No Cutting Corners: The Weld FR-S
The Choice To Wait

I couldn’t help but chuckle at the responses we got on Speedhunters’ Instagram channel after I posted a few pictures of the Weld Techniques Factory Scion FR-S earlier this week. The comments made me laugh because so many people assumed that this was another FR-S with a Rocket Bunny kit. But oh boy, that couldn’t be further from the truth…

The way I see it, there are two approaches to this whole tuning thing. You have the shops that go out of their way to be the first at everything – they get the latest models and before you know it they have whipped out a full aero kit, slammed the car and outfitted it with some nice wheels ready to display at some big show. That’s great and everything, but then there are others like Johnny at Weld.


I’ve known this guy for years, and I’ve always been a great fan of his work. This is a man that settles for nothing less than utter perfection – time is irrelevant to Johnny. If a car is going to take a couple of years to put together, he’ll just do it – that’s how he’s managed to build a reputation for himself. Weld has always meant top-level quality in my and many other people’s eyes, and there’s no cutting corners when you’re trying to achieve this level of respect.


It took over one year to get this FR-S ready, and by ready I mean drivable. Much like Johnny, I too took my time with it. We saw it in all its detail at the Tokyo Auto Salon back in January, and I could have shot it after that. But I didn’t. No way! Back then the car’s engine was still being set up so it couldn’t be started, let alone driven. Johnny told me it would be no problem to trailer the Scion to a location of my choice, but I said no. I knew I had to wait, because I wanted to see this thing roll up to the shoot under its own power.


With the sheer time and effort that Johnny and his crew put into this build, the least I could do was put a proper feature together – and in my book at least, that means including rolling shots. I know you guys just wouldn’t have been satisfied if I showed you a bunch of static images of the car either – this thing deserves the full treatment!


Patience is indeed a virtue, and I’m so glad I waited. Because earlier in the week I had a chance to meet with Johnny and dedicate a whole afternoon to his creation. This has to be – without a shred of a doubt – the ultimate and most meticulously-constructed ZN6 on the planet.


And to make the whole car even more special in Japan, Johnny based all of this work on a US-spec left-hand drive Scion, rather than a JDM Toyota.


Cutting corners isn’t part of Johnny’s repertoire, so before anyone thinks it, what you are seeing here aren’t FRP fenders moulded onto a stock body with putty. The entire fender sections are steel, and they’ve been crafted in the old fashioned way – cut out, shaped around a wire frame and slowly hand-beaten to follow the contours that were required.


The bodywork side of the equation was actually a collaboration with Nishino Body Repair up in Ibaraki, where the car stayed for a good six months. Johnny actually taught the guys at Nishino how to go about the whole procedure – something he has done countless times in the past with previous builds. This meant lots of travel back and forth from his shop in Yokohama a couple of times a week to slowly shape the car.


The goal was to create the ultimate FR-S street car – one that combined everything into a well-rounded package: looks, stance, comfort and performance. And you just can’t rush something like this…


You need to take your time to fully take in all the custom work here, because like with a lot of things that just look ‘good’, the subtle details are the ones that took the longest to get right.

Metalwork: A Dying Art

Back to the fenders… First up, they had to match the preset widening that was decided upon – something that starts off on the bumper, which was widened with the same plastic the OEM Toyota component is made of – no FRP here. A small indentation highlight was also pressed around the extremity of the line – another little custom touch to set things off. The metal work on the fender itself extends all the way down to the skirt section, which is integrated and again made out of metal. All of this was shaped around the 19-inch Work XSA 04C rims, a wheel that Johnny actually collaborated on with Work Wheels during the design and development process.


The driver’s side of the car shows off the same model wheel, but with an anodized bronze rim section that adds even more contrast against the custom body colour.


Hiding behind those mirror-like spokes are another important detail – the brakes. These are Project µ’s first monoblock calipers, 6-pot items that have been etched with Weld’s logo and signature tribal motif.


