V8 Hachirockin': The Angriest 86 Ever
I’ve Got An Idea

Start with a space-framed NASCAR-inspired racecar. Add a clean, street and drift-ready AE86. Throw in an full-race LSx motor. Then fabricate the crap out them until they morph into one.

What do you get? Driftworks’ newest assault weapon – an earsplitting drift machine built on the legendary looks of a Hachiroku!

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -12

Almost… Because it’s a lot more complicated than that. But don’t stress, for now let your mind wander and you’ll be amazed where it can take you. If you’re a purist you might not like this pick’n’mix approach to car building, but if you’ve got a heartbeat I defy you to not crack a grin when you hear a race-tuned V8 bouncing off the limiter whilst tyre smoke spews from sacrificial rubber.

b Driftworks AE86 V8 -17

You don’t just stumble upon a build like this, so let me tell you how I came to be lying on ground taking pictures like this one. Oh, and there is a video later you’ll definitely want to see…

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -41

Driftworks is a name that should be familiar to many Speedhunters. The UK-based business – born from a back bedroom idea – is fuelled by the drive and determination of its founding partners Phil Morrision and James Robinson.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -26

That business has seen exponential growth in the decade since its founding and is now internationally recognized. Throughout it all, the guys have stayed true to the mantra of having fun and not getting too hung up on what others are doing. That’s not to say they ignore what’s going on around the world: they watch with keen interest – and then do what they want, with an occasional dose of hooligan thrown in.

Driftworks AE86 V8 -2-2

So it’s this innate ability to understand the rules of drifting and all its associated legend, folklore, myth and technique that allows them to put something like the ‘DW86′ together.

Driftworks AE86 V8 -6

The guys have learned and respect the history of the sport. They’ve also built enough competition cars to know that in present-day drifting you need power – and lots of it.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -72

The early days were filled with S-chassis shells and SR motors, but when the S15 that they debuted in 2008 was sold, it marked a turning point – taking a huge step forwards while revisiting their roots at the same time. After all, you don’t just wake up one morning and build the worlds most badass AE86!

Let’s Buy A Racecar
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -100

With business success came the ability to build amazing dream cars.  So when Phil spotted a running ASCAR for sale in the UK at a very cheap price, he jumped at the opportunity. The ASCAR series was an attempt at NASCAR-style racing in Europe, and like all series that fizzle out, the competition cars it left behind have filtered through the secondhand market looking for a home. Take a look at this short video to see the car that kicked it all off – what would be the first thing you’d do in a V8 RWD racecar you just bought?

Driftworks AE86 V8 -12

As much fun as a roundy-round racecar might be, it was never going to pass tech inspection for a series like the British Drift Championship, which is where Phil spends most of his competitive seat time. As I witnessed firsthand at the BDC’s early-August Lydden Hill round in south east England, the variety of weapons people bring to the track is incredible. But one simple rule amongst a few others keeps it attainable – no bulkhead modifications.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -62

So with a race-bred V8 and a whole bunch of rear-wheel drive hardware to house, what to use as a donor? Oh it wasn’t this race-bred V8 though, that would be way too simple….

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -73

This is where history comes in to play, because Phil and a lot of the guys associated with the early days of drifting in the UK (like the rest of the world) took their inspiration from Initial D and the iconic AE86 Trueno. At the same time the ASCAR showed up, a clean but non-original Trueno sat in the corner of the Driftworks workshop. So it was really only a matter of time before somebody said ‘what if?’

