I’m still basking in a gloriously dusty coating of rallycross love following the opening of the Rallycross RX season at Lydden Hill in the UK, something which has been promoted yet further by Steve White’s excellent contribution to the #IAmTheSpeedhunter programme from the preceding British round.

Looking to keep my rallycross fix up, I can’t help but watch on repeat this footage released by Petter Solberg’s older brother Henning, as he tested his Saab 9-3 Supercar ahead of the race. Getting a good result in rallycross begins with getting off the line at maximum velocity, and good god do RX Supercars launch at a frightening speed. Check out this clip for 40 seconds of neck-snapping, double-speed acceleration heaven.


Here’s another clip that’s also worth checking out: Timmy Hansen’s practice run prior to the heats, using multiple on-board cameras to give you a fully immersive feel of the brute force involved in piloting an RX Supercar. It’s also a reminder of why this young driver has the paddock rattled…

Jonathan Moore