Shelby GT350R: A Street Legal Racecar

While a lot of the excitement from Ford’s presence at the North American International Auto Show this week has come from the new Ford GT, not to be overlooked is the latest and the most hardcore addition to the Mustang lineup. Meet the Shelby GT350R.

Using the recently unveiled GT350 as its base, the R-model kicks things up a few notches with less weight, fewer creature comforts and lots of exotic goodies aimed at track junkies.


Beneath the hood will sit the same 5.2-liter flat-plane crankshaft equipped V8 from the normal GT350, making over 500 horsepower and 400 lb feet of torque. And take a close look at that redline – wow! But of course, the GT350R is about so much more than horsepower. For starters, weight has been trimmed down by 130lbs over the standard GT350.


The weight savings has been achieved by removing things like the back seat, exhaust resonators (hell yeah!), trunk floorboard and the air conditioning system – although you can spec a GT350R with A/C and a touchscreen audio system if you’re so inclined.


Aside from the weight reduction, the GT350R will get a number of high-end components to improve its track performance, including a revised suspension with MagneRide dampers and special 19-inch wheels made from carbon fiber – something that’s never been seen on a car of this type.


This is all in addition to other tweaks like a more aggressive front splitter and a new carbon fiber wing out back.

The GT350R is scheduled to go on sale later this year and is just one more sign that Ford is continuing to attack the enthusiast market from every angle. What a great time to be a car lover.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike



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Best looking Mustang in two recent decade.


id change the wing, doesn't look right


Sigh....still a ford.


I'm confused about how they released GT500s, and are now releasing GT350s again. It just doesn't add up to me. Still not interested in this version, either. Giving up AC and a backseat only netting 130 pounds sounds about right, but I would expect greater weight reduction and an optional 4 point (at least) roll bar in an R edition! Maybe I've been on the Porsche train too long, I don't know. Traditionally, I think Ford ALMOST gets it right, every time--which is still better than I can say about most manufacturers!


Let's stop for minute right here. Ford trimmed down this "R" model with over 130lbs missing ..... by using carbon fiber wheels??? What, the huge body couldn't be touch? Geeeess...


Holy Crap... I really like this, like a lot. Its really nice looking and I can't wait to see how it does on the track.


My new favorite car. I'm in love.

A car like this makes one realize that a company like Ferrari really only has its name going for it nowadays - this MUSTANG is so good, so sleek and so fast that exotic cars no longer have any qualitative advantage.

Sure, Ferrari has prestige and brand cachet, but this has a stick, and God, does it work in that blue.


LavarBowers Yeah, which means 200,000 mile reliability, inexpensive parts, affordable insurance and you can work on it yourself.


So you guys aren't covering NAIAS this year in person? Any reason there's no midwest person on your site? Between Mid Ohio, Road America, Final Bout, three rally America events just between Pennsylvania and Michigan and not to mention the slew of car shows and stuff around the Mid West. You guys are missing out!


EricSeanDelaney Don't forget #Gridlife which is being hyped to be the Gatebil of the midwest!


I'm not a mustang fan but I'm glad to see they are keeping the stick alive.


never did like the new mustang's styling, but the gt350r made me change my mind.  now if only the rest of the 'stangs looked like this heheh.


AirLift_Lucas EricSeanDelaney That's right! I missed it last year for Belle Isle, so hopefully this year I can check it out.


no roll-cage??


Porsche doesnt offer a rollbar on any US spec car either.


Different products for different consumers. Ferrari also has a global racing pedigree,me hitch Ford has had it fits and spurts. Each makes terrific products in their respective categories.


Because no one is going to buy a $100k Mustang, and they need some economies to even justify a car like this. Ford has a huge coop deal on carbon production to do it basically in house going forward, so they are dipping their toe into it. You will see far more carbon on future models from them, and many others. It will become far more mainstream


I am not a fan of Mustangs but I can't really hate on this one.  The wing can go unless they can show that it really does something.  I have a feeling that they will have a lot of people getting this.  I am sure that I will see a lot of those in track days.  I am just glad it's not some ecoboost v6 like they did to the GT (Why!!!!).  Someone will make it even lighter with CF panels I'm sure.


Gt3 RS? I've seen plenty of those, and they have a rollacage.


Wow this looks awesome! What is the price supposed to be?


@Joey in regards to the GT, the TT V6 makes sense for a number of reasons related to the LM-GTE class they will race in at Le Mans.  Power - over 600HP compared to the 500-ish with the V8, plus the potential better tuning via boost control.  The V8 also couldn't be turbo'd or supercharged for the LM-GTE class as it is over the 4L limit for boosted engines.


lele_ostia Blame the DOT.


xrockonx It's a post-sale add on. The DOT doesn't allow roll cages as a factory option. They also require side airbags, so we don't get a lot of the sexy carbon seats that Europe gets. 

Blame the DOT for basically every cool thing America doesn't get.


Great coverage so far.I'm not sure about the wing also. Maybe, there more versions to pick from. Mike, I'm old enough to remember the first one. What a ride that one was.....................


