A New Way Of Doing Things? Vossen Shows Us How

Because we can never rest on our laurels and want to continue to improve Speedhunters, we’ve been listening to you guys and your constant requests for including more video content in our articles. Recently we partnered up with Vossen Wheels and Larry spent some time with the team in Japan on their world tour.

Audi S5 Vossen CVT Speedhunters-1

When I sat down this morning at my desk and the images of this Audi S5 on air appeared, it got me thinking. Because as well as putting together a full photoshoot, Vossen also produced a video to accompany the production.

Audi S5 Vossen CVT Speedhunters-2

Because it’s all well and good seeing the Audi sat here, with some slick post-production work going on but what does it ride like? Sound like? What height can you actually drive it at? These are the sorts of questions that buzz through my mind whenever I see a car I haven’t experienced before.

Audi S5 Vossen CVT Speedhunters-3

I guess it’s the curse when you live the life we do. The CVT directional wheels are 20×10.5 all-round, which might look amazing parked up but on the move? That’s the thing: a car comes alive when on the move, which is why we always try and bring you action shots.

Audi S5 Vossen CVT Speedhunters-4

So I like the fact that as well as creating some stunning imagery there’s a short film to accompany it too. To bring the car to life.

I don’t tend to watch television anymore, preferring to skim through YouTube or Vimeo getting my car culture fix in bite size chunks, so this approach makes a lot of sense to me.

Audi S5 Vossen CVT Speedhunters-5

So good work Vossen, as a combo package I really enjoyed that and it gives me an extra dimension I might not get from a still photography shoot. With the availability of DLSRs that can film high resolution footage and devices like the GoPro, I’m very much enjoying the added dimension this brings to our overall experience.

Bryn Musselwhite
Instagram: speedhunters_Bryn



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The things I would do for a set of Vossen wheels is unmentionable... I don't even have a car (school kid) but just to have 'em in my room is enough! They're just mint!


i dont see how filming a car to cheesy electronic music is anything new


Man those Vossen wheels make a lot of awesome cars look dumb...


I have been trying to pitch Speedhunters.tv for.. i dunno.. years. I mention it from time to time. I think it absolutely the next thing you guys should be doing. website/youtube channel. All you need is a host who can travel from site to site, hook up with the editors at shows and film some quick spots. an episode every two weeks or so. Some coverage, some test drive, some how-to. Let me know when to send in a video resume.  :)


majik16106  It's something we've been looking to develop for a long time, but with so much good content out there it has to be done right. Three of us on the team have film backgrounds so our expectations are high, the budget doesn't support it right now to that extent. But it's always bubbling away...


RaySpijk  Just depends what you're into. Everyone has different tastes.


I would definitely not follow their lead on video style. Actually hearing the car would be great.
I'd prefer quality pictures any day over seeing a car roll through a flat parking lot.


Speedhunters_Bryn majik16106  Just dont get too lost in shiny. thats the big mistake everyone makes. The internet, and youtube, prove over and over and over again that content matters much more than dressing it up. big effects, heavily edited video.. wont matter. Car guys are simple, get someone believable as a host, make sure he/she has his/her facts straight and can talk to people, Get a good mic for sound. The occasional slo-mo is ok, dont over do it. IT doesnt have to be flashy.. the stuff car guys are looking for.. doesnt require hours and hours of editing.


RaySpijk  very true man!!! ott shit with "bagged" and all...well put sir!...well put!!soon it will be a fad!!


Please don't overload it with videos however, as some of us can't get away with videos at work but pictures and text are just fine for stealth viewing ;)


How much did they pay for this commercial?


Also, these wheels are terribly heavy.


Lets see the score card --
5-6 guys with cars --- MEH
1 Kid without a car -- willing to die for a set
---- And that about sums it up


wheatgod  majik16106  No I'm referring to video content as just that, nothing complicated. Something like this 



Speedhunters_Bryn wheatgod majik16106  : I got time fo dat!  The "raw" videos are what I'd like to see more of.


How 90s was that vid?


Looked like the ride was compliant but with a delayed soggy motion? If that is the case have they broken an Audi?


Wouldn't even be an option to do that, if I had the funds for a S5. Nice post but not my cup of coffee.


I wouldn't mind some videos like the Pagani, Mad Mike ones posted below, but this one ... those split toned purple-green colours look just awful imho.
If you want some fancy colours in the video, might as well get Luke Huxham to do it. He'll show you how it's done.


hmmmmm like an s5 but the tile says a new way of doing things and show us ...

i dont get it cause at the end of the the day its a car with air suspension and wheels.... anything else? 

what happen to when guys use to do lip kits orbody kits that complement the car and made it a one of product .... dont see anything special here to show us how to do it .... not goin to lie an audi s5 is a really nice car but these days i see top brands  just throw wheels on them and on air and thats it ... no more imagination to builds from top brands ..... only shops like liberty walk and a couple others bring  work to the extreme to bring something different .......

and just to show u how it so off these days sites are showing builds from 2002 and up with a ridiculous amount of work and worth reading ..... luv an audi but not feeling this one guys ... its like seeing an everyday car thats low sorry


majik16106 Speedhunters_Bryn  I really like what you're saying. You're YT page linked to your profile has no content. Would love to see it. Is it somewhere else?


RBJKT majik16106 Speedhunters_Bryn  Working on it! I just made that page in the last year as a bookmarker. I've got life issues but I am going to take a crack at doing what I think would be something different. Just have to wait unti I can.. you know? I don't have a bankroll.. just an idea.. so the first little bit will probably be pretty low quality in terms of technical stuff, go pro footage and basic editing from what I can shoot on a t2i.. but I guess it will test my theory. The content will have to sell it.  Wish me luck.


I get it, but proportional Vossens with a KW v3 suspension would probably be best.


swag as hell