This Is Gatebil:</br> The Video You’ve Been Waiting For

No combination of text, photographs or even videos can truly sum up the insanity that is Gatebil Rudskogen, but that surely isn’t going to stop anyone from trying to capture all the madness. As you might have seen in Dino’s post from the recent 2014 event, our friends from MovieBird Norway were on hand with all the tools of the trade – including their blacked-out, Russian Arm-equipped Mercedes-Benz ML 63 AMG – and the resulting edit from their weekend at Rudskogen Motorsenter provides a truly spectacular view of the on and off-track action. From ridiculous powerslides to bikini car washes – it’s all here and wrapped up in a very slick six-minute production.

Mike Garrett
Instagram: speedhunters_mike

Featured Image by Alok Paleri
Instagram: rennworksmedia

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when I get my hands on a chuki s13 I'll grap a dude and head there, man, I even switched to fullscreen while watching, and this is something I usually never do


A LHD R32? Or is there something else under it?


Martin_b13 It might be the only left hook R32 in existence! The owner converted it using a Nissan Maxima dash I believe.


Can I have a few words of constructive criticism?
First - great, that you have good equipment and by the looks of it can use it, but having a camera able to shoot at zillion fps doesn't mean everything has to be in slow motion. The key to good video is keeping the balance. Six minutes of slowmo can get repetitive and a bit boring.Try mixing it up a bit more.
Second - basically similar to first, although this time it's about the sound. Again - balance. You are surrounded by some of the wildest, fastest and most sideways-going machines on the planet, and I'm pretty sure most of them make sounds we could all go to sleep to. Don't take that away. You like music - ok (though a bit more variable music would allow you for more editing tricks), but that doesn't mean you are bound to one. You can have both music playing AND those RBs, LSs, B230s and all that jazz screaming at full tap as well. 
But I'll give you one - the image quality is off the hook. 
Cheers mates, thanks for showing us daydreamers what Gatebil is all about and can't wait to see more from you!


Please forgive me for saying that.....but I don't like this movie.
Glad that sticks with photo's only.
And why is all in slow motion? It looks half what I imagine that it will be.

For that matter, here EvL Santos making from a stance and life style event like Wörthersee 2014 a much greater movie.
And Wörthersee is no Gatebil.
Here is what I'm talking about -


@Funky Child guess youre right about the slo mo


But.. I love the move, Its well directed, amazingly shot and the production first class. Next time could you leave out the camera car? Whether in frame or even just a shadow it just doesnt work. I want to live the dream, believe (pretend) that its me sitting on the back of a car watching the sliding antics, I dont want to be reminded of someone else taking the shot, (however skilled they are).
Efing rocks buy the way. Thank you for all your work it improves my life, no end.


So nice.....I had to watch it twice.


Great video with some spectacular footage but I would have liked to have some car sounds mixed in with the music. I want to hear those highly tuned drift machines not just see em.

Fredrik Sorlie

@Funky Child I think what many of you guys fail to consider is that this would be a million dollar production, if it were not for the fact that it was a collaboration to show off what this equipment can do. Leaving out the Russian Arm and get rid of the slow motion would be like shooting a car commercial and leaving out the car. Sure, it's cool to be able to entertain you all, but in the end, it's a promotion film that needs to serve another purpose as well :)


Daymn! SpeedHunters know wtf theyre doin when it comes to catching the most beautiful moments and shots of drifting. Nice!!


pedey Martin_b13 I know of one in Finland too, plus all those crappy hack jobs they do in UAE


speedhunters_dino pedey Martin_b13


speedhunters_dino pedey Martin_b13 
Oops, something went wrong. Here`s my original post:
It`s a modded stock dash. They cut out parts of the dash and move it
over to the left hand side. It`s also covered with leather to hide all
traces of the modifications. The work was done in Dubai, and it looks
quite good, especially compared to most of the conversions done in the
There are several R32`s with this conversion, and also a few who uses a Bluebird dash. My R33 GTR has a Maxima dash, which honestly doesn`t suit the car at all.


5:19 - 5:24 looks like it's a replay from a video game.