That same design is actually machined into the 380mm 2-piece rotors, where they act as slots to help keep the pads clean for optimal performance.


Then there is the rear section of the car, and this is where things get complicated. Look at the car in isolation and you might not even notice it, but parked next to a stock FR-S/86/BRZ/GT86 it doesn’t take much to figure out that Johnny really went full-out to enhance the body’s profile. Pretty much the entire stock rear fender was cut out and reshaped from scratch, taking that stock hip line crease above the wheel arch and making it more evident. Then a parallel curve was created, originating from the actual wheel arch curvature and extending all the way down into the side skirt. Everything you see is metal.


The widened rear fenders perfectly accommodate the 19×11.5-inch-25 offset XSA wheels, much in the same way the fronts where shaped around 19×10.5-inch -19 versions. Laser etching on the barrel is a giveaway that this isn’t an ‘out of the catalogue’ wheel.


The rear gets some pretty serious brakes too. The stock, budget slide-type calipers the FR-S comes with have been replaced with Project µ 4-pot calipers and 355mm rotors with that recognisable Weld tribal grooved pattern again.


The car sits low – as low as anyone would want a street car to sit. Yet Johnny made sure it wouldn’t end up with too much negative camber – rather just enough to balance looks and performance. Those of you that know your rubber will recognise the tyre of choice here: Yokohama ADVAN Neova AD08s with the ‘R’ compound for extra grip.


There is a lot of work that went into making sure the rear bumper had the right sort of look too – specifically the way it tucks in and matches up to the rear fender treatment, and the way it’s finished off with a one-off under diffuser made by Nishino Body Repair. Then there’s the colour of course – a House of Kolor Candy Apple over metallic silver highlights to really make it pop on the hand-sculpted fenders.

NA All The Way

You can spend years on a car and make it look incredible, but if there is no substance to it – nothing mechanically special to make it really stand out – well, that would only be half the job done. Obviously there was no way Johnny was going to leave the FA20 stock, nor follow what seems to be the norm with these engines by bolting on a turbocharger or supercharger. In his mind the car came NA, so it should stay NA.


Well hats off to Johnny, because what he came up with is as commendable as you can get. The 2.0L boxer engine might not have all the power in the world, but what it lacks in numbers it makes up for in everything else!


The work started when the heads were pulled off the block for a clean up. The first set of modifications are all about improving response – something an NA engine should have bucket loads of, but something that the stock FA20 doesn’t really have due to modern day engine management and emission controls. So that meant throwing the cheap and nasty plastic intake manifold in the bin and fabricating a one-off crossed item from aluminium piping. Onto this Johnny bolted Toyota AE111 4A-GE mechanical throttle bodies with a set of billet velocity stacks. And check out the XSA RC wheel mounted onto the throttle shaft! 380cc/min injectors from a 1JZ were then mated to a pair of custom fuel rails. The whole set up is controlled by a Vi-Pec ECU, which Trust fitted and then tuned. This was actually the biggest headache of all, as the wiring and setting-up of the quad throttle conversion turned out to be a real nightmare. But Johnny and the guys got there in the end and the car sounds and feels impressive.


The engine dumps gasses into a Trust stainless steel manifold and then onto an Amuse twin-exit titanium exhaust, which enhances that new-found raspiness of the engine and combines it with a deep underlying tone.


For the moment it all adds up to around 210hp, but there is much more to come in the future, like a bump in capacity, hot cams and some serious head work.


Like the rear, the front has received a subtle under spoiler with integrated down-turned winglets on each side to add a finishing touch to the car’s presence.


It’s hard to pick which of the two colour combos work best on the Work wheels, but under the fading late afternoon light the bronze side certainly stood out more to me.


And how can I possibly not say anything about the Voltex carbon rear wing! The ‘swan-neck’ wing stays are something we will be seeing a lot more of in the future as aero makers continue to emulate what is happening in the racing world.


The design interferes less with the air flowing over and under the wing, which generates less turbulence and therefore boosts its efficiency.