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -16

On that notion, Phil went straight next door to see Craig Taylor and his band of talented fabricators and mechanics. Dyno Torque is responsible for a large percentage of the LS V8 swapped cars in the UK and around Europe, and if you watched that clip I pointed you towards a moment ago you would have seen Craig’s own 1000hp-plus twin turbo RX-7 wrecking tyres too.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -6

It does make me wonder – if Phil didn’t have somebody like Craig next door, would his ideas get as far as they do? Nothing presents too much of a challenge to Dyno Torque, and the answer is always ‘yes’. So with a warehouse full of parts and a couple of donor cars, work began on prepping the shell.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -7

Given the Driftworks product range and experience with S-chassis, the front end was configured from a hybrid pile of S14 and AE86 specific parts. Some of it has been modified to get it to work, but the inner wings and chassis rails are still mid-’80s Toyota fare.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -1

Instantly, the difference in width can be seen. Sure, the car is wearing 17×9-inch CCW wheels up front, but just check out how far the lower arms reach towards the original bodyline. Take a look at this video of the naked prepped shell being driven for the first time.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -43

Custom Kevlar overfenders were fabricated by Magic Aero to perfectly house the gorgeous split rims. I wonder if Driftworks will end up selling these – it’s a good look that I wouldn’t mind seeing more of.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -21

Looking at the Trueno from a straight-on side profile, the spirit of the original car is still very much evident. Being a fan of the original car it’s something Phil was keen to keep, and why the AE86 wears a TRD N2-type boot spoiler – albeit integrated into the FRP hatch. And did you notice that it’s running 18-inch tall (and 10.5-inch wide) wheels at the back? The subtle staggered wheel and tyre size being very hard to spot at first.

c Driftworks AE86 V8 -1

Being able to making clouds isn’t easy though, and there was plenty more work to do before the glory… And when I say glory I mean kickass videos! And clouds!

LS Sex
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -87

With insane 100mph-plus entry speeds and the potential for four figure horsepower, the 30-year-old shell needed some serious reinforcing. Prepared by Dyno Torque and Nickson Motorsport, Phil went for some extra space and side impact protection. The fact that we refer to this style of cage in the UK as being ‘NASCAR’ is quite apt!

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -54

On the inside it’s all business – because this thing has been built to win. Cobra Seats added some of their custom embroidery and colour in the signature Driftworks orange hue.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -52

Another scan of the shelves delivered a Driftworks Nardi wheel to Dyno Torque, but with very trick Cartek wireless push-button controls for when Phil engages battle mode. The large-bore hose you can see in this picture and the one before allows filtered fresh air to feed straight to his helmet.

Driftworks AE86 V8 -2

It’s perfect for those chase moments when the smoke takes over.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -65

For all the smoke, thunder and lightning, it’s the V8 party up front that most people have been talking about since the Toyota made its debut earlier in the year. The original motor from the ASCAR is long gone though, now replaced by this specially-built and freshly-imported 454ci LSx. For those that don’t know, it’s basically an off-the-shelf race motor sourced direct from General Motors’ GM Performance division.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -67

With two banks of Jenvey throttle bodies bolted on top, it not only looks achingly cool, it also kicks out 646hp at the rear wheels. Torque peaks at 640lbs/ft – more than enough to rip the world another trench with only 1243kg to propel. That’s wet weight too!

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -51

That weight includes 28kg for the 28 litres of Evans waterless coolant that the DW86 uses – the rear-mounted radiator shown here from the drivers side rear window vent. Those black circles are where the fans have sucked dirt against the core, and yes – at some stage the guys will probably clean it off.

But they’re usually too busy doing stuff like this… You know how you guys always ask for video? Well, I’m glad to say Phil wasn’t shy at showing us what the car is capable of. This is what we love.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -97

The industrial estate that Driftworks call home is fairly quiet by the end of the day, and it also happens to be a private road. So Phil, being the consummate hooligan, had to give us a show – and there was no way in hell I was going to stop him.

Did somebody say burnout? This is how you get an opening shot like the one at the start. This is where clouds come from, kids…

Driftworks AE86 V8 -11

So as much as the DW86 is about competition and showing off the products of Driftworks, it’s also about remembering why we get up in the morning: to put smiles on our faces and get a kick out of what we do.

