A Vicious Battleground

A couple of weeks back, the FIA World Rallycross Championship rolled into the UK for its second round of 2014, held at the iconic Lydden Hill circuit. With a huge posse of purpose-built, turbocharged, 600hp, four-wheel drive monsters battling it out for supremacy on the part dirt, part tarmac track, things were always going to get pretty wild in the Supercar class, and the World RX of Great Britain didn’t disappoint.

This nicely put together, seven-and-a-half-minute clip gives you a quick insight into rallycross at its new world championship level, and in particular the ‘wildcard’ entries for the British round. Included was USA’s Tanner Foust, who made no bones about labelling it “a vicious battleground.” Hit play and see why.

Brad Lord

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ughhhhhh i there was real coverage of this, ive looked for live streams before but they either dont exist or i just can find them


matttdrewww  I've seen it being broadcast on the ITV 4 before, but it was only motorsport highlights, which was a shame.


So glad I made it to the natural-amphitheatre-in-the-middle-of-nowhere called 'Lydden Hill' for this. Had a great day, awesome close racing and an amazing atmosphere, and I've still got my tan from the days sun! RX is hard to beat!


There's coverage on Eurosport. Might be able to get it online if they don't show it where you live. Worth tracking down if you can because it was awesome!


I can't find good video footage anywhere... I mean the youtube clip is great but it's a shame I haven't been able to find any form of coverage, where of the Global Rallycross Championship for example there are lots of possibilities for this (ESPN, youtube etc). I like the FIA World Championship rx more then GRC because it's not that 'In your face, over the top Americanised', but they should create more possibilities for people to follow the heats. Would bring a lot more deserved attention to the sport!


Havent seen it on Eurosport here! Only rallying they show is ERC and WRC, but thanks for mentioning, I'll continue looking for it!


Did he say he was 22? Isn't he 40?


Pwain You didn't catch the wink ?


This was an absolutely awesome weekend: if I go to a better UK circuit event this year I'll be surprised!


RoughIdea Pwain Oh I guess not :D


PikeSebY  "In your face, over-the-top AmericaniZed"




Great video! Loved it!