To stiffen the two mounting points on the stock trunk lid, Voltex created a moulded trim piece that prevents the lid from flexing – or even caving in- once the wing starts doing its job at speed.


There is absolutely nothing wrong with the FR-S’s cabin, which is precisely why Johnny only upgraded the essentials.


So joining the two Sparco seats – which feature red stitching to match the stock stitching around the interior – is a nice and chunky Sparco suede-wrapped steering wheel. Boom, job done!


We have seen many ZN6s in a variety of flavours since the car’s release a couple of years ago, but out all of them, this is the one that has made the greatest impression on me. That’s probably because I respect substance the most – something the Weld Techniques FR-S has absolutely no shortage of!

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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Jeroen Willemsen

Weld = Porn, that is all. Great car and craftmanship. Love the shots Dino


Love the craftsmanship. So many people hate on what they don't like or understand. But you MUST respect the hardwork and effort over a long period of time to learn how to create moving pieces of art like this. Awesome photos too, let's hear it!!


..and i'll never have even a stock gt86. Drooling btw

turbo BEAMS ae86

Look 9999x better then the exposed bolt ones


Rocket Bunny, meet the Gently-Accelerating Bunny :">


This just took over the # 1 spot as best FR-S from Bulletproof IMO. Everything about this car is top notch. Great build, great article and great pics!!


Best looking ZN6 out there in my opinion - the workmanship is outstanding and that colour is beautiful. Only downfall is that rear wing. I preferred it when it was wingless... Either way awesome car and who could forget that FA20!! Love the little touches throughout this car that make it so individual!


A thing of beauty! Don't know how you could mistake it for a rocket bunny kit... This one looks finished ;)
By the way... I am wondering what Keiichi Tsuchiya would say about it. Would be so nice to see it rip through some touge...


"It's a beautiful machine."


Nice. Craftsmanship is like those in the hot rod world. Nice metal work. Would love to hear what it sounds like!


Awesome looking car and meticulous work. My hats off to Weld!


we need a sound clip of the itb!


WOW... I'm a fan of the exposed bolt on look but after seeing this..... Simply Elegant..... Great photos Dino the depths of that paint looks great


I would love to know more on this paint!


This is the nicest FT86 car I've seen to date. The work on the fenders really look OEM and the wheel combo and colour just go together.


every since thing about this car is perfect i feel there only one thing missing and im sure it have one soon and that is a rollcage


I have been hoping for a feature of this since seeing pictures of it from TAS, well worth the wait! Easily one of the best and most unique looking ZN6's out there!


Amazing Car and the work its so nice. :D


What an amazing car. I can just imagine all the work that went into those fenders alone. I like the chrome FA20. The paint on the color is beautifuly done and stands out. I'm absolutely loving the smoothed out rear fenders. I love this FR-S a lot.


Awesome. I really hope this car is an indicator of where the import car scene is going. Having come over to imports after growing up around hot rods the one thing that struck me was the lack of really high end customization. The fiberglass parts are great and make it easy for people to get involved but they're also limiting.  Seeing more cars with this sort of metal work would be good change.


MIB_official That one's excellent!


What are the advantages of removing the bottom half of the rear side of the wheel arches?

I've seen it done on a lot of these body kits, so I'm sure there's some benefit to it, but what?


Huge respect for hand made bodywork.


Huge respect for hand made bodywork.


Ice Age There's no performance benefit, it is more of a aesthetic/design choice. It allows you to see the tire giving a more aggressive look to the car, and also suggesting that these are indeed widened fenders.


Love this one! Diggin the aero, the color, the wheels even the stacks on the engine. 
Fix that "stance" and I'm sold. 
Awesome post of this 86.


I want it  please!!!!!!!!


AndrewCinch Ice Age


@Jeroen Willemsen Thanks Jeroen!


BradPage Yep this is how things should be done!