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -3

The twin exhausts line up perfectly to kick up the tyre smoke. Why? Because it looks good! And if you disagree, you probably need to listen to your inner child some more…

b Driftworks AE86 V8 -3

If you don’t you’ll risk forgetting how to ask the question ‘What if?’… And if we all did that it would be a great shame, because then we’d never get to say WTF?!

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: Speedhunterbryn

Cutting Room Floor

Here’s a bumper crop for you, so take a look at some of the detailed work! From air jacks to digital displays…

a Driftworks AE86 V8 -17
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -19
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -25
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -30
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -45
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -49
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -50
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -64
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -69
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -78
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -82
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -96
a Driftworks AE86 V8 -99
b Driftworks AE86 V8 -19
Driftworks AE86 V8 -1
Driftworks AE86 V8 -3
Driftworks AE86 V8 -10
Driftworks AE86 V8 -13


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That exhaust setup is clever.




Not usually a drift car fan but damn, what a beast of a car. I have never seen a rear mount radiator in a 86 before, but it makes total sense with the swap.


V8 here, V8 there, this one is a little special but its the car thats amazing!


So what was actually retained from the ascar?


That engine sounds like a black hole puking the devil itself.



Kevlar, I bloody knew it :)


I have waited so long and you did not disappoint =D
I will always prefer a high-revving 4 in an ae86, but when you want badass a high-revving big block isn't half bad either. And GOD that sound!


I was subbed to driftworks and i saw this thing from the start, that sound is like wanting to have a nightmare.


akshaygollapalli seems like all the driveline(tranny diff etc) except the v8.


Finally an article on this insane 86

JMax Paint Garage LLC

Tires have nightmares of this AE86. Seen this concept build from the ground up. Amazing.


robzor akshaygollapalli along with the brakes, rear axle, and a bit more besides


Those guys are the coolest! The atmosphere they created at the forums, the "global" feeling driftworks has is well represented on their build, a japanese chassis, with an american engine, built in europe... this car is just amazing!


Hot damn, that thing is pissed and rocking indeed.


This is one of those rare cars that just makes my jaw drop. I'm awe struck that someone would build an 86 to this level and I truly wish there were more cars like this. For me this is what a great build is all about. Fantastic car.


OMFG! That 86 is evil! So many ideas brew in my brain...and then I realize I'm broke, lol.
Keep it coming guys!


I always thought D-Mac's rotary AE86 was pretty much the most badass AE86 out there. Too bad that car didn't come to the states and Formula D. It would have been nice to see it slide through Long Beach, Wall, and Irwindale.

This madness is also pretty intense. It definitely doesn't sound like what you expect it to sound (assuming you didn't know it had an LS swap).


I am absolutely infatuated with this build. The quality and 'fit and finish' is incredible. i mean who bothers with upholstery and stitch/seam welding? It must be a relatively new completion to look so good underneath as well. I love the sound, the idea, and the execution. Top notch.


akshaygollapalli iirc quite a bit of the chassis made it inside the AE86 too.


Hi everyone,
I don't have word for this car, just amazing.
But, I wondering, how much money is spent on this car setup (approximately).

Thanks for answer. B)


TiborRak I don't have an exact figure, but when you look at the power to weight figures and the levels of protection and performance you've got, you'd have to go a long way to better them. You're talking supercar numbers.


Hun'er MANtz The Driftworks team will be happy to hear that, Phil is a bit of a perfectionist so there are plenty of things on the DW86 he isn't happy about, but it's done 6 maybe 7 competitive events now!


LouisYio It's a sharp sound right? The NA really makes it sound crisp, the fact it's an LSX too, built to rev. Not something people normally associate with a V8.


kphillips9936 Driftworks started from a back bedroom ten years ago, imagine where you could be in ten years from now? :)


@Chris Not everybody with the resources of Driftworks would commit to such an off the wall build, they're out there though. Really great cars to do features on too, the story is always killer.


Jun Imai It's got that perfect mix of 'hey you know me' and 'I want to kill you'. Like a drunk mate who starts a fight!


mbretschneider Great way of summing it up :)


GregFentonHNHS It took a little longer than planned but we wanted to get it right, video content, burnouts and proper underside shots.


