Poetry In Motion:</br> The Rotiform BOSS R8

As we’ve seen from Paddy’s coverage thus far, Wörthersee has turned up some amazing new builds for 2015. And where there’s Wörthersee you’ll always find Rotiform, which in a official capacity has made a tradition out of debuting a new build at the annual Austrian lakeside event.

This year the American wheel manufacturer set out to create a very special Audi R8 complete with a livery inspired by the iconic BOSS BMW M1 Procar of 1980.

We could talk about the car and its Prior Design wide-body kit, its AccuAir e-Level based air ride system running HP Drivetech air struts built on Bilstein Clubsport dampers, its custom Cobra seats and its Rotiform CCV 20×9.5-inch and 20×13-inch wheels – but to get a proper taste of it, all you need to do is watch the clip above.

Brad Lord



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All of the R8's I've seen this week....not feeling them.


Its cool... Kinda vintage retro contemporary almost kinda formula 1 80's era kinda... really confusing to be very honest.


I like R8s, I just dont like them bagged

turbo BEAMS ae86

not good


I love it.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

I'm with you man, just a little 'too try hard, just to fit in' vibe going on.


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner Agreed. Why take something that is a high performance sportscar, designed and tested on the track, and then ruin it with air suspension? I like the paint scheme and I even like the wheels (a first for me and Rotiform). The whole package is let down though by looking like its driving on coilovers without the springs.


I always thought it was Roltiform. Feel so stupid right now.


meh :/


Usually not my thing but i like it. Maybe its because im not a big fan of r8's so i dont mind that it isnt funtional. Looks great with the snowy background


Really wits this played out "slam all the cars on ugly ass wheels" scene would die already...



^^ Pull it together, people.  Car's are multifunctional and don't have to conform to any specific standard/s.  And in case you hadn't figured it out, those wheels are absolutely amazing.


Who says "not functional"? Still would spank any of your guys cars up and down the track/mountain/what have you. I prefer some trick coilovers but to all you "static" fans, unless you have ur setup tuned on scales and or proper spring/dampening rates per track, your "functional coilovers" arent so functional.
back me up real racers.


Derelict Chris 'Haffy' Hafner cause people have the money and think "what the hell, ill just buy another one


I can appreciate the R8, and definitely the craftsmanship in the wheels... but I think I watched this more for the filming aspect. 

I liked the outtake-ish clip shot at the end.


Thabeastie Derelict Chris 'Haffy' Hafner
I feel like you guys just see air suspension and tune out. Club sport is a high end coil over. What they did was replace the coil with an air bladder.
Given they did it right (which I feel as though they would have) ride height PSI is probably equivalent to whatever spring rates the R8 kit ships with and only gets stiffer the higher they go up.
So it's really no more of a sin than putting coils on an r8.


afroguy Truuuuuuuuu


rv_zenki I feel like I am crazy but I am in the same boat. I am not a huge fan of r8s. Don't get me wrong, they are cool and fast, but I used to see them all the time. For me they are on the same level as a corvette. Just too many to appreciate as the cool car that they are. All that said, this car is pretty cool, love the livery. 

The static vs coil/stance vs function arguments all aside, the wheels wouldn't work near as well without the livery and the stance on it (all functionality aside) is a little much and I think aesthetically it could use being a little higher and possible on some kw coils. If you are going to emulate a race car, go all the way.


@milano  And he can get over a speedbump lol


DaveT Thabeastie Derelict Chris 'Haffy' Hafner OK, I've seen the advantages of air ride and so on but at least put some decent wheels/tires on it for pete's sake!


afroguy meh, I love the wheels.


DaveT Thabeastie Derelict Chris 'Haffy' Hafner
Thanks Dave! This whole, air suspension must = shit, thing is getting so damn old.


Video: Location, location, location! Wow!
Two thumbs up...except for breaking the "fourth wall" at the end.
Why produce something that polished only to end it with THAT?  It's the equivalent of a model breaking wind at the end of a runway show in Milan.  Really, wtf?  
I mean, it wasn't even funny.  I guess it was just THAT cool.

Car: Could the "designer" force the company name into the scheme more awkwardly??? ROTI *form*? Uhhhh, okay.  Probably should've realized it wasn't gonna work out well at that point.

Oh wait, there's more! 
Ok, if you're gonna nab some livery from the annals of history...Why not nab a good set?
On the M1 it actually fit the body/design of the car and looked decent!  It fits this Audi like a "fat man in a little coat"!
Just look at how the straight lines bulge around the wheel arches.  Not to mention how disjointed and awkward it looks around the Audi's organic, curved radii and part-lines.  It's Kate Upton wearing Kate Beckinsale's clothes.
It just doesn't bloody work!

It's easy to rip off a design...after all everybody's doing it.  Why not grow a pair and do something original?  That's what the originators did, right?  That's what makes something iconic.

Being inspired is one thing, but knock-offs are always cheap.

Car fashion?  More like car fashion faux pas.

Gianluca FairladyZ

The red R8 on Messer still better.. All time favourite!


Why have a car with those beautiful wheels and this aesthetic only to give it that awful paint/wrap/decal setup?


@THE GRINCH Name checks out...


A master class in how to ruin a good car


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