@turbo BEAMS ae86 Each to their can't argue on the simplicity of that method either I guess


KennedyCao More power will be coming, on thing at a time! FRS? 'Cos it's different, steering wheel on wrong side, automatically cooler. They are also quite cheap...


@Gregg Tough one! I guess we'll have to see how it does at the end of the year when YOU guys vote!


JZA80xx Metal ducktail spoiler?


@FunkyChild He would love it, and even more so when it's sporting the 2.2L stroker and the other mods Johnny is planning


AndrewRyanMarin You'll have to wait until he's finished with the second round of mods to the engine!


mrhumane Thans man!


CanaanFrederick Like what?


IDFWY_GTR It's a road car manly so I don't see that happening any time soon


BSides Glad you though the wait was worth it. So did I !!


KRaZyAmmo Not chrome, polished


wheatgod Stance, but it drives, no rubbing, no scraping...


Jagdroach Totally agree!


Jagdroach Totally agree!


kphillips9936 Rides just right, no scraping and rubbing. All of the work on the fenders has been made so that it can ride like this. But everyone has different tastes


LOVE IT! But more meticulous than the Bulletproof Automotive Concept One?  WELD's 86 & Ben's examples have to be the best IN THE WORLD, IMO.


Great looking car and props for all the metal work.


Hmm... maybe. I think a lip spoiler could look better, but a ducktail would look nice too or even no spolier at all...


I always love widebody-kinda thing on 86/FR-S/BRZ generation (that 'Bunny'). But seeing it like some aftertought, slapped on with all the exposed bolts, it turns me down a bit.
Then come this. THIS is how a widebody SHOULD BE DONE!
Thanks speedhunters_dino for the article!


Not a real big fan of the whole 'widebody' theme, but this surprised me. I like the philosophy behind the build. He could have taken the easy way out and slapped on a turbo or supercharger and FRP overfenders, but he didn't. Being a huge NA fan, I especially liked the custom ITBs. No one in the industry seems to have the balls to pull that off.

I wouldn't say that it looks 'unique'. From afar, it looks just like every single Rocket Bunny build out there. It's all in the little details that sets this particular car apart from the sea of the same 'unique' and 'one of a kind' Rocket Bunny builds.


Jagdroach How is fiberglass body work limiting?


   Not to get at you, but with your defense of how the car "rides just ride, no rubbing or scraping" is the car tracked? Can it take hit tall curbing at 100 + mph without scraping? This is clearly a track oriented car (or so it appears to be) so to me the question isn't whether or not it can ride well on the street but if it can be pushed to the limit on the track without the pitfalls of a "stance" car. If it can thats great. It's surely one of the better looking FR-S I've seen in a long time.


speedhunters_dino KRaZyAmmo oh. weird but the bronze polished Work wheels are a nice touch


I would like it to have a more subtle rear spoiler, but this just became my favorite widebody ZN6/ZC6.



errr did you look at the spring rates?


I think its pretty funny how a bunch of dudes on here are all, "oh its good but its too stance" etc.
Like the guy is just following some trend.

Japanese tuners created this style. Stance kids are emulating them. Not the other way around. Sure there's some give and take but statements like that are a bit uninformed. 
This dude didn't come down in the last shower.
have a little image search of "weld s14".


Loved how it was kept NA and given parts from previous toyotas such as the ITBs. Look forward to seeing and hearing a video clip of this thing with its NA set up.


speedhunters_dino I saw it was a candy paint for House of Kolor, but there are tons of variations of the candy red. I am absoluetly IN LOVE with this color, and was just interested in the excat code, that's all :)


The intake is rather 'interesting', it looks pretty nice, but I have a feeling it might be a nightmare come tuning time


777 It's already been set up, runs smooth!


ADimitriRoumeliotis Well said!


@Chris It's built for the sole purpose of being a street car, and that's why it sits as it is. If they need to take it to track, then they would probably bump ride height or fit track-spec suspension


almazing Yes, we definitely need more shops like Weld in our lives!


koknyol speedhunters_dino My pleasure!


ra64freddy! Agreed!


