Things To Do Before You Die>>the Recap

The month of May is drawing to a close, and that means that our "Things to Do Before You Die" series is also wrapping up.

For the final post in the series, let's quickly recap the 20 items that we've put on the list.

Get your checklists out.

Become an F1 Junkie.  Charles Kha shows us what it to means to follow the highest level motorsport in the world. Seeing and hearing these machines is something that every gearhead should do at least once.

Become a Regular at Meets. One of the easiest things to check off the list. Get out to your local meets and enjoy the camaraderie that comes with being a car enthusiast.

Breathe the Fumes of NASCAR. As if the sound of 43 screaming V8's wasn't enough, there's a huge list of reasons why everyone should experience a NASCAR event in person.

Ride Shotgun with a Pro. Mr. Matt Malcom tells us why you need to get yourself into the passenger seat next to a professional driver.

Go Drag Racing. Introduce yourself to the world of staging lights, 60 foot times, and trap speeds. There's a reason why Vin Diesel chooses to live his in 1,320 foot segments.

Drive at the Limit. Go to a track day. It's one of the most enjoyable and one of the most educational things you'll ever do with your automobile.

Camp at a Track. Can you a really be a race fan if you haven't braved the elements and become part of the trackside camping community?

Get Into Automotive Photography. Automotive photography can be just as challenging and just as expensive as the cars themselves. It can also be just as rewarding.

Kick the Clutch. Few things can induce a grin faster than driving sideways. Linhbergh tells us why.

Drive Your Dream Car . Whether you dream of an exotic or something more attainable, every car enthusiast owes it to themselves to jump behind the wheel of that dream machine.

Will Japan Change You?  From its racing circuits to its wonderous city streets, Japan is a must-visit destination for any fan of motoring.

Wrenchin'. Repair it. Improve it. Be frustrated. Be proud. Get out in the garage and wrench on your car.

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone. Life is short so why not open up your mind? Visit new events and experience unfamiliar automotive scenes.

Drive the Nordschleife. The Nordschleife is perhaps the world's greatest racing circuit. It's also open to the public regularly. Whether driving fast or slow, everyone should feel its corners.

The Call of the Road Trip. The destination is not important. The road is where the memories will be made.

Hit the Bonneville Salt Flats. There's a reason so many people make the pilgrimage to the salt every year. Rod Chong investigates.

Find Your Favourite Driving Road. Whether near or far, the world is full of great roads to drive on. Get out and find one.

Drive the Autobahn. It's the world's greatest highway. Enough said.

Drive a Car from Every Manufacturer. Why be content driving just one type of car? Variety is the spice of life.

Experience Pike's Peak. Finally, Linhbergh tells us what it's like to be on top of the most famous mountain in all of motorsport.

So,which of these things have you guys accomplished so far?

Just as important, which are you planning to do in the future?

-Mike Garrett



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At least five and I have ... Will the tesla model s cheap enough to meet one of the dreams of the list?

Sorry for my English, is very poor. I'm Spanish.


When some of us finally get to have our own cars, most of these will probably be accomplished.


The one above reminded me about this post on craigslist:


Favourite road - check.

AUS F1GP - check

Work on my own cars - check

Track day - check

Experience different scenes - check!!! Can really appreciate the mucsle car stuff :p

ride with a pro - not techincally. i was driving, lol, he was advising!

and 11 different manufacturers cars drvien so far. This one will be impossible, lol. wont even make a quarter i dont think.


i have 8... not that bad


Hey Mike, what about Le Mans? That is the one event I've been to and you missed it out :)


This is one of my favourite ever "themes" from speedhunters; its like pilgrimage to all which is automotive, yet this list is can almost be infinite. I'd really have loved to see a little mention of Dakar Rally (or for Americans; maybe any desert rally like Baja 1000 I think its called); but I consider it a crime that I see no mention of WRC or at least rallying. Its part of the holy automotive trinity in my eyes (the cars, the elements, and the adventure of getting there); and a sport that is largely responsible for huge advancements in road legal car technology; turbo I4's, AWD, complex suspensions; a lot of the blame can be based on those 4 door cars WRC has made use of and it honestly is depressing to see how little homologation their is today (awd focus/fiesta please!); also, its important to honour the "GOD STATUS" cars from Group B as well which leads me to two other small suggestions that I thought of while writing this (which could've been cool to see); "Learning Motorsports History" (Because the you find out about such cool exotics and other surprising bits of history; I surprised my friend with a clip of a twincharged delta s4 the other day, and who knew a corolla ae86 was the most successful race car in the world?) and "Drive a Race Car" (So few people appreciate how much difference there is between race prepped road car and full out non-road legal race car; and it doesn't have to be an expensive one to see that).

Driving at the Limit definitely is my favourite article by the way'; and thanks a lot for these articles; nothing like good photography and writing


come on, we need more " before you die" articles


Would be awesome if you could make a printable checklist for everyone to download =D

And hopefully I will be checking off a lot on that list this year!


I only visit any car events in my town LOL

But yea. I will go to Japan this year, if i'm not mistaken. Maybe i will take a shot of cars in Japan hehe


think i'm just over half way.. most done but still got a couple to complete, its been great tho'


I mis Le Mans !!!!!


I've got 14 out of the 20 so far, i'll tick another 2 of them off in the next 2 weeks. All i'll have left will be go to a nascar race, bonneville, every oem and pikes peak. But I'd have to be in the states to get 3 of those.


hey guys well i dnt think that you guys should end with the things to do before you die because well im young and havnt done much of it but i would love too lol im in school now and im on this website like all the time i just love it anyways dnt stop doing what you do lol.


I'm thinking this should become a regular article. Not a everyday article but anytime someone does something cool and wants to brag article.


I got six, hoping to do a couple more this year and next...I can't wait until F1 comes back to the US. Great write ups on all of these, btw


Wow, I only have 3 down. Well, I'm still young so there is plenty of time for me to complete the list.


haha 2!!! man but saying that with the summer holidays coming up, ill be seeing a lot more of these event being ticked of the list! :D


21. Build a project car just to thrash it :)


Nice car's and photograph's.