MADBUL Destroys The Goodwood Hill

Rarely do a couple of weeks pass without Speedhunters’ own Mad Mike Whiddett decimating a set or 10 of tyres. But those Nitto NT-05s that met their smoky fate over the past few days, did so in the most dignified way possible – at the prestigious Goodwood Festival of Speed.

We had Jonathan on the ground at Goodwood House in West Sussex, United Kingdom, over the weekend, so you can expect some beautiful coverage from the annual event over the coming week – plus a driver blog from Mike himself in the not to distance future. In the meantime though, make sure you check out this clip of Mike and MADBUL – now in its new Gen 6 Rocket Bunny guise – tearing up Lord March’s normally tranquil driveway in spectacular four-rotor fashion.


Never before has a drift car been seen attacking the Goodwood hill sideways, so the opportunity to do so was a pretty big deal for Mike, in more ways than one. I’m sure he’ll have lots to tell!

Once you’ve viewed the clip up top, take a look at the Day 1 interview above – then stay tuned for more 2014 Goodwood Festival of Speed coverage coming soon…

Brad Lord

MADBUL Meets Rocket Bunny
Goodwood Festival of Speed



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Looking good and sounding good! This event is definitely on my adventure list!
Keep up the good work Mike!


New kit looks good!


those eyebrows doe....


Another positive sign that the sport is really coming of age, and the more conservative and established corners of the motorsport community are standing and taking notice, I really don't think mazda could have found a better brand ambassador than mike, he interviewed well, he is enthusiastic, and above all else he knows how to put on a show!


ROTARY ENGINE LOVE. Thanks brotha Mike for staying loyal and making your Rotary family proud.


3:13 Yeah b#$ch, I'm strong.


Dont miss the livestreams on Youtube from FOS, there's one for each day.


@Jason  thanks grew them myself!


DarrenJCole Thanks Darren - Extremely proud to be an official member of the Mazda Family


Such an amazing experience - so many awesome moments and incredible talent


MadMike Whiddett 

Amazing show Mike!


Arguably the greatest sounding car of the weekend, and that's pretty high praise given some of the company the Madbul had! 
Great to see (and hear) the car in action, hope its not the last time the Madbul comes to the UK!


Great display on the weekend, the crowds were applauding when you ripped past. The only other person they did that for was Lewis Hamilton.


Thanks so much for coming over and showing us something new, it was great to see and hear having watching lots of videos of it in the past. It was a shame the 767 wasn't running to add to the rotary goodness. I got a half decent slow-mo of the car coming round the first turn i'll upload later, plus your son looks like he's going to be pretty handy himself having seen you guys driving up the hill on GT6.


Hope the tire marks are cleaned up haha


Witnessed it; and the aftermath of rubber left on the circuit when the crossing opened... It's great how shredding tyres in many forms bring different socio-economic groups together.
I never thoughts I would see the rich classes whooping as a car goes by on lock and with smoke everywhere and yet, yesterday I did :D


Doesn't it! I loved the addition of those specks of tyre rubber on the underside of the rear wing. That kit is just beautiful though, even when it's dirty!


MatsNorway Great link, thanks for that. 58 minutes in, first day, announcers were in love.


So thrilled to see the Mazda logos on the side of your car. Congrats Mike!


4:40 That scream!


4 rotor fashion.  I like that


Really love the bodywork on the car. It looks more mature compared to the body kit in the past. like it grew from an aggressive kid to a more composed adult over the years.


Awesome for the sport & fans that he put down easily one of the best performances of the entire event. Also glad I caught it live  to hear the announcers spaz out.


i hope this is going to be the start of something different at the goodwood festival lol. i love the way mike is laying down the rubber... most of the other cars are just gripping the turns..but not mike!




@Eurgh yep. around. the word is used loosely similarly to 'everywhere'

Pete the perfect pilot

Stole it! Was there on the Sunday and mad mike was the standout star amongst the glitterati of the Motorsport fraternity. That rx7 was huge, and a wake up for mazda to bring back another rotary. Keep the faith, go rota, go mad mike! Please goodwood, bring back mike for 2015 festival of speed .... And maybe even the revival, as the rx7 is a classic from 1996!


Watched Mike drift the entire hill climb on the Sunday. It was incredible. What was even better was that as soon as he came back down and parked up he was signing autographs and chatting with his fans. Such an awesome guy. Come back next year!