A ’36 Ford With A Turbo In The Trunk

As I wandered the endless aisles of hot rods at the Lonestar Round Up my eyes began to glaze over and everything blended together.

But then I saw an OD green ’36 laying flat on the tarmac and it perked me right up.


As I approached to see what it was all about, I noticed the modern Chevy engine and felt a little disheartened, but I still gave the car a chance before turning away.


It was then that I noticed the intake plumbing making its way through the cowl.


It wasn’t just an intake pipe, there was a blow-off valve too.


I followed the plumbing inside the cabin, when Nathan Hale of Hale’s Speed Shop approached and offered to show me around the Ford he built for customer TJ Akins.


I asked him to pop the trunk, and there sat a 76mm turbo, right over the axle. Nathan told me they’re putting 10psi into the 6.0-liter LQ4 truck engine, which has a cam and upgraded valve springs.


A water-to-air intercooler is tucked away behind the bench seat. The trans is a 4L70E and there’s a stout 35-spline Ford 9-inch axle to handle the extra power.


This rough old Ford has never been on a trailer – it gets driven everywhere and raced too. To date, their best 1/8-mile ET is 6.30, on drag radials of course.


The rough bodywork might lead you to believe this is just another rat rod, but underneath is a full tube chassis with air springs.


Nathan tells me the Ford’s not done yet and some day it’ll get torn down for proper paint and body. But for now it’s just too much fun.


I would really like to twist that key and see how a turbocharged LSX feels in a stripped-out ’36 Ford.


If you’re like me and don’t mind pushing tradition aside to have a little fun, then stay tuned for the next Hale’s Speed Shop spotlight. It’s twice as good… in a certain way.

Keith Charvonia
Instagram: SpeedhuntersKeith

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I love rear mount turbos. Good seeing something different.  Even though people will always mention efficiency and lag issues....they always seem to do good times when set up properly. Cool.


bbbradbbbrad The efficiency and lag issues aren't an issue on the drag strip since you can build revs and boost prior to launching so good times are still possible. Streetability is where the lag could be annoying but it must not be too bad since it seems the owner drives it frequently.


I like this a lot, it looks a hoot .

i love hot rods, I have '29 coupe but this struck a chord...

"As I wandered the endless aisles of hot rods ..... my eyes began to glaze over and everything blended together"
 As did 
"If you’re like me and don’t mind pushing tradition aside to have a little fun"
Damn right, looking forward to the next install !!


How many ponies we talkin' here?


brcgeneral bbbradbbbrad I mean, I can't imagine you have that much lag with a big V8 up front. It's not like an Evo with a massive turbo.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Yeeesssss sweet! Hot rodding is where you be different, and this 36' ticks all the right boxes! Well done

Omer (beercoozie)

Poor man's STS setup?




Keith. I know your a hot rod guy so I forgive you.
But that is definitely a blow off valve


Looking forward to the next feature. Awesome ride. 

Any idea on power figures? How wide are the rear tires? Defiantly would be a lot of fun once on full boost.

Also that is a blow off valve poking through the fire wall. Wastegate hangs off the turbo manifold, tucked away in the trunk.


It's nice to see oldtimers like this one in good condition, especialy with unusual engines.


CRS Automotive Oakville I don't know about "good condition." Some of those body panels look like they'd be hell to straighten up... Look at the bottom of the driver's door. Eek!


God I want to see video of this truck. Love it!


gliebau CRS Automotive Oakville You are right, body is not in good condition at all. But the engine is, by pictures, realy good.


teeson Oops, thanks! :)


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