The Last Car You’ll Ever Need?
How To Build A Car In A Week

In a perfect world, we’d all have (at least) one car for every day of the week. You could have the family transport/parts hauler, the going out on the town car, the track machine, the restored classic, a wild supercar or whatever other type of automobile suits your fancy.

We all love to dream about such a situation.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -17

Unfortunately there’s this little thing called reality, and unless your last name happens to be Leno and your first name Jay, we are all in some way limited by the constraints of parking space and budget.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -35

So if you had to limit all of your automotive adventures to just one single car, what would it be? For me something like Audi’s RS4 Avant sounds like it’d be perfect. It’s stylish, it’s fast, it’s roomy and comfortable. It’s also unique.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -5

With the right aftermarket tweaks, it can also be made even cooler – as is this case with this B7 RS4 Avant built by Switzerland’s BS-Carstyling, the same outfit responsible for the bitchin’ BMW wagon that Bryn recently shared with us.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -42

BS-Carstyling actually got a hold of the Avant just two weeks before this year’s Wörthersee event in Austria, and completed the entire build in only a week’s time.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -48

Whether it’s a BMW or an Audi, Buni Seferi and his guys at BS seem to know a thing or two about building a badass estate car. The list of modifications on this car is not huge, but boy is it effective.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -11

First off there’s the suspension, an HP Drivetech air ride setup with shortened shocks and an AccuAir e-Level system to keep everything dialed in properly.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -28

While I know there are those who still can’t get behind air suspension systems for whatever reasons, it’s hard to argue with its effectiveness on this car.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -37

There will always be something nice about being able to dump the car in the weeds when you want, or raise it up and haul the kids to school in comfort.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -7

Further adding to the car’s aggressive look is the camber. It’s set at -3.5 degrees in the rear and -4.0 degrees in the front with a set of Eibach control arms.

Wheels Seal The Deal
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -32

With the suspension figured out, the next step would be fitting a proper set of wheels that would suit the RS4’s blend of performance and style.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -1

Like the Bimmer, the Audi is wearing a set of concave wheels from the Vossen catalog – CV1s to be exact, with custom-painted gloss black lips and matte black centers.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -27

It definitely takes a certain type of car to pull of all-black wheels, and with the red centers and red accents on the RS4’s brakes it all comes together well.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -10

The monoblock wheels measure 19×10-inch +36 all around with 22mm spacers on each corner. The fenders have also been widened to match, with an increase of 1.7 centimeters over stock in the rear.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -22

Other subtle exterior modifications include shaved roof rails and a matte black US market grille.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -23

The headlights were also refinished in black chrome, with the taillights smoked to match. All in all, it makes for a look that’s fitting with the RS4’s muscle wagon appeal.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -14

While the RS4 was a screamer right off the showroom floor, a few go-fast bits have been added – namely a an ECU upgrade and air intake from Quattro GmbH.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -34

There’s also a full custom exhaust system that helps extract music from that 4.2-liter V8. Naturally, if you are just going to have one car you’d want it to sound pretty good right?

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -16

With a plenty of performance, room to carry the whole family in style and an effective combination of aftermarket modifications it’s hard to argue with the concept of having this RS4 as your lone vehicle.

BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -33

While the idea of having just one car to do everything might be tough to digest for some of us, if that one vehicle was something like this Audi, it might not be such a bad thing after all.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Photos by Bryn Musselwhite

Cutting Room Floor
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -38
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -9
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -36
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -12
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -47
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -15
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -18
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -21
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -26
BS Carstyling Audi RS4 Worthersee Vossen -41




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Yeah, I'd take one of those!

On another note, is anyone else seeing no Next links?


Why the "go fast" parts when you drag it on its belly and stretch the tires?


Have to say air ride actually suits this low n fast, luxury wagon. I'd love something like this in my garage.


Sorry to say guys, but even I'm getting sick of these stories (never thought I'd say that...) As soon as the title popped up on my screen I knew this would be another story of a car riding on Vossen wheels and air suspension. I like the cars, no problem there, the problem is there's been so many of these types of stories so often it's getting stale/boring to me.


kphillips9936 Airbags. Read the article good sir.


Oh no, not again!


Oh yes, again and again!


I just want to start seeing more euros


MilesHayler i dont see them either

Gianluca FairladyZ

Congrats to my buddie Roland! That's a nice car these guys buildt! Bryn did you take some pics of the red 996 that they buildt?


Love the Bimmer M3 Touring, Love the Audi RS4 Avant, Do not love the Rims and stance. IMO it's not suiting those two cars very much


D1RGE EXE kphillips9936 I did good sir and still don't understand the fixation of driving like this.


@Niek Good to know I'm not alone on that one.


dont get the title :c


@speedhunters_reader MilesHayler same here


I'm not so sure, the last car I'll ever need is one of these


JakWhite Lol yeah that would do me.
The audi just needs a tow bar and it would be perfect..


in some situations i think hard parkin is kinda lame. this is one.


kphillips9936 D1RGE EXE The point is that you can use the airbags to "slam" the car when it's stopped and then go back to a regular height for driving.


Given that this car has nothing to really stand out from thousands of other modified cars I thought this article was going to be an advert for Airlift, but seeing as it's got different brand suspension I realized it must be for Vossen... what wheels does this have? Thought so.
I appreciate that you guys are running a business and something has to pay for the actual journalism, but I think you need to have a think about how much space you dedicate to cars that are featured only because they advertise a 'commercial partner'. If a sponsor makes a truly awesome car then of course by all means give then the column inches, but otherwise can't you find a way to provide advertising that looks like advertising, instead of passing it off as a feature car? SH used to have a cool edgy vibe, but it becomes more and more about providing sponsor exposure which feels kinda dirty and really turns me off.
On the other hand, good job on the Honda feature and also the '69 merc 280SL ; it's nice to see something different - these are the sort of cars that bring me back and make me notice a sponsor banner.


