and bigotry, it’s a relief to know that the world beyond the web is still generally a place of respect and where real friendships can be forged.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-18

I’m sure you’re already thinking ‘what the f**k is he talking about’ but there’s a connection about to be made…

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-19

Usually, when the United States and Middle East are mentioned in the same conversation, it tends to not end well. A history of conflict and misinformation between both sides have resulted in feelings of resentment and aggression. I’ve already seen it in the comments section of a recent article which documented Qatar’s car culture.

I don’t want a repeat of that.

Instead, I want you to read a story about what happened when Qatar and the United States joined forces in the name of hunting speed…

The Coalition
2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-20

To get the full picture of this incredible GT-R, I need to go back a little bit in time. As you might know, motorsport in Qatar is still in its relative infancy and it’s only recently that facilities have begun to open to allow Qatari car enthusiasts to express themselves. One of the main supporters of Qatari motorsport is Qatar Racing Club, based outside of Doha, Qatar’s capital city. QRC was founded by HE Sheikh Khalid Hamad, as a place where Qatari motorsport can grow organically.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-11

It’s also the home of Al Anabi Performance, a name those who follow the NHRA may be familiar with. Al Anabi previously ran a hugely successful two-car Top Fuel team in the US under the leadership of drag racing crew chief extraordinaire Alan Johnson, out of a base in southern California.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-1

With drag racing hugely popular in the Middle East, it didn’t take long for standing mile events to grow in popularity too. It was for this purpose that Sheikh Khalid wanted to build the ultimate GT-R.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-37

However, it couldn’t just be any GT-R. It had to be stupidly fast, but it also needed to be exceptionally reliable and able to withstand Qatar’s almost unbelievable temperatures. In the beginning, Al Anabi partnered with Texan company Boost Logic to get the project off the ground. At the time, the most powerful customer cars were running in the circa 1500hp range. Al Anabi’s aim for this build? 2,200hp. Plus.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-12

What makes the build all the more special – for me at least – is that this is a full-bodied GT-R. It’s not some Frankenstein tube chassis with a GT-R composite body shell dropped on top.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-41

Yes, the interior has been stripped and a Funny Car style multi-point rollcage has been added by Al Anabi for driver protection, but that’s pretty much the extent of the chassis modifications.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-27

The fact that this is so close to a stock GT-R – at least in terms of appearance – makes it hugely appealing, in my opinion.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-35

The OE display has been replaced with a MoTeC C125 and the stock heater controls have given way to a carbon blanking plate which features a port for downloading telemetry.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-36

Here you’ll also find a simple dial for controlling boost, which as you might imagine is usually always wound the whole way up. The whole way being somewhere around an incredible 60psi (4.1bar).

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-39

The only other real addition to the interior – which still features the original steering wheel and shift paddles – is this aluminium lever which deploys the rear parachute. Thing are getting pretty serious when you have one of those…

The Chase
2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-31

When a car is this stock looking on the outside (it’s even more inconspicuous in its standing mile setup) you know that the party piece is tucked neatly away under the stock bonnet. As is the way with R35 GT-Rs, it’s actually a tame-looking vista when you open the hood for the first time. In fact, if you weren’t that familiar with the VR38DETT, you would need to be talked through the changes as nothing is immediately obvious.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-30

Cherry picking the very best parts available on the market, Al Anabi set about re-building the engine to their own specifications in pursuit of those magical numbers.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-32

Such is the quality of the end product, this package which is capable of over two thousand horsepower could almost pass off as stock. Okay, there are some giveaways such as the TiAL blow-off valves and the much larger 4-inch inlet and downpipes, along with the Boost Logic race cooler and extra injectors. Like the rest of the car, it’s the level of understatement that impresses so much. It may talk quietly, but it’s carrying a very, very big stick.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-33

The engine has been stroked to 4.0 litres and Al Anabi have also taken care of the headwork themselves, allowing the GT-R to breathe easy and deliver power in a more linear fashion via Boost Logic’s 2200 turbocharger system.

Remember when I mentioned reliability? The engine has put down over 100 quarter mile runs, over 25 half mile runs and countless dyno pulls without issue. That’s impressive.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-4

When we shot the car on QRC’s drag strip, it was in the midst of being tuned and setup for drag runs, hence the huge Mickey Thompson slicks out back. It still runs the same Penske 3-way adjustable suspension all round for both setups, however.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-25

Whilst it’s a dual purpose car, the GT-R remains incredibly competitive in both disciplines. In its drag setup, low 8-second passes are the norm with the Al Anabi team aiming to break into the 7s in the coming season.

