Mclaren Take It To The Streets

We all have dreams and aspirations. Some may be bigger than others, but there is always that internal yearning nagging at our sub conscious on a regular basis. You might remember some time last year, we ran a series of stories entitled ‘Things To Do Before You Die‘, a series of stories where we composed our own automotive bucket lists. Despite shooting motorsport for the best part of a decade now, I’ve never seen a contemporary Formula One car run in the metal before. For every single day I can remember throughout these years, I’ve only ever had one ambition – shooting F1. Last weekend, I finally ticked that item off my bucket list.

As a child of the late eighties / early nineties, I grew up as a McLaren fan. Even when my interest in the sport waned slightly, I always kept up to date with the team from Woking. I guess it’s their philosophy and approach that appeals to me, that constant search for absolute perfection. When it was announced that McLaren would be performing a demonstration on the streets of Dublin, there wasn’t a whole lot that could keep me away.

McLaren’s weapon of choice for this event? The 2011 MP4-26 which clocked up six wins last season if I’m not mistaken.

Who would be at the wheel? No other than 2009 Formula One World Champion, Jenson Button.

If you’re going to lose your F1-ginity, you couldn’t lose it to a better combination in such tight quarters.

With the event taking place on the streets of Dublin, the organizers laid out a 2.56KM course which weaved through the city, taking in some of the sights Dublin is known for.

Before the event officially kicked off, some lucky competition winners got to experience the course from the best seat in the house …

… alongside Button in McLaren’s MP4-12c.

Whatever about the noise and presence the Mp4-12c emits, it was about to be upstaged by its big brother.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever had the opportunity to stand beside an F1 car when it’s being started, but mother of god, it’s an experience.

The sound of the 2.4 litre V8 revving to a limited 18,000RPM as the car struggled to find grip on the wet tarmacadam of Dublin’s North Quays, is a memory I’ll take to the grave with me.

With a full compliment of engineers and mechanics on hand …

… it’s quite evident that McLaren don’t take anything too lightly.

Back out on the track and Button was laying on massive slides in the tricky conditions.

This particular car is no stranger to rain, it’s the same car (with updated livery) that Button used to pass Vettel on the last lap of last year’s Canadian GP.

If I’m honest, I only expected a couple of token parade laps from Button and the McLaren, but every run he went out for delivered many smiles to those who had gathered to watch.

An estimated 110,000 people showed up in the poor weather, a rousing sign of the passion the Irish have for motorsport.

Whilst the course was narrow in places, it provided the added bonus of allowing spectators closer to the car than you could ever get at a Grand Prix.

Each time the McLaren ran through the streets, the sound echoing off the buildings sent chills down my spine. Looking around, it was clear I wasn’t the only one left awe struck by the sight and sound.

Having raced at Monaco the previous weekend and due to race in Canada next weekend, Button was surprisingly relaxed as he chatted to the media and fans, stopping to sign as many autographs and pose for as many photos as time would allow.

It might have been my first Formula One experience, but it’s just added a whole new list of items to this Speedhunter’s bucket list.

Paddy McGrath

McLaren on Speedhunters

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Conor Atkinson

Did you get past that argumentative one on O Connell bridge? Worstorganising for an event ive seen in a long time, grand when the cars were going but it was awful for pedestrians!


you lucky man!!!! one day ill be able to tick this one of the list as well!!!
Thanks for the desktops too paddy!


thanks for this post. Very nice fotos. I'm so fan of Formula!


"Lewis Hamilton may already have decided to quit McLaren, according to a reliable source.
That is the claim of the French TF1 television commentator Jean-Louis Moncet, writing in his Auto Plus column."


I've learned to never argue with an idiot, as they'll always drag you down to their level and beat you with experience. 
It was awful for media too, I don't think I got even close 20% of the shots I had planned. 


to jenson please don't take out lewis at the weekend like you did last year :)

Conor Atkinson

She was trying to pretending to be big and bold but the crowd tore her to bits after which was great, bout time for some justice!
Was nice talking to you anyway :D


For the non paying punter like me it was great saw everything had a good place to stand and got to see Jenson doing questions and answers with the crowd which was great. I'm a massive f1 and to hear an f1 car up close like that with a world champ behind the wheel was just awesome my ears were close to bleeding lol. Sweet feature dude shame about the weather but still a great day out  and cheers for the desktops I've an ill photography ps13 desktop the last 3 years time for a change looking at those pics.


where is the go pro footage... I see one on the right shoulder on the 2nd to last page


It's Jenson, not Jensen....


Love F1, especially on city streets. Too bad Phoenix punked out last minute a few years ago, would have been badass.


Haha I can completely relate to everything you said in this post Paddy! The moment I had my first formula 1 car experience at the beginning of the year at the Australian GP is one that will stay with me forever...I still get tingles even thinking about it. The whole spectacle, the speed, and the SOUND is absolutely and entirely jaw-dropping. Seeing these cars race at qualifying speeds is something everyone should experience before they die, seeing it on tv is one thing, but in person defies description, the speeds at which these cars can brake and corner literally just doesn't look real.


My first F1 experience was at one of the greatest F1 specials at Bathurst last year. Such an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity. Got photos of Craig Lowndes who also drove the car, 3 wheeling the McLaren thru the dipper. Which i have now got signed by Craig, and will be framed and hung on my wall soon.


110.000 fans???
Jesus...thats alot...


Ack, bloody AutoCorrect. Thanks for pointing that out!


Oh I swear F1 on rain rubbers is soooo much cooler!!! XD


Amazing shots, Paddy!!