Hold On Tight: The Silver Car S2
The Bigger, Angrier Brother

Have you ever been in a car that’s so fast you felt like no matter how tight the harness was, it never seemed tight enough? I have – it’s called the Silver Car S2.


During a recent stopover in Dubai, I was able to experience the S2 first-hand after having spent the morning out in the desert with its vicious and almost unbearably fun little brother, the Silver Car ST2. It was as we were packing up the angry crosskart that Marc Planas Vallespir, the main man behind Silver Car Middle East, invited me to come and see and experience their top dog model in action at a local kart track.


As I touched on in the ST2 article, Silver Car is a Spanish manufacturer that produces extremely competitive cart-style racers, and more recently branched into full-blown tarmac-eating circuit and hillclimb weapons, like this S2, which is powered by a Suzuki GSX-R1000 bike engine.


Now, to clarify, when I say ‘fast’, I’m not just talking about straight line speed – after all, it’s about more than simply acceleration. A truly fast car needs to make your vision blur with cornering speed and your lungs fight for air under brakes.


It was late afternoon by the time we arrived at the kart track, which although small, Marc told us it would provide enough room for the S2 to get wild, if not perhaps stretch its legs completely.


Like the ST2, the S2 is built completely in house in Silver Car’s Spanish factory, and uses a cold-stretched carbonated steel space frame and three-piece removable FRP body shell.


The GSX-R1000 engine and short-ratio 6-speed sequential gearbox is mid-mounted, and provides 190hp to the rear 13×8.5-inch Braid wheels via a chain-drive system and limited slip differential.


The ultra-lightweight rims, which are shod in sticky Avon slicks, hide 2-pot AP Racing calipers and 265mm discs – not huge by any stretch of the imagination, but they don’t need to be when a car weighs 445kg…


Again like the ST2, this car uses Engimek 4-way adjustable coilovers in a push-rod configuration up front, where you’ll also find the radiator and fuel tank. A more conventional double wishbone setup is in the rear.


Obviously, Silver Car have put function well before anything else, but they have still created an aggressive, angry-looking little machine, though I’ll admit it took me a little while to get used to the stubby rump. I’d be interested to know what readers think of the look of the car?


I love the look of the blistered front fenders and sharply sloping nose…


But it’s the DTM-style wing and extensive rear diffuser that makes the whole package for me.

Time For Speed

Although I had an excellent day behind the wheel of the smaller ST2 already, I have to admit that I breathed a slight sigh of relief when Marc said it would probably be a better idea if he took me out for a session in the S2, rather than me drive it myself. With the light fading fast, those tyre walls were looking mighty close and the car didn’t really seem like the type of machine you could just jump into and hammer on an extremely tight track with zero experience.


After I settled into the passenger seat and yanked down hard on the harness straps, Marc hit the starter and the 1.0-litre four cylinder Suzuki motor fired into life with a purposeful chug before idling like a pissed off wasp.


A couple of warm up laps later, and Marc dropped it down a few gears using the custom paddle shifters, then planted foot. Even with our combined weight hamstringing the S2, it accelerated at a truly feasome rate.


Marc flicked through the gears as the GSX-R1000 absolutely howled its way up to 13,500rpm just behind my head – it was magic.


The braking power of those AP Racing stoppers is phenomenal, and I found myself having to concentrate on keeping my feet planted to the floor as physics willed them to float forward and up. Then came the corners.


I was definitely swearing continuously by this point and desperately yanking on my harness in a futile effort to tighten it even further. Whilst I’ve been in plenty of fast cars before, I’d have to say I’ve never experienced something so nimble and capable through the bends – especially the faster sections on the back half of the tiny track.

Colour me impressed, even if Marc, an extremely capable driver, was just messing around and not going at full race pace, as you can tell from this GoPro footage I managed to grab.


This is my ‘holy sh*t!’ pose directly after getting out of the car, just for future reference. After going for a ride with Marc and experiencing the car first-hand, I would definitely love the opportunity to drive an S2 – especially now that I’ve seen exactly how fast these little machines truly are. Thanks once again go out to local friend of Speedhunters James Davison, as well as Marc and the entire Silver Car Middle East team for taking the time out to show us these awesome bike-powered screamers.

I’ll leave you with the above video – this is what a Silver Car S2 looks and sounds like when it’s stretching its legs. Magic!

And with that, our Bike Powered theme is a wrap. To check out the other stories from the past couple of days, click here.

Peter Kelly
Instagram: speedhunters_pedey

Additional Photos by Taryn Croucher 

Cutting Room Floor


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Holy shit that thing is quick.
I think I need to make more money...




