SR-Powered Mazda Pickup: <br />When Drift Car Meets Minitruck

Now that you’ve seen some of action from both inside and outside Wekfest Japan, I want to follow up my general event coverage with a couple of spotlight features on my favorite cars from the show. Actually, my first one isn’t even a car at all -rather a Yokohama-based pickup truck built by a shop called Extreme Automobile.


The base vehicle is a left-hand drive, extended cab Mazda B-Series pickup, and while the stance is pure custom minitruck, this one has actually been built more in the vain of a high-end drift car.


The chassis has been heavily modified of course, and much of the work is visible through a cut-out in the truck’s bed. From the fuel cell to the airbag setup, it certainly has the attention to detail of a dedicated show car.


While the most common wheels fitted to a lowered minitruck are usually something of the chrome or billet variety, this one’s been built around a set of forged Advan GT wheels with some very healthy stretch on the tires.


Not to be left out are what I believe to be Skyline brakes, coated in yellow paint for just the right amount of contrast with the truck’s otherwise muted body color.


But the thing that really sets the truck off is found beneath the hood. Yes, that’s a Nissan SR20DET, and it has all the basic upgrades including a sizeable intercooler setup mounted cleanly in the front bumper.


It’s all rounded out by some other cool details, like Recaro seats in the cab, subtle body smoothing and tasteful striping on the rocker panels.


Whether it’s the radical Engineered to Slide Hilux or something more grounded like this, I think it shows that with a bit of fresh thinking, Japanese pickups can provide a unique build platform.

Next time we’ll switch things up a bit and check out a rather interesting Honda Odyssey minivan, so keep an eye out for that next week…

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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I would love to see this thing drift...


i would also like to see it drift mainly to see how the airbags hold up with that much abuse but the only thing i dislike is the stripping on the side dosent look right on a mini truck and the right side is backwards thats just is bothering me for some reason idk why just looks half assed



Decals are always mirrored on the right side of JDM cars. It has been like that for more than two decades.


STJ88 ForzaMotorsport has done this also, but for them i feel it is a bit of lazyness.


greenroadster Better question. How does it hold any angle with such a low turn radios? Or is it that they simply heighten the ride height with the bags when its drift time?


This is all sorts of good.

Pete the perfect pilot

Fantastic build, would have been a lot better with one of Mazdas finest Rotary's though!


Sweet. I wanted to see more of this truck after seeing it in the background in the wekfest japan images. Thanks for delivering.


Cool for the owner.  Hope s/he likes it.

In the grand scheme of things, I don't understand choosing this particular platform for what it's constructed for...but...

Guess I'm getting old...soon I'll be wondering why Apple Jacks don't taste like apple.

I don't get it.


Wanna see this in action though. 
Nice build!


I'm in love! I vote for more minitrucks on Speedhunters.


Yes please!


mine trucks for mini brains . there is prolly ten sr20det utes on right now . in various states of bogan dick head ness


Usually, people who rag on stuff like this are just revealing how little they actually know about cars and customizing.
Mazda B series trucks are getting to the point of being a cult car. Trucks themselves are so basic in design the lend themselves to well to heavy modification. They're a lot like hot rods. Some mini trucks are a little juvenile as far as style, but lots aren't and the fab work of some of the builders is world class.
As far as drifting. There is no reason why this can't work. a bag is a spring, by the time its aired up to a drivable ride height i'm sure the bag can have an equivalent rate to whatever you need, when your whole rear end is custom you can set your spring platforms to wherever they need to be to get the wheel rate you want at the ride height you want.
These B series trucks are usually 6 stud, i'd love to she shots of what they did with the front end, most "drift trucks" change to strut, which is messy, from what you can tell from the bay the front on this is still double wishbone. no one really said this was built to drift, but looking at the front brakes (and engine) this thing has some sort of performance driving in mind. 
Cheers for the pics @Mike Garrett


Send it to nz and watch them stick a 4 rotor in the batch.


CharlesChris15 STJ88 VideoGames do this to not infringe on trademark and copyrights for each of those name brands, it's still instantly recognizable but isn't the real thing.


Plenty of other drift trucks out there for the haters. I always wanted to do something similar with my Nissan Hardbody when I had it, but you know, money and stuff. Last one was mine.


Bridges damn bro that truck was clean should've kept it I regret selling mine


the car was very good 
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