In standing mile trim, the car ran 354.33km/h (220.2mph) over the half mile at the first round of last season’s Qatar Mile. This was whilst only running at circa 40psi (which results in a power figure of around 1700-1800hp). That made it the second quickest half-mile car in the world at the time.

Less than a month later it ran 359.42km/h (223.3mph) which gives you an idea just how serious they are of leaving their mark on the standing mile world. At this point, every single extra mile per hour will require countless hours of tuning and tweaking to ensure the GT-R keeps marching forwards.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-15

Al Anabi will be seeking out the overall world record later this year, and with the car continuing to evolve over the summer break (it’s far too hot for competition in Qatar), it will certainly be a battle worth following over the coming months.

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-3

This is a car capable of more too with traction currently being its biggest enemy, especially in such a dusty environment. Can you imagine what it’s going to be like when a full-bodied GT-R hooks up over 2,000hp?

2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-7

So, this is what happens when two nations unite in the name of horsepower and all-out speed. Co-operation instead of division, help instead of hindrance and respect instead of scorn. It’s the way forward. Rather than letting prejudices and tired cliches get in the way, we as an entire community need to work together to encourage this exact sort of relationship.

Instead of ridiculing another’s taste in cars, we should take the time to appreciate things from their point of view. If someone is doing something wrong, we should offer a friendly hand in support and show them the way forward. None of us are perfect and we all had to learn from somewhere. Be the one who helps, not the one who hates. We will all be the better for it.

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: @pmcgphotos
Twitter: @pmcgphotos

Al Anabi Performance Nissan GT-R

Max Power: 2000hp+, Max Torque: 1032lbs/ft (1400Nm), Weight: 3930lb (1783kg)

Al Anabi Performance specified Boost Logic 4.0-litre engine, Boost Logic intake manifold, Boost Logic 2200 turbo kit, Boost Logic race cooler with piping, 550lb secondary injectors, 240lb primary injectors, mechanical Weldon fuel pump, Boost Logic cams with AAP head work, Boost Logic reinforced block, MoTeC M150 tuned by Mario at AAP

Al Anabi Performance Stage 4 transmission, Dodson straight-cut gear set, billet selectors, Dodson locks, bearings, shims and drag anti-surge plate, Dodson 12+12 clutch, Cusco front & rear differentials

Penske 3-way suspension, Boost Logic Wilwood small brake kit, external parachute

Drag Setup: Forgestar Wheels (front), Weld Racing custom double bead lock 11in (rear) with Mickey Thompson 10.5-inch tires
Standing Mile: Volk TE37, 18×10-inch (front), 18×11.5-inch (rear), Mickey Thompson ET Streets

Stock GT-R, mirrors removed

Stripped interior, 8-point rollcage with Funny Car style driver protection, MoTeC C125 dash

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2015 Al Anabi KH GT-R PMcG-24


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so whats the quickest half-mile car during that time??


Incredibly fast car! Never really been a major fan of the Nissan GT-R but this kind of draws me a little closer. Imagine this thing even lighter than its current 1783KG


@octane I 'think' it was the UR Gallardo at 224MPH. It's difficult to keep track of the attempts and records though as there doesn't seem to be a centralised database.

Current record is 233MPH AFAIK.


Ship it over for drag week and have some real fun ;)


4000 pounds of pig fat.


My error, the car has ran a 223.33mph pass since the 220.1mph pass last November. Post updated.


Dirty oil money funding the track, same money funding the cars, same money funding the marketing (including this, and other features) - Watch this space.


It's incredible at how the R35's engine can make this much pow with the right parts. I'm impressed with the block. It can take a good beating and yet it has the power to crunch it and crunch it some more.

Godspeed to the team behind this. Keep safe.


I suppose you can't buy a faster time slip...


@beany Nice prejudicial stereotype.


SeanStott That can still cover a half mile at over 220MPH. 

I know what you're trying to do and what you're trying to incite. Don't.


A car with that much power should have engine parts sticking through holes in the bodywork to emphasize just how much MORE it is compared to the standard car.


Ice Age When it's on its TE37s, it looks so tame. Once you can't see the parachute of course.


LAB1440 Why? Are you going to post something non-prejudicial?