The boy-racer in me is shrieking. Love the looks and that flat-plane crank! I'd almost rather see Ford make a GTE car out of this than the GT.


I've hated everything about the new Mustang up till now, but this has officially won me over.


carbon fiber wheels? ha-ha! how much will they cost?)))


is the roof carbon as well? looks to be but no comment about it. wonder if the bolt pattern for the wheels is the same as my 06...


You need to be a midget to sit in the back seat of a mustang. So no real reason to have one.


@LavarBowers. If it drives like a top notch performance vehicle and provides just as much excitement as more expensive cars, then who gives a fu€king sh*t. It should be about the product not the badge


Good luck to all those future GT350R owners on not getting your carbon fiber rims stolen and finding your car on cement blocks


This has completely changed my view on the 2015 Mustang!


Looks good!  Really good.  Ford designers are going the right direction borrowing styling cues from their Japanese competition.  Front end Mazda-like, with side styling from Nissan GTR and rear 3rd quarter from Scion FRS/BRZ (Toyota 2000GT), etc., all with American V8 Muscle, BMW V8 revs, and minimalistic interior.  I'm a freakin fan!!!


Not feeling the shape of the wing but I loved the last gen Boss 302 and I quite like this. Props to Ford for concentrating on the track enthusiast.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

Dear Ford Australia,
Please release this alongside the Mustang when it arrives here soon, it'll sell like hotcakes.
One very jelly Ford fan :-)


Chris 'Haffy' Hafner
God it would be great to able to get these here. My other distant hope is the corvette stingray


tooslow Chris 'Haffy' Hafner You guys do not get either?!


tooslow Chris 'Haffy' Hafner You guys do not get either?! Why the bloody hell not?


@LexJLuthor tooslow Chris 'Haffy' Hafner  Small issue with LHD vs RHD. ;)


At first, I was not impressed and thought it was another weak attempt to overhype the new Mustang.  I quickly changed my mind when I seen the 8k redline and CARBON FIBER WHEELS.  Come on, no one else thinks this is insane?!?  It amazes me that they are able to take "fiber", a fricken string, and be able to produce a weight bearing/stressed part like a wheel.  It seemed over the top on the multimillion dollar koenigsegg, but a carbon wheel on a Mustang?  This is mad.


"Less creature comforts to cut weight" apparently meants removing rear seats, and leaving the giant touch screen LCD panel...
Im sure there's reasons, but it just amuses me.

Chris 'Haffy' Hafner

2015 stang here soon, but alot of work is needed to get anything for sale here. Just plain easier to say no.


Not even offered as a factory option on US spec cars. Guys import the Motorsport cage from Germany on their own, or install aftermarket ones.


I'd like to see this head to head with the z/28
The wing looks a bit strange to me though


lol this wont even get sub 7:30 in the ring


The best looking mustang I have seen yet!


ChaosMan Just take better look at 1969 Mustang Boss 302 or 1966 Shelby GT500.


Looks almost like a Japanese car.


AndrewK996 Then don't leave the car where it can get stolen AND don't post photos of it online forums or on social media networks, a friendly reminder from a Honda owner.


@Mike No such things as a '66 GT500...


KylePearson  The tech package is optional. The standard R will come with a delete panel there.


TrickyTSX Offsets are a little bit different between the S197 (05-14) and S550 (15+) but bolt pattern is the same. Ford has used the same 5 on 4.5"/114.3mm bolt circle on their light duty vehicles for over 60 years.


Ice Age Too bad you can't buy it in that blue. Can't get the GT in that shade either. It's a show paint only (unless a bunch of people demand it).


TylerHorne Ice Age Well, hopefully that copperish color with the black stripes is available. That one completes the look. 

I love how this car looks like Eleanor reincarnated in the current body.


Ice Age I'd have it in Race Red with no stripes. I'd really love it in Wimbledon White but that was only for the 50th anniversary model.


Another piece of art from Ford.


@Kevin Truong All those things you listed are Ford Styling styles that predates all those cars... 

and that's Ferrari V8 revs.


It looks like a failed replica of a r35 gtr......


@Kevin Truong Spoken with the ignorance only a "youngin" could have. Everything you attribute to the Japanese has been on Mustangs or other US and European cars since the 60s.

I mean did you really attribute the classic, US originated rear hip, "kick-up" to the FRS twins/ 2000GT?!? Of note: the 2000GT doesn't even have such a styling cue...never mind that it was a flattering homage to the E-type Jag.


A great time to be a car lover. A shitty time to be broke like me... fuck my life.


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Really nice car i wish i could own that peace of shit can you tell me what will be the approx price of that car so i could add that in my to do list before i die


You just made me ill comparing a rice burner to a mustang


rasmus_mayhemfactory UH nope


Smiggins Please tell me this car that it looks like


gatoonik Yea cause i'm driving around the a track every day


AndrewK996 i'm sure people who own those car's wont be parking the out side or driving them every day