InnerToxicity Twice the four cylinder fun I say!


ToyotaSupraMan Damn, I'm going to steal that line!


austintpeterson And effective, it's such an obvious choice but the way it kicks the smoke out is insane!


Quite an amazing build, and to be honest, it's the first AE86 I know to use a V8 engine. And to top it off, those Achilles tires are Indonesian.


What an amazing work of art. I've been following this beasts progress since the start of it and I never would have guessed that it would've come out looking so sexy. The Driftworks team has so talent and potential and they are growing quite fast.


Love the photos Bryn!!


I'm not usually a huge fan of LS swaps in drift cars, but this build is awesome! There is something awesome about wide, low and loud 86's that is just so awesome. Also the amount of fabrication that has been done, and the time that has been poured into building and developing the car is insane!


@Jeroen Willemsen Thanks Jeroen, appreciate it! :)


simplyraka There are a few AE86 V8s out there, but this is certainly one of/if not the best. Phil really liked the Achilles tyres, this was the first time he'd drifted on them!


FernonChop They enjoy what they do, which is what makes a big difference I think.


JoshuaWhitcombe They wanted to do it right and do it once, certainly one of my favourite cars of the year so far.


The big block is sick, but a boosted 2J would've been more my thing. Badass car though, and i hope they end up selling those overfenders.


Was skeptical when i first heard they sold the s15 and build an ae86 ( i mean what?? another ae 86 build.. again.. ) but this is thing turn a beast... simply awesome..  great job driftworks


Sick car! The quality of the build is amazing and that noise! Hats off to the drift works team!


Jun Imai Make a Hot Wheels out of it?


I was at Driftworks when the ASCAR had just arrived, and surely when I heard about the plans the first thing I said was WTF?!

Amazing machine and amazing article Bryn!


Speedhunters_Bryn Hun'er MANtz Good to know they dont tear up tires just to please the camera. 'Real world' drivability and refinement just makes it that much more impressive!


JohnTruitt Turbo 2J would have been heavier, slower, and had a terrible powerband relative to the LSX. This engine is perfect for the needs of a drift car; linear power -everywhere-.


simplyraka There are quite a few V8 AE86s, using anything from a small block LSx (1, 6, 7...), this LSX big block, Toyota's UZ series, some ex-NASCAR engines, and even the V8 from the IS-F.
A V8 AE86 is something I dream about pretty much every day.


westhave Thanks :)


Speedhunters_Bryn Seriously...this is a 10 for me and I really don't say that very often. I would love to see some more video of this, they've really made something special with this car. Ughh....you're killin me Bryn hahaha.


Ugly and heavy as fuck.


I bet that dudes feet get hot as hell from the exhaust and trans in that car.


Speedhunters_Bryn JoshuaWhitcombe definitely agreed on that, gotta love a mental drift build.


I knew it was a LS powered car as soon a I read it was V8 powered. Com'on people! Get a lil' more original with your engine choices.


Skitter302 id say its fairly original in an ae86


Skitter302 the whole nascar-spec thing isn't original enough for you? your standards are way too high dude


nickthaskater JohnTruitt agree that comment.if you did a 2j project,the first thing you need to deal with is the lag...V8 won't have such problem and much lighter


otar Skitter302 This is what the scene has come to. Any V8 swap isn't original. Sometimes I really think half the people who comment on this stuff have never even been in a car with 600 + hp let alone 400. I really love this car and to say it's unoriginal is ridiculous. Just ignore the drones who don't know any better Otar.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Looks like a fearsome machine! Nice bodywork and engine swap. I worked on a Twin Turbo Z33 which was filled with EVANS, but never had the chance of pushing it to the maximum to evaluate the benefits of it. What's the main caracteristic of EVANS? Is the temperature more stable or does it simply not go so high in temp?

Thanks and nice article!


I dislike V8 swaps, but damn this is a monster!