LAB1440 yeah because everything done in the other world markets are completely legit.....waits for the space to do something.....go troll a bridge.


Paddy McGrath It was a comment alluding to that these time slips can't be bought...unlike other things.  I am sure you're not that naive!


Wow, an amazing car. Watched some of the videos of the other street cars they are running as well as outlaw stuff. they have some seriously competent dudes helping them get their ECUs and set-ups sorted. Kind of lame(jealousy) that they get such a leg up, but like with my kids coming of age in the computer world, I am interested to see if they lap us and develop some new shit for everyone established to use.


@beany Paddy McGrath I apologise, I misread your comment originally. 

To be fair, motorsport, especially at the sharp end of any particular discipline, is often about who can invest the most money. I for one am happy to be a spectator to this!


Godzilla had to come to Texas, by way of Quatar, to start the adventure... I'm ok with this. 

Rockwall (where the GTR's registration was done) is practically in my backyard. It's neat to read a story that has a small connection to my neck of the woods.


I literally just got what you were inferring. I think I need sleep, my brain is slow.


My #Saturn_SL could beat it. No sweat.


@Nate So it can run mid pack? We have real drama to settle like Andy Frost.

hash the toyota man

You should have come to my city in Saudi Arabia, contrary to what you might expect, there are almost no supercars in it, only jdm and muscle goodness...check an instagram account called qatifshow


What's up with the drivers side door handle? Is it just covers over were the mounts for the stock door handle? Why are they different on each side? Whats the purpose?


Icomfort Mirror delete.


Stripped out it still weighs 2 tons. Sheesh, that's a lot of weight to get moving 223 mph


In a world bitten by the Drifting bug I am glad to see some up and coming scenes are taking to drag racing too.


Jagdroach That drifting bug has been going down for a little over 15-20 years


I don't think this will save the world, but it is definitely
impressive what you can achieve given an infinite budget and infinite
resource to make your build happen.  I suppose it's difficult for us
grassroots guys to care much about some rich guys that built themselves a
billion dollar playground, and picked up only one tool during their
dream build - the pen to write a blank check for it.
fact they invited some hip photojournalists from SH is paradoxical
because I thought SH was about hunting out the best of car culture, not
just being a fawning PR agency to go validate some rich guy's fantasy.
guess we all dream of blank check builds, but where's the fun in that? 
I've been drinking the hater-ade oh no he didn't!  Awooooooooooooooo
werewolves of London awoooooooooooooooooooooooooo


Actual weight takes the place of weight generated by aero. That's why the GT-R is so nig and heavy feom the factory, and why the next one will be too.


@kenshin, What planet do you live on? Here on Earth, the popularity of drifting has been on an increase over the last 15-20 years.


I think the front bumper and lip are zele units not stock


I like that it looks stock-ish. The less I know about the details of the car, the more I can focus on the nice factory lines - which look stunning in these beautiful photos btw. Great shots!! Infinite budget drag builds don't really do much for me, so the build itself is kind of "meh" for me.
I am intrigued by the drag strip though. It looks like an amazing facility! ....but can't help wondering what the working conditions were like for the people who built it :(


Slappy_Pistons  Hmm, I just care about cars, this happens to be a nice one.


@kenshin Jagdroach 15-20 yrs ago? lol


SeanStott  4000 pounds of troll fat.


I think it's kind of crazy and at the same time cool how far the "untuneable" GT-R has come. And at the same time wish the companies would spend so much effort on other, "less cool" cars as they often used to in the past.

The average guy

How well can the chassis tolerate 4 times the original power output?


Slappy_Pistons It's easy to dislike something when you look at it on a computer screen. But if you experienced this car in person, met the owners and had a chat to them and saw their dedication and enthusiasm, it's quite possible that you'd feel differently. It's also really easy to dislike people with money, I totally get that. But if these guys weren't passionate about cars and racing then they'd be doing something else. They really aren't just throwing money at things just for the sake of it - they're real deal car enthusiasts. Speedhunting isn't about judging people and how much money they have to build what. It's about coming together and appreciating cars, no matter what our background is, where we come from, or what kind of budget we have.


Taryn Croucher Slappy_Pistons
Well said, Taryn. +infinity 
Props to Paddy and SH for GLOBAL reporting. 

If this R35 came from New Zealand or some dude ala "Mad Mike" was behind it I wonder if these asinine comments would persist. *cringing*


LAB1440 And you pay for that oil/gasoline for your car hahaha..... That is same like you funding for those. ^0^

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Money Money Money!!!!!!! I need it so bad!!

