Random Snap: The Return Of The Dark Horse

For a lot of us, I think what attracted us to drifting in those early days was the underdog.

When I first started following the sport, it was not that uncommon to watch a humble Corolla take down much more powerful opponent. It was a different world where driver skill and commitment meant more than machinery. Of course, things have changed, and whilst I enjoy the crème de la crème of current top-flight drifting, there’s still a part of me that yearns for the return of the dark horse amongst the thoroughbreds.

For the last couple of years, as the horsepower and tyre wars have dominated drifting, I was wholly convinced that the era of the underdog was gone. Surely the days of an old car on small wheels and with considerably less horsepower than its rivals winning a top-level event have been confined to the history books? As it turns out, I just might have been wrong…

Paddy McGrath
Instagram: pmcgphotos
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Here comes Huxley!


Probably my favourite RA28 out there , I had even liked Huxley's facebook page just because of this little Japanese Mustang ... it have a SR20DET as I understand , which I absolutely adore .


Things like this keeps people interested, good luck to him and well done!

Maximum atttack

Feature car please




This still might be my favorite Celica. So menacing.


Stoked for Huxley - about time too. Looking forward the coverage Paddy McGrath


My dream car right there!


I used to own one of these when I was young, it was always scary in the damp, continually wanting to swap sides on me. With large tyres on the back and more power, it often went around corners backwards.


Well, I hope you're happy.  You've managed to impress me, the unimpressionable one.  My friends will make fun of me for this.  You did well.


I love this car.. now I just want more.


But inevitability you are right as soon these will be ruled out with the new car age limits... which is a crying shame as that's part of what makes drifting great. The mix of old vs new, lower power vs high power. Where else do you see that so close. Love all the Huxley stuff, been a long time follower and supporter!


I'm sorry but Formula D ruined the roots of drifting. Which was to get sideways with your buddies in a cool looking slammed vehicle. The stance on the "Pro" cars these days is fucking atrocious, reverse rake needs to fucking stop as it looks dumb. Sure its functional but half of drifting is to have your car look cool as hell while still being able to make it go sideways with control. The car pictured up top is how a drift car should look. notice how the front end isn't 1 foot off of the ground. I understand that the "Pros" setup their cars for max grip which is why the stance is the way it is, but it is far from the whole sport came. I remembered when the cars in D1GP and Formula D looked cool, now I gag when I see the cars in D1GP and FD. Luckily there still is D1 Street Legal in Japan, where the cars aren't running rediculous amounts of power and have a nice even / cool looking stance. I think FD should adopt a similar league so the general public can see what a true drift car looks like.


djtang88 is any pro level of any sport like its grassroots. grassroots drifting is also far from dead. just because your not paying attention doesn't mean its not happening


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