HarryK It's hard to resist huh? :)


@Chris otar Skitter302 Haha, well I suppose a radial, 16 cylinder would have been more 'original'. But you probably wouldn't have liked that because it stuck out too much, oh and the next time you lump an LSx in as an 'LS', it's like calling a Las Vegas showgirl a high school cheerleader.


AZGhost623 Asbestos socks ;)


marvis I'm intrigued by what standards you judge it by? The ugly thing is fine by me, if you don't like it then you don't like it. But heavy as fuck? Compared to a road bike maybe...


Never really been in to drifting as too many kiddies buy a rwd car and try to do it in supermarket car parks (tossers)
But the real drifters i have nothing but respect for.The prep work thats gone in to this is amazing well done to all involved.


marvis 1200kg wet weight.... Heavy?!? lol.


I love this build. I've followed it from the start and at every stage you know its been a labour of love rather than some, 'throw in a big engine and a bright colour and TaDa you've got a marketing vehicle'. They built it to be driven, to win and to make them happy, and I've got nothing but respect for that. I wish the DW guys all the best with what they do, as it's pretty clear they're very passionate about it and that's what makes the car scene awesome.


What an immaculate build. I've also followed the build thread on DW and couldn't wait for it to finally get here.
Outstanding guys! 
Now imagine how great would it be if they could bring it to Tsukuba for the 86 day and mingle with all the rest... Closing the train with a roaring V8... 
By the way - I feel a wee bit sorry for the next couple of builds on here, because this is so up there with the best, it makes the "rocket bunnies" look like toys. 
PS: Thanks for the videos, it would be a sin not to hear it rip through the gears.


marvis heavy by what standards? Considering the V8 swap and the fact that the figure is wet weight (including all the liquids and stuff), it's still a lightweight car, even though it only weighs slightly over 900 kg bone stock.


Cmon speedhunters, every feature needs vids like that!


Speedhunters_Bryn otar Skitter302 I hear if you pay em enough you can call them whatever you want!


There are a lot of builds out there now with V8 swaps but its awesome to see that they are not all the same. This thing is amazing and with such a good story to it.
Were the kevlar fenders a one-off build specifically for this car?


why are the exhaust pipes two different lengths?


Afroneck I think there's a common misconception that all V8 swaps are the same, by the definition of swapping in an alien engine, it gets my interest. And yup, custom formed for this car.


AlexLobanov Haha, I know! It does help when you're shooting next to the company HQ of somebody like Driftworks who totally get the value of video. I was stood above Rich who did the filming, unfortunately we can't do both!


Been following this awesomeness for a while. Great feature, great coverage.


Skitter302 You didn't read a thing did you?


Hmm I reckon this is one of my favourite features on any site to date. The video(s) sealed the deal.


People tend to hate on the v8 swaps, like having a 5-600 hp badass sounding engine is a bad thing.. This small car is gorgeous!!


Car of the year. No doubt. Maybe even car of the last three years! Awesome story telling as always Speedhunters_Bryn


Awesome article Speedhunters_Bryn. This machine is an absolute beast!


Bryn.... Why do you start a feature with the words 'If you’re a purist you might not like this pick’n’mix approach to car building' ?!
Why do I continually read commentary fuelling this purist vs modification argument? 
It seems absolutely pointless to even address the issue.


AdamBezzegh There will always be the "why did you" "boring and same old" etc comments but when it's you're own money looking for big reliable power serviceable with off the shelf parts it's hard to argue against a V8, for swaps especially as the length is a factor. Let the haters build their own :)


MrSOLOMON85 The moving parts on the rear are asymmetric and the pipes on either side need to fit around the diff and etc movement. When everything is in place on a car it looks easy, getting two big pipes without hard (tight or difficult to fabricate) turns that don't foul or interfere with any other part is a mission!