Fantastic film. However, it got a little boring about half way through. I definitely expected a lot better than that. Nothing but slow-mo close up drifts and music is not the way to make a proper car film.


This is wack. Maybe I am used to the old days of SH when Brooks and Roegge were producing outstanding videos pushing the boundaries in terms of creativity. A couple of minutes of SLO-MO is ok when you are aiming to produce a dramatic effect... anything more than that ends up being boring and flat. I was expecting for the pace to pick up at some point, whilst the profound lack of engine sounds deterioriates the overall result. To sum it up, good gear, poor skills.


Haters will allways hate.
Lovers will allways love!
I love.
*Maybe there is a lack of diferent cars in the clip (gatebil is a HUGE magnet for out of the box projects)- maybe next time you guys will get more track time with camera car ;) 
I hope so!


Looking at what other people have commented I have to say having my own production company I Love this footage but as a die hard car guy you must have recorded the sound! I can see why the car sound is not in slow looks cool!! but you really needed to have the sound in for a few clips that  would be fantastic guys!!  it's just a wast not to.

Great work love it!!!!!!!!!!

Fredrik Sorlie

MatejOgrinec You are right, and to be honest I think most of the haters fail to consider the fact that they might not be the target audience here. The entire point of bringing all this equipment to Gatebil was to promote the awesome footage the Russian Arm and Flighthead are capable of capturing. Creating the perfect video for the die hard car guy was secondary ;)
Having said that, I don't miss sound for a second. I could watch those slow motion clips all day, as I've never seen anything like it. It's eye candy, and it tastes good :D


Fredrik Sorlie Since it is obvious by the credits that you were a participant, I'd like to ask you if you are implying that this kind of equipment is something that you firstly introduced to the public.  In other words, what do you mean by stating that you are trying to promote the capabilites of such equipment? This kind of gear was introduced but Filmotechnic long ago and was used in movies like the Transformers. The capabilites are already known.

While I do get that you are not affiliated with SH, you have to expect some hate given the fact that SH accomondate talented videographers like Brooks and Roegge. The product of yours is substandard compared to what they achieved with regular off-the-self camcorders. This is an opinion which I bet you will fail to grasp since feedback is not welcome.

Fredrik Sorlie

@TROLLS ROYCE Fredrik Sorlie Not sure why you would assume, and even bet on, the fact that I am unable to grasp your opinion and that feedback is not welcome. You could not be more wrong.
I totally get your opinion, and I agree that the production value of the works presented by Brooks and Roegge is outstanding. It would be a wet dream to see what they could do with the footage we have. However, I don't see the point in comparing. We never aimed to make that kind of video.
While this kind of equipment is well known in Hollywood, it's actually the only Russian Arm in Scandinavia. Being able to do something that has never been done before, and actually take the rig out in traffic, on the craziest trackday in the world, filming non co-ordinated driftcars at full speed, was an amazing opportunity to promote MovieBird and their gear. Not only did we get awesome footage to show potential European clients, we also had a blast while honing our skills to a very high level.
I'll make sure we bring proper audio recording equipment for our next project, whatever that may be :)

Fredrik Sorlie

Clio Williams Unfortunately, no. Gatebil is a chaotic event, and when we finally got around to hook up the audio recorder, the event was stopped due to an accident. Next time. I promise! :)


Fantastic! I expect more like this from speedhunters!


Awesome coverage! Thanks guys and gals of Speedhunters!!!


Sweet, a free video to watch while I sit on the toilet. Who cares, unless you're out spending money you don't have producing videos be quiet. Thanks for bringing footage while demonstrating use of equipment. Don't care that is all in slow motion, better than no motion at all then being forced to sit here and read my Facebook feed of girls bitching about things that don't really matter. Thanks Speedhunters and all involved!

richard blazer

is gatebil a drift only event???


it is an ML55 AMG Not ML 63 

63 never Came on W163 Frame.unless it is Modified Truck.


MPS engineering from Germany made a LHD R32, too.


some say that the gravel pit has no gravel. it is made up of the chunks of tyres! :p

nice video!! i think the not having the sound is a bit of a let down but leaves more for the imagination....


this is the best video edit ive seen all year


greenroadster That was boring as all hell.