Yeah, seriously guys. I understand you're running a business, but this sponsor coverage is getting WAY out of hand. You've got two feature cars, in a row, that arguably would not have been featured if they didn't have Vossen or Airlift parts respectively. The Golf, while nice, is "just another" GTI on BBS'. This is "just" an RS4 with wheels and air. Nothing sets them apart from a million other modified cars.
I get that sponsors probably require a minimum amount of coverage, but the Miura/Vossen/Air Lift circle jerk is genuinely starting to negatively impact your content.


JakWhite You can't post that pic here, there is no air ride or Vossen wheels!


I've often said before that if i had to have 'one car for forever' itd be and awd hot audi. I think this is what i had in mind! nice article, sick car.


JonathanW I couldn't have said it better.  These shameless sponsor plugs are getting REALLY old and diluting what made this site so interesting.


JonathanW couldn't have said it better.


What year is this? I love wagons...


One car forever? Evo 8 MR FQ340 or Lancia Delta S4 Stradale


Hideously modded...


JonathanW Amen.


ToyotaSupraMan kphillips9936 D1RGE EXE Again, I don't see the point in all that. I love to DRIVE my cars, not "wake it up or make it sit up" just so I can drive. And why stretch tires over those overpriced, oversized Vossens? A good way to destroy tires and lord help him if they hit a curb or something. 

Give me a set of 16's or 17's, a set of well fitted tires and coil overs anyday.


Gianluca FairladyZ Does it have air suspension or Vossens? If not, my guess is a big no.


I probably also should have mentioned it's not just the fact these cars were covered. It's the way the stories are written. That Golf feature read like a shameless plug, gushing praise.


One car forever. Easy. Mercedes Benz 220D W123 in red


My dream Multipurpose car? It's has to be either the Range Rover Sport. It's British, a SUV, has AWD, roomy/luxurious, and it's no slowpoke!


I like it :)


kphillips9936 ToyotaSupraMan D1RGE EXE
You do realize there are people in the world who have tastes that are DIFFERENT from yours, right?


Another car on bags. Another car on Vossens. Yaaaaaawm. Way to think outside the box guys...
I wish Dino made a site on his own dedicated to Japanese madness and insider articles on Japanese car culture.


Toyota Corrolla GT-S| ae80| Hachi Roku, the car of the tofu´s shop!! i love it


AlejandroRamirez i feel the pain!
try checking this site out...not updated as much, but lots of good old grass root JDM goodness!


why cant adblocker block these types of storeis as well?!!?!
i feels  like this place is loosing what made it unique and appealing!!


@Tek kphillips9936 ToyotaSupraMan D1RGE EXE Yep and you do realize that it is MY opinion, right?


What you like ? Buy car attentively.


Nikhil_P AlejandroRamirez

This link has been the highlight of clicking this poor feature article.


Not a fan of the stickers, but It's clean and simple. I can dig it


"The Last Vossen/AccuAir Feature You'll Ever Need"


The last Speedhunters article I may ever read should've been your title.  It felt good to just delete the link to your site from my favorites.  I think I can go ahead and not get sad anymore about what you've become.  Not my hardest breakup but you and I just aren't right for each other.


Vittorio Jano Nailed it. This one definately won't die before you do. And still get over speed bumps.


kphillips9936 ToyotaSupraMan D1RGE EXE kphillips9936 - You might want to look at the stock wheel size before typing, 16's on this? I'd have HRE mill me up some factory looking +1" rims for my "one car". That one car would no doubt be an RS4 wagon and if air suspension worked better than any other option I'd do it. Would rather have it set to run from "track low" to "jacked for gravel / dirt / snow" than "regular to dumped" tho.


Guys' if you don't like this features don't read them, there are a bunch of other things to read in this site, and you only read the ones you don't like to bash on them ''OMG Speedhunters are such stancewhores''... Have you sean the freaking variety of features and articles on this site? Jesus, just enjoy the articles that appeal you, and the ones that don't, well, DON'T READ THEM.

Not a fan of the Vossens, but it looks really clean and unique.


You know it has nothing to do with not LIKING the Vossens right? It's because Vossen, Air Lift and Lei Miura sponsor Speedhunters, and their stuff makes up like half of anything the site posts these days. Plus, the articles read like nothing but a damn advertisement. It's not objective in the slightest.
A reputable website would label an advertorial as such. SH just passes them off as a genuine "article".


Nikhil_P AlejandroRamirez Yes.Yes.Yes.ALL OF MY YES!
None of the cars on the front page is hard parked or on poser wheels! Thanks a bunch!


i was seriously thinking of getting a a4 wagon. i dont think the rs4 is available in the US as a wagon platform. im torn between this and the m3 faced wagon. cool find!


it is a wagon!!  my faforite


@Geah Each to their own :)


"While the idea of having just one car to do everything might be tough to digest for some of us, if that one vehicle was something like this Audi, it might not be such a bad thing after all."

I believe this all goes back to the phrase "work with what you got", I respect this post. It shows another side of the tuning scene and kind of gives a subtle thumbs up to all us 'one car to do it all' guys.


For me that one true car would be RS6 ..
Personally i don`t like B7 audis at all.. not simple A4 .. not RS4 .. Not much of a fan for B5 neither.. (I like B6.. that would be an awesomely beautiful project).. 
But nonetheless It`s cool looking car.. I love the black rims - they add wierd accent to the car, and that is what makes it stick in your thoughts..


Great car with looks ruined by slamming it. Dumbest fad in a long time.