That chassis and powertrain... man I better find a silhouette I can use. Fiesta? Golf? Fit? Yaris? Smart fortwo? Geely Panda?


"How fast can this thing be?"

*Watches Video...Faints*




Now if they could only make it attractive... That's important if you actually want to sell them.


I see these come up over at motorsportsales.co.uk once in a while, odd looks, amazing performance....... I'd want to stick a Blackbird engine in it though as I've got good experience with the XX engine and prefer it to the gxr.
A great way to get up and running if you are interested in hill climbs, and having seen these run at continental events and been left confused it's brilliant to finally get a little more info on these puzzling creatures, cheers!


I will drive one someday...  Can you guys pack a GoPro for like, all of your features?


UWerqxTeam_MJ Any of those cars is enormous compared to a Silver car.

These things are race buggies converted for onroad use. They weigh 500 kg and have around 200 bhp.

If you think a kart track is scary, wait and see it from the inside in a hillclimb.


These things are faster than WRCs and Super Touring cars, despite costing five to ten times less.


It seems to be a nice performance machine. 
For the looks, I like the front but the rear is very very bad, bubbly look and it would benefit from a redesign as far as i'm concerned.


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I just want to see the girl
Solo touching herself or playing with her toys.


James Cray Yeah! hella fast little thing. Im impressed.


Wow, just wow. That car has some serious giddyup behind it!


If you were scared for dear life in that little monster, imagine how 1000cc bikes actually feel, or for that matter, motoGP bikes as well.


I hate how much people say racing isn't a sport, like look at thoes videos clearly you have to have some pretty serious skills to drive/race like this.


XTimesxtimes2 You are aware that this is a Car Culture website, right?

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

When it's that fast, who cares how it looks. They'll be seeing the back end of it all day anyway :-)


Pau_Prat UWerqxTeam_MJ Homing barn silos! The want has been made stronger! But still, what I meant with my original comment is something like NASCAR, with painted front and rear fascia or something.


Asturias!! xD


They should have used the virtually unknown Nissan March Superturbo engine  MA09ERT. 1988, Nissan launched a limited 10,000 unit. Featured the same highly advanced sequential compound charged
(supercharger plus turbocharger) engine in an all-aluminium straight-4
930 cc 8-valve 4-cylinder. Translation small 4 cylinder engine with TWIN charger system. Stock Supercharger and Turbocharger. 110PS Stock. My friend had one. With very minimal tuning. Muffler, downpipe, suspension, air filter and boost controller. This little car with a 998CC engine would destroy cars. RX-7's were just seeing tail lights. Later someone got this engine dropped it into a prototype F4ish car and dominated gymkhana races.


Quick question: How does that clips called,that hold every part together?


Can someone tell me why this has 3 levers in the car..

1 for the gearbox
1 for the handbrake
and the other one: is that for Reverse gear? or is that some sort of other handbrake (maybe 2 sets of calipers on the rear wheels?)


While not the prettiest car ever built, sure does seem fast!  And sound great too...  That's probably one of the biggest draws to these BEC's.  Hard to beat an engine screaming past 11000 RPM!  Sequential shift, close ratio box, lightweight and compact.  All reasons why I love my Pro Challenge car. Lap time /dollar spent: there is no comparison.  If you are serious about a great track car that pushes so many of the right buttons, you owe it to yourself to check out the many types out there just waiting for a good thrashing.  Here's a short clip of mine:



Jesus christ, what an ugly thing..
Even if it's fast. Unbearable.


That hillclimb video is awesome, must be lots of fun. Looks like a land speed record car, but anyway who cares about the looks as long as you sit inside.


It looks like an EG hatch with a very, very 1990's body kit on it.....

Mulholland Magazine

This is seriously cool. One of the most unique things I've seen in a long time and very, very fast from the onboard video. How can we get in touch with this company?


T86DXB why are you doing on the internets?


boozychef Sorry? Less Booze Mrs.Chef


T86DXB well you like never tweet. Booze would be nice at this point but I highly doubt that happening any time soon.


boozychef - Yeah, trying to tweet more. Booze filled Easter Egg?


T86DXB I wish! Not happening :(.


T86DXB are you saying I'm no fun without the Booze? :p


T86DXB ahhh yes. As I have you here views on Tesla?


boozychef Never!


boozychef Fantastic engineering, I prefer that electric tech used to make cars faster. Porsche 918 or Mclaren P1 :D


What a monster!
The body line remembers me of an EG6 Civic.


I've seen many hillclimbs........but that looked really f'n fun. The way it slides with the power and gearing type then catching grip.