KRaZyAmmo speedhunters_dino That's actually anodizing, Work are able to do that in silver, bronze and black :)


CanaanFrederick speedhunters_dino Not sure on the code but it's called Candy Apple.


JZA80xx Yeah but then a lot of people would come out and say he just copied Rocket Bunny


I absolutely LOVE that colour, but after searching for 'House of Kolor Candy Apple Red', it looks it's quite a bit lighter/brighter than the shade that's showing in these pics. On my screen, I'm seeing a really deep burgundy/maroon shade - is it like that in person?


speedhunters_dino KRaZyAmmo that's awesome.


This car would win the sema build if it were competing. U should enter it as your project n its game over for the other sh dudes XD


That is rather beautiful


CanaanFrederick speedhunters_dino 
There won't be an exact code. There are many translucent candy reds offered by HOK. You would also need to know the exact basecoat color (silver/gold/bronze/met. black) applied before the candy red and the exact number of coats of the candy red applied. (Remember more coats = darker.) 

Candy Apple Red is usually a broad term thrown out to apply to almost any candy red finish.


speedhunters_dino kphillips9936 Overall love the look of this one, has a rattlesnake like look to the front end. Major point for no exposed rivets/ screws on the fenders.


Metal work isn't a dying art.....  Just not a lot of people doing it as a main income job anymore.  I know several people in the Dallas, Texas area that do beautiful metal work and tig welding.  The only reason I see it as a dying art is the lack of people willing to pay well for such work.


Heavily agree with you Dino, this thing is an amazing looking car and for me this is a clear winner over other styles


Meaby the coolest FRS so far on the Speedhunters, not too mutch, no overkill.
Thank you Dino Dalle Carbonare for the article.


speedhunters_dino Thanks Dino. I really like the look of it, especially from the back.


I really like this.

This is a barely relevant question but speaking of cool 86s, last year (or earlier this year?) you had a couple of pics of either a ZN or a ZC with (I think) an EZ30 swapped into it.  Was there ever any more info/feature on that car?


Really good job ! It would has been well to see the project from the beginning with all the work done on it.


@Chris Jagdroach  I was more referring to fiberglass bodykits. There are only so many out there. I'll admit you can do crazy stuff with fiberglass if you put your mind to it. But in my mind high end builds should not include as many bolt on kits as are currently seen. And to replace it I think custom metal work rather than custom fiberglass work is the better choice.


Great to see someone going NA on a modern car, NA isn't dead!


Great to see someone going NA on a modern car, NA isn't dead!


Slappy Pistons Ah yes at last year's 86 event in Fuji. No no more info on that thing, but it sounded awesome!


Ealoken Dino Dalle Carbonare :)


JordanKinberg That's very true too


d_rav Maybe next year


Amused154 Yes it's pretty deep, always depends on the undercoat, most would just spray metallic silver underneath to really make it bright


gotta appreciate the work involved in not following everyone else and to pull it off the way they have is awesome, easily one of the top 86s around atm. you guys should definitely do a follow up after the extra engine work including video haha if possible


ADimitriRoumeliotis What do you mean? That in and of itself doesn't really tell me much Adimitri. The JICs (crap) are a better indicator of how it would handle bumps with those spring rates. How much travel is in the suspension isn't mentioned either which is important.


@Chris 14kg F 12 kg rear. How much do you think the suspension actually moves?

cars at this ride height usually the lower arm points up a little, this means the wheel moves away from the fender.

it also drop the RC. but then, with spring rates like that. the car isnt going to roll much anyway :)


speedhunters_dino 777 I'm thinking more when it gets the cams and headwork as you've mentioned, it looks like the runners are all different lengths and the flow path doesn't look too friendly


This is stunning! I hate to imagine how many hours went into shaping the bodywork on it, the end result is amazing though, and I especially love the small details that have been incorporated into the bodywork, such a clean, tidy package.


Seems like he get rid of the direct injection system and go full PFI...