Gianluca FairladyZ

I think in general that sharing things like automotive culture can be a beautiful thing. It's excitement and passion that you can show others and make their day more beautiful. Same here, they helped each other hand in hand. They've built an absolute Monster. The word "godzilla" is over.. For that car you need to reinvent the vocabular!

We  need more coalitions like these! Thumbs up!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Paddy McGrath  Wasn't it that car running in the Moscow unlimited series??? It caught fire at 402 kph


Some lovely details there, @Paddy McGrath.


Gianluca FairladyZ Paddy McGrath Aren't the UnLim500+ events are run over the full mile?


I personally think drag racing is the shittest form of motorsport, but WOW this car is impressive!!!!


60psi (4.1bar)? The block is surely strong! Great work out there!

Gianluca FairladyZ

Paddy McGrath Gianluca FairladyZ  ahh alright thanks:)


not a big fan of drag racing but the unassuming exterior and the engine bay just makes this beautiful. The numbers make it awesome.


@SW1 Taryn Croucher Slappy_Pistons 

lol @  *cringing* and "Mad Mike"

Never said I disliked the dudes.  Don't know 'em, never met 'em.  I might do similar in their position.  Awesome car, but a) I think I made a valid point about SH and the direction it is taking, and b) in the interests of diplomacy I'm gonna drop some hate on the next """"Mad Michael"""" build post (nothing personal).  *frowning*

The One Otaku

Twitch_6 I think what Jagdroach meant "going down" was that it's happening. He just got his time table wrong in that drifting has been around since the 70's. Even though I'm not a real fan of drifting I don't see it as a detriment to car culture. Just as I don't care for drag racing. It's all good IMO.


obsession_Si Thanks, Si!


Slappy_Pistons Taryn Croucher I don't think anyone has ever called me hip before. I don't know whether to be offended or not.


The average guy Pretty damn well as it turns out.


Paddy McGrath Slappy_Pistons Taryn Croucher You are a hip dude and for realsies I just want your job instead of sitting here posting garbage on a Friday afternoon inbetween cutting up my hands trying to remove an intake manifold that won't quit.  I would gladly pay someone to do this right now if I had that Sheik money. Soz Paddy.


Damn that car is fast. I always wonder why they dont modify the front bumper to cut through the wind. I'm not an engineer, but it seems like this would reduce drag, no?


This car is amazing. But I think it's even more amazing that the Alpha Omega is still faster while maintaining a full interior and some streetability. Shows there's more to building cars than throwing money and power at it.


Such a cool car, loving the subtle appearance.

On the subject of Qatar, I remember we did an FD event there in 2011 hosted by HE Sheikh Khalid Hamad at the Qatar Racing Club. They had their VIP seating, but also a VVIP seat sections (Very Very Important Persons?) that had what looked like gold thrones for seats. A truly amazing place and we had such a great time down there!


I don't care if the owner is super rich Vegas guy, or just a neighborhood Joe, it's the car, and the passion, love, details, power that was all in the build process, I'm a car guy since childhood and I have to love it, and I generously do. Car culture is great, and wide, there's no room for jelousy, or hate. From the Fiat 500 that is powered by a bike engine swapped in the house background, to the mighty Bugatti Veyron.. if it's built with love, I'm going to love it...
Respect SH!


As a budding car enthusiast, and writter on a local website, I have to express my admiration for your article. As impressive as a 2000+HP R35 is, it's this kind of texts that make me believe in such a thing as "car culture". The first paragraphs were specially emotional and really inspiring for what I'm trying to accomplish here in Colombia. Chapeu, Mr. McGrath! Great thoughts and a sleek delivery!


Slappy_Pistons Paddy McGrath Taryn Croucher 
Definitely agree with Slappy, the fact he's got a sense of humour and can laugh about himself makes me agree with him even more. But to me, the entire point of the articles isn't "Hey look at this umpteenth über-zillionaire GT-R you'll never afford it's rather about how differences should be progressively eliminated within our culture, and I mean the differences that endange it, not the ones that define it. Ethnicity, gender, blah, blah, I'm the kind of guy who dreams of seeing a transgender black person winning the F1 WC...but money and socioeconomical background is a barrier too hard to eliminate. I sincerely hope such a thing can be done...but it won't be done by 2000+HP R35...