Afroneck Love the fenders and that they don't look like overfenders / flares, they're more of a whole panel part.


porsche924jj CG617 nickthaskater JohnTruitt getting an IL6 to fit when the firewall can't be tampered with. Length is an issue. Really LSX > 2JZ


ok thanks


OMENX Okay, so you're focusing on one line from an entire article. No comment on the car at all? Did my sentence offend you that much you didn't read the rest? 

That aside, I didn't start the feature with those words, they are contained in the second paragraph. I hardly think that's an attempt at firing up the purists, if I'd have wanted to do that I would have gone with something far more controversial much earlier on. Such as the title.

Fact is this is Speedhunters, it's not Standard Trueno monthly, we are the entire magazine rack pushed in to one 'publication'. So we know, accept and enjoy the fact that automotive enthusiasts of all kinds will read our articles. I have to consider that when writing an enthusiast who appreciates concours builds or drift missiles may wander in. We are not a defined outlet, cars are our culture.

Put it another way, you might like death rock music, and your mate who likes indie happens to end up at a gig with you, do you ignore the fact it's not his usual taste? It's still music, you like it so maybe you can sway him towards your taste with some mutual understanding? 

The fact remains that there will be purists that read this article and don't approve of the engine swap, I respect that but I will try and appeal to them as well. So that they might have a greater understanding of why it has been done. 

It's not pointless, people out there might not agree with you and by not acknowledging that you're effectively saying, 'I don't care about your opinion.' But I do.


Followed the build of this on the Driftworks forum, great to see the car get such a good write up on here. 
I've seen the DW86 on track a couple of times and it hasn't disappointed. It sounds immense and looks superb, love how they have retained the original lines and not gone for an OTT look with the body.


THE NOISE!!!!!!! Sounds like a tiger being stabbed to death.

Great write up Bryn.


i like it


JohnTruitt It's not a "big block". Its the same exact small compact size as a standard small block Chevy, or any other LS/LT GM V8. from 4.8L - 7.0L all the same external size.


dadecode JohnTruitt An LSX is a modernized, fuel injected 454, which is a 7.4L. So yes, it is a "big block", and not like any LS/LT GM V8.


Pancakes porsche924jj CG617 nickthaskater JohnTruitt Yeah I get that, I just think that a 2J would've been cooler, and it would've satisfied the little bit of purism that seems to come out of me whenever I see cross-branded motor swaps. And while it may be heavier, it's definitely not slower. There are Supra's out there with 2Js good for 4 digit power.


JohnTruitt Pancakes porsche924jj CG617 nickthaskater Why is cross branding an issue? It's all bits of metal to me. By the time the crank has been swapped, block sleeved, head milled, valves, springs, cams, pistons, rods etc etc bought, customised and assembled who cares where the thing was cast?


Pancakes JohnTruitt porsche924jj CG617 nickthaskater Yeah yeah, I've heard the reasoning, and I'm sure you too have heard my point of view plenty of times before. I'm just pitching in my two cents, no biggie.


Definitely a masterpiece for sure but just confused why choose LSX(which I knew it's usually use to put force induction on it) ,also, because it is a completely forge inside so must be havier than normal LS, engine from C5R should be best choice in my opinion...


porsche924jj CG617 nickthaskater JohnTruitt yeah yeah but don't forget it is still a turbo one...and it is much longer than V8, and it is still heavier than V8 though lsx is forged one...


JohnTruitt dadecode WRONG, do some research. the "big block" designation has nothing to do with displacement.It's literally all about the size of the engine block. Before the "small block" Chevy was introduced in 1955, ALL American V8s were physically large. The "Small Block was as short and slightly wider than a small 4 cylinder engine (as it still is now). The Big Block Chevys (and later Fords) were produced parallel to the "small block" engines up until the late 90s-eary 2000s as factory production options in cars and in the later iterations - trucks. 

You can still buy a true Big Block 454-672ci Chevy, or  427ci and up Ford, or Chrysler (440 wedge or 426 and bigger HEMI) from the aftermarket suppliers and even Mopar, GM, or Ford. But the LSX engine is no Big Block. 