*kinda* related, Metalwork-wise, here's progress pics of a Sallet Helmet being made to fit my particular head...hand beaten/forged by the Talented man Stanislav in the Czech republic. I find this sort of thing - as with Curves in Cars formed from Steel - to be utterly amazing to see being done. Real skill.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Love the design! Piece of art! Great!


As much as I can't stand 86's, I can overlook the model of vehicle and appreciate the work, skill, time and effort that has gone into it! Beautiful!!!


ADimitriRoumeliotis I've seen evidence to the contrary Dimitri. A friend of mine has a nationally competitive BSP Miata making 250whp with 800lb/in springs front and 600lb/in springs rear with custom $2000 digressively valved shocks to handle these rates. 

He still could use more travel in the suspension and the car is actually rolling enough for him to be looking into 1000 + lb /in springs in the front with 700 + lb /in springs in the rear which would require a custom $6500 shock setup on all four corners. 

This car weighs more than the Miata he drives (he was weighed around 2500lbs) so I would imagine the setup on this car would move a decent amount. 

All of this is really irrelevant though because it's a street car as Dino stated. The guy could be running 500lb/in front and 350 lb/in rear or 350 front and 250 rear and it wouldn't really make any difference because it's not being used in a heavily demanding environment. 

14kg/12kg isn't really that stiff in the grand scheme of things. It's a nice car though and I'm digging the metal work so at the end of the day I don't really care given the application / environment it's used in.


@Chris speedhunters_dino

those rates are huge on street tires for a strut/multilink suspended car.. granted there pretty wide and pretty sticky street tires.
most "drift" cars at this weight, e.g a silvia run WAY less and are considered "over sprung"
less mechanical grip/less roll.
RE tha Miata, i dont know what BSP racing is, but if its pavement racing i assume its a race tire?
Regardless, a Miata is a completely different suspension design. Typical wishbone suspension designs always needs higher spring rates to get the same wheel rate.
I am 100% guessing here also, but a Miata wouldnt be much lighter than a ZN6. maybe youre mates race car is though.
sorry to be at you Chris, your comments just seemed unnecessarily negative.


ADimitriRoumeliotis speedhunters_dino BSP Is B Street prepared autocross class. He is running Hoosiers but also runs the car on BFG Rivals. He's shooting for a national title in the next two years. I might just have to do a feature for Speed Hunters on it! Still need to email them for that new S-Class ride feature.  

So the FR-S is not double wishbone? Really? That is the first time I've heard that. I assumed they were double wishbone all the way around! Kind of surprised on that. 

I'm pretty opinionated because I've dedicated 15 years of my life and even relocated states to study race car design. At one point I was living in an apartment in a ghetto just to pursue school to learn more about car design. Worked my way up from that to working for one of the biggest names in the industry in turbo engines and befriended a Formula Atlantic driver and street legends along the way. Well versed in Alain Staniforth and learned from Indy 500 winning engine builders in my formal education.

It all depends on application so when Dino said it was a street car it made sense. Like I said before, I really think the metal work on this car is incredible. Having english wheeled things in the past I can't even imagine making something like this. It's the crown jewel to this build. I honestly wouldn't even care if this car was bagged spinners. The metal work on the body alone is enough to make me give respect where respect is due.


its...ok but nowhere near their drift car....that thing was sex...


WoW, this is how it should work a car,,, love the dedication and the small details that make this Scion be great!

Nice article Dino :D


That engine reminds me of those hot rod engines at SEMA auto show, it looks so clean & shiny!


Amused154 Looks more like House of Kolor Brandywine


I can't call this an over-fender job, as he didn't put something over the fender... he recreated it. Double points for the style and the finish... remarkable.

Good job that you waited Dino, the car is fantastic even with only 210hp!


That's how I want my bodywork: melds and blends seamlessly with the stock body and looks like a Man on Wire performance between GT1-wide and house custom.

Love it.


