Planned and Slammed: A Phantom Wagon
You Can’t Have It

We all want what we can’t have – it’s the drive inside all humans to do better and explore more which put us on the moon. But it also means we’re hardly ever entirely satisfied, which is why I really want an M3 wagon like Buni Seferi’s from BS-Carstyling in Switzerland.

Yes, I did just compare going into space to my need for a BMW estate… That happened. Okay, so maybe it’s not as big a deal – but small steps and all that!

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-1

Very shortly I’ll be bringing you a couple of stories from my Wörthersee expedition at the end of May. I hung out with the Vossen guys whilst I was there and tagged along while they shot stills and film. So naturally we needed some cars to shoot and this E91 wagon was firmly on that list.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-6

Put together by BS as one of their own vehicles, there’s a lot going on here for what at first appears to be a simple build. There are three things which grabbed me when I first saw the E91 – first up the M3 body conversion. We showed you Nick Pritchard’s UK-built example earlier in 2014, but here BS have stuck to just the cosmetic components. There’s a good reason for that too, as in Switzerland it’s incredibly hard to legalise an engine swap or any form of modification for that matter.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-13

Next up are the Vossen CV7 wheels. I’m not even sure I could say they’re second place to the body conversion, because they’re about as subtle as your mother coming along on your first date. The simple design looks good here when mixed up with the complex body lines – gold to the body’s red sealing the deal. The wagon’s paint finish is incredible too and there’s a carbon roof for added impact. I also like how the temptation to tint the rear windows has been resisted, because all too often it can make a wagon look like a van when the fronts are left clear for legal reasons.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-10

The wheel fitment is, of course, immaculate and just wouldn’t have been possible under standard arches – the M3 front and rear panels adding 40mm each side. The CV7s measure 20×9-inch with an et25 offset and a 12mm spacers at the front, and a massive (for an E91) 20×10.5-inch et20 with 9mm spacers at the back. Looking at the wagon from this angle it makes all the difference seeing the tyres so wide. Often you’ll see wide arches and when you look underneath it’s all offset and no width – but that’s definitely not the case here.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-4

This was also the first time I’d seen a hidden – or removeable if you like – valve. It might take a little longer than usual to remove the cap and add air, but I really like it. Here you can see the depth of the rim too – I really like this combination of thick, concave spokes and then the clean rim, visible behind.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-11

One thing that enables you to have it all and still keep it practical is air suspension. Here twin compressors keep everything moving fast and the detailed pipe work is a nice touch. Of course, as a demo car it has to look good, but this could all so easily be hidden to keep that load space clear if you wanted.

Vossen Wheels Worthersee-18

Under the bonnet is a diesel motor – something that might seem sacrilegious to our American readers. But as ever I would refer you to our somewhat crippling fuel costs here in Europe and the fact this M3-inspired creation is driven every day. Oh, and have you seen the torque figures you can get from a ECU-remapped oil burner these days? And that’s why I look on in envy as it rolls past. No it’s not a moon landing scale event, but this is an example of how to have something nobody else has got and enjoy it to the maximum!

Bryn Musselwhite

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Can't look for long at the gold/yellow on red. A bit vomit inducing


INB4 people hating on this for not being Speedhunter-worthy. Take a pill, move along and don't worry about it. Speedhunters can feature whatever they damn well like. A Coke can on carrot stick suspension and toast for wheels.....if it's not your beef, just don't click.


I seriously do not understand when people invest thousands of dollars on aesthetic parts only to forget about the car's brakes in order to top it all off.


Awesome, I'm in love with those Vossen™ wheels. What I'd really love to see, in addition to more Vossen™ wheels, would be a Fatlace™ Ford Mustang™ tuned by RTR™, maybe with a Rocket Bunny™ body kit, or a Ben Sopra™ body kit, and sitting on Airlift Performance™ suspension with some Vossen™ wheels. That'd be so badass. Maybe feature the car in Need For Speed Rivals™ by EA Games®.


@crazietn And the brakes need upgrading because...?


KiwiMotoring This guy takes his time to do a full M3 conversion and leaves the car sitting on stock brakes. Kind of odd and throws of the idea of doing a M3 conversion isn't it? I mean, if you're trying to make a car aggressive, why not go all the way? Seems kind of relentless to leave out such a major detail such as the brakes that sits behind the aftermarket wheels that he bought in order to get peoples attention in that direction, right? BUT THEN AGAIN, it's not my car. Sooo just an opinion


I still don't see the big fixation on riding around like that. Tucked wheels, frame aching camber and stretched tires on Vossens? Just an equation for trouble.

If I'm gonna buy a performance car, I like to keep the performance. Nice car but not my cup of coffee.


Is the roof actual carbon fiber or is it wrapped?


Nice to see something from Switzerland.


@Jake Laird LOL®


@crazietn KiwiMotoring M3 body conversion. It's all standard under the skin. What annoys me is that they've fitted these wheels but still needed spacers. Why not just get the right offset to begin with?


kphillips9936 ....but it's not a performance car


@crazietn It's a diesel wagon. Why does it need big brakes?