As I stated before it's merely a race prepped GM performance "Small Block" Gen III/LS based engine package.


Speedhunters_Bryn OMENX 
I think you have completely missed my point!
Yes I did read the entire article and love what they have done here, I think the concept was unique and the build was incredible to say the least.

I personally have owned modified and drag cars in the past and currently own an completely standard 1969 Mazda R100. So this has nothing to do with the style of the car.
My comment does however have to do with the fact that for a very long time I have continually read stories from numerous writers which seems to fuel this whole debate.

If your comment is true that Speedhunters "are the entire magazine rack pushed in to one 'publication'" at least have the integrity not to pigeon hole readers or cars. 
Present them for what they are without the need for comparisons.

Sometimes I have wished to only see the amazing photography that you all skilfully provide with a driver profile and spec sheet on the vehicle.


Ummmm eff all yall crying itches this shit go hard Good job guys!!


dadecode JohnTruitt It literally says "LSX 454 BIG BLOCK built from our LSX Small Block". So if anything its both, and there was no reason to correct me in the first place...


So perfect...




afroguy Or a tiger being sucked into a jet turbine


JohnTruitt dadecode I realize I'm 6 months late to the party but dadecode is right, the big block has nothing to do with displacement, evidenced by the fact that you could (and still can) get a 348 big block and a 350 small block, a 427 small block or a 427 big block and a 454 big block or a 500 small block. what Chevy means when they say "Big block performance built from our LSX small block" is that they've borrowed technology from the big blocks that made them such popular motorsport engines early on. 

Big blocks came around from a need to reliably power bigger, heavier cars in the 60's as such they were built with a focus on torque production vs horsepower so they feature manhole size intake ports, longer stroke (4.25in in the Olds 455), low rpm inclinations due to their wedged combustion chambers and lots of cubic inches. Chevy has borrowed some of this technology for the LSX454, the engine has a taller deck height to accommodate a longer stroke, the heads feature really big intake ports, there's more material on the engine to so as to achieve larger displacements. overally its's constructed as a small block it still features small block hallmarks its's a small block with big block technology to make it a better motorsport engine.


I've had it up to here with v8s. They're so incredibly boring to read about. I honestly just can't stand reading about boring general motors motors in other cars. There's a bazillion other things to do to your car, but these seem to be getting more and more attention. I suppose boring, cheap, reliable, gray, bland, non exciting, super amuurrrica poor man style is what's cool around the world now. Why bother even modifying cars? The obvious answer is to just use NASCAR vehicles in every form of racing, and then make a torrent of articles about them. 

though i digress...... -_-


Pancakes AdamBezzegh There will always be the "lets the haters hate" etc comments but when you're a reader and are very bored and frustrated with your favorite blog's new tendency to publish countless articles on on the same tired motors, and their owners justifying a lack of creativity with claims of big reliable power that's hard to argue with. Let the content readers stay content with boring :)

two sides to the coin bub.


sbradley237 Skitter302 I'd say that putting those engines in anything is completely non original and essentially turns otherwise well rounded cars into identicle v8 things with different body panels...


johnbezt Aaawwww, someone has never driven or played with a LSX V8. *poutty face*.

Jonathan Casey Woland

This is obviously the most insane, existing and inspiring Hachiroku of all the time. I love her and all that stuff...
You see my insane daily-driver Trueno V8 Project Desire, powered by 1UZ-FE in future, believe me!
Not this year at all but this decade will be totally blown up by her! I'm so hot in this...


What would everyone think of a BMW v8 Swapped into an AE86? (Possibly quad turbo with a goal of 700hp)


Sooooo..... it’s an AE86 shell with only two original AE86 parts (rear coil overs and tension springs) and it’s called “The Angriest 86”???!!!!


Yea, that’s basically it. I was hyped when I saw the tight fitment, but then I gagged at the v8 engine that is sooooooo overused. Get creative Speedhunters!