UWerqxTeam_MJ If costs weren't an option I'm sure most people would want to go this route


Kirk_B Yep and going to get even grater soon!


FickertJose Thank you Sir!:)


LavarBowers This?

It's making a comeback soon ;)


Anthraxxx Awesome!


keyboardrosak Yep, a pan in the behind to tune for no real benefit ...


JoshuaWhitcombe 6 months of work!!


All that work, all those sweet parts....throw all the performance out the window with stretch tires and obnoxious camber. what a waste.


I seriously admire anyone who is dedicated enough to go the hand-crafted route. I admire them even more when it is so flawlessly executed! Amazing work.


I seriously admire anyone who is dedicated enough to go the hand-crafted route. I admire them even more when it is so flawlessly executed! Amazing work.


speedhunters_dino Kirk_B I believe you meant to say greater soon, unless he's shaving something down on the car. =)

You speak at least three languages, so I'm not complaining! You do a fantastic job of writing outside  your native tongue, in a country where few speak English, none the less Italian! Appreciate the efforts


at first, i just glanced over this article. Another FRS with a massive spoiler, but today i actually took the time to read this. and i feel very dumb. MAD respect for the handcrafted metalwork, makes me smile and inspires me that someone didn't just throw on some RB flares and call it a finished project. bravo!


That little wheel on the throttle shaft! hahah Almost looks like it should be running a belt, this car is amazing. For all those supercars that had bolted on kits, this could have happened to them instead...unless they had crabon fiber bodies? Great article once again, I love how they used the FR-S too!


SkipShift Interesting, I didn't know this. I had assumed it was more of design choice rather than thinking it served a greater aerodynamic function.


i looked up candy apple red by house of kolor, and unless the metallic undercoating makes that big of a difference, then you have the color wrong. Its a much more vibrate red. this is almost maroon. But hey im no paint expert


This is so much win. Best FRS ever imo. Can't wait for the hotter NA motor. They could very well end up being the front-runners to something amazing there as I have not seen anybody get serious about that little motor without adding some sort of Forced-Induction.


This is amazing. So much inspiration comes from this, and in true build fashion; it's never done!
Are there any videos of this thing? I'd love to hear the notes that come from that exhaust system.


speedhunters_dino JoshuaWhitcombe That is incredible, shows how dedicated they were to getting it all just right .


Would love to have seen that bare metal,


munichm3 With decent grip ~3 degrees is practical and a little stretch (the contact patch won't be negatively affected by what this car has) feels really good to me, adds to response. I know it's cool to bash stance / wheels / fenders right now but you need to find a more worthy target.


Slinger I'll get some video once the engine is upgraded, it'll be more fun then :D


CharlesChris15 the undercoat makes al the difference. You see the highlights around the wheel arches? Those were made by spraying light metallic silver underneath


Jake d haha glad you came back to have a proper look!


Pancakes munichm3 this isn't built for stance


Kirk_B speedhunters_dino lol yeah, he might grate some cheese on it as well.


The road less traveled turns out to be very rewarding!
Even after a lot of consideration, I'm not sure if I like the spoke design. Hopefully it's like a fine wine and gets better with age. The car is truly a functional work of art. You've got a good eye Dino.


Pancakes looks pretty stancy to me.


Jake d Same here dude


bluestreaksti Thank you kind Sir!:)


Very refreshing.  Stands out from all the Rocket Bunny's left right and center for sure.  I wonder how many hours of labor he's put in this project for the body work to stand out the way it does.


My car got backed into while it was parked near the sidewalk.  The front fender got smashed in rather severely.  This is affecting the wheels from turning.  Is there any way that I can have an auto body repairman do a house call?


It seems like a good thing that there are businesses out there that can help with auto body work and make it look good.   This might seem important, especially if someone were to get in an accident or have their car damaged.   With all of the different options out there, it might be a good thing to do some research into the subject and see what would work for your situation.


a real piece of art, unlike all those others out there, something to aspire to


a real piece of art, unlike all those others out there, something to aspire to