Spaghetti kphillips9936 BMW= Performance in my book, wagon or otherwise.


kphillips9936 Spaghetti I think he's talking about the diesel aspect of the car.


@crazietn KiwiMotoring This is hard to put in a not mean way, but learn to read. Seriously. Thats the reason why a lot of this internet banter starts. The guy only swapped the body panels, the car has a diesel engine.

Gianluca FairladyZ

Hahahah that's fantastic!!!! that's my mate's car! He's living 5 minutes away from me! he made it! That's awesome! Go Buni!!!!


Very Tidy car! Really like that one!

Gianluca FairladyZ

otar KiwiMotoring  We live in Switzerland so we have limited possibilites of tuning a car because of the law. Almost everything is prohibited. He did a fantastic job in customizing that car. If someone doesent like the wheels you should see the car at raceism event with the Messer wheels equipped...  That's just his style, low and slow. You don't need big brakes and a M3 engine to go fast? Everyone knows that on stanced cars big engines and brake systems are only decoration. These cars are meant just for show.. that's it in my opionion. Check the link for the Messer wheels!


Spaghetti I would love to see a Coke can featured on Speedhunters. The SH staff should think of a april 1-st prank like that :D


3nigm4 I don't think the spacers are a big deal since they're only 9mm. They seem more like a slight adjustment to get the wheels sitting in the guards just right (which is of course subjective), rather than a solution to what you consider to be the 'wrong' offset. Anyway, personally I like the car - it's attractive (lovely body mods), practical (diesel wagon), and not too much of a compromise for a car that is designed to stand out. It's got me thinking about what I'd like to have as a daily driver in the future.


Onecton It's simple but effective right?


Gianluca FairladyZ Haha! No way! That's great, I also shot his Audi RS4. Really nice guy with some lovely cars :)


koko san It's been a while right? The Racetaxi bus was the last thing I can think of. There are some more stories there which are on the list for future trips though.


Brett Allen Actual carbon!


Pancakes Not to your taste but the finish was flawless, plus the look can be changed up really quickly with a change of rolling stock.


hikkusubei Spaghetti We need to make that happen...


Speedhunters_Bryn Onecton Indeed it is! Sometimes a healty drop and nice wheels is all you need ... okay and that one had an extensive body makeover ^^

Gianluca FairladyZ

Speedhunters_Bryn Gianluca FairladyZ  Yeah the RS4 is Roland's car :) You see, the world is a village! Keep up the good work guys!


Speedhunters_Bryn koko san well Switzerland is a great country, but not particularly Petrol Head friendly.


Gianluca FairladyZ I know, a just got a message from Buni too, he's on holiday this week. Small world :)


koko san I know it's not the easiest, but some of the most impressive stories I'm tracking are in Switzerland, from hidden garages full of proper race cars to full on replica Japanese touring cars and closed museums.


kphillips9936 Spaghetti I'm sure BMW will be very happy about your impression of them, but yes, this could well have been an unloved daily hack sat in the corner of the yard. But the team at BS can't leave anything alone, so even if it's largely cosmetic they have to do something. That said, it's why we only spotlighted the build and shot a full feature on their RS4 :)

Gianluca FairladyZ

Speedhunters_Bryn Gianluca FairladyZ  Ineed, that's why he hasn't time to have a look at my Z ;) I'll bring it next week with Roland!


Speedhunters_Bryn koko san this is a good website for swiss classic car related races and events

Gianluca FairladyZ

Speedhunters_Bryn koko san  Koko says it, not very petrol head friendly! But we won't give up until we have #Gatebil-Switzerland!


As an American reader, I must confess that this car being diesel fills me only with envy. No sacrilege here sirs.


nickmmele Good man!


For my first car I want an E30 touring slammed on bbs mesh wheels with an E30 M3 body style and the DTM exhaust


This is an awesome daily.


Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant face...


Tee hee....


Speedhunters_Bryn Nice.


Not a fan of the "gerber gold" wheel color.


Speedhunters_Bryn Pancakes Yeah it is well executed and I normally don't leave negative comments. Taste is subjective also. As a daily leaving the diesel is a win! Would drive :)


the road must be smooth and not full of pot holes like around edmonton....


Sacrilegious? I wish we had more diesel options in America.


Wheels are about 5" too big. Stupid.


KillerRaccoon  do you even BMW?


Beautiful cars, wheels and environment.
My new wallpaper :)


absolutely beautiful!

wow... it is good to be back after a long hiatus.


I love the body conversion and wonder how they did the roof??? Only the E92 M3 came with a carbon roof and obviously that wouldn't work.  I would love to have that car with an S65 and 6MT sitting on coils.  That is my dream wagon!  

All in all, very nicely done.  Keep the wagons coming!


Love the red paint against the rear lights, and the rear wiper/roof bar delete.


holy crap ! what a homo car !