The Drive: Automotive Culture In Print

If you were to combine the images, words and creations of most of the best players in the vast custom car world, you would pretty much come up with what you see here. The Drive – Custom Cars and Their Builders is a collection of all that is right about the scene we all strive so hard to cover, share and be a part of.

I met the creators of the book late last year at the Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama, and after hearing what they were working on I signed up to contribute immediately.


Fast forward six months and I’m very glad I made that decision; this is the sort of title any creative out there would strive to be a part of. The internet is great, we love its sense of urgency and its ability to reach everyone around the world at the very same time, but its ultra fast pace often leaves you missing the good old days of print. And that’s why – despite being an online operation – Speedhunters also created a series of photography books. While we think about the best way to approach our next print release, taking up the opportunity to collaborate with The Drive was an absolute no-brainer.


You’ll find images and stories from a few members of the Speedhunters team, presented within a clean layout and high quality print.


A total of 105 contributors, including photographers, shops, builders and writers joined forces to put this massive 400-page coffee table book together.


There are a total of 809 images you can slowly flick through and savour, 112 featured cars and countless respected workshops and identities covered.


Online sales for the book have already began, and you can click the link down below to access the publisher’s order page.

The book’s US launch party is happening between 6.00pm and 9.00pm today (Thursday June 23rd) at Deux Ex Machina, 1001 Venice Boulevard, Venice, California; so get along if you’re local.

If you want to get your hands on one of the first edition copies click here and order online.

Dino Dalle Carbonare
Instagram: speedhunters_dino



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I'll get it now!
I love this kind of books!


the hyperlink to purchase the book doesn't work :(


My coffee table isn't big enough*

*I don't have one


Will buy it. Thanks for sharing, Dino


Ty_J Just checked, both work just fine for me...


and it's bought. Can't wait for it arrive. Luckily the store is in Berlin, so it will arrive in Dortmund within a couple of days. Maybe even on Saturday, so I would have new reading material for the weekend :)


@Dino : I hate you. I already didn't have place enough for my speedhunters books and I find another interesting books to buy with this one. Seems like I have to bouy another bookshelf now :p


Just bought it ! :)


Unfortunately the website won't ship to New Zealand. Every time I try to order it removes the item from my shopping cart because of shipping location. Is there an alternative seller that ships internationally?


MarbMack Use "YouShop", a division of NZ Post.  They'll supply you with an address in Portland Oregon, then forward it to you in NZ from there.  For a fee of course, but they're clear on what you need to pay.  It works well, I've used it many times, even got a radiator shipped using them.


Is it already sold out? The add to cart button has a slash through it.


Aw dammit!! You got the book signing today? And you're telling us this today?


There is a slash running across the cart icon :(


Imagine being a kid looking through this 20-50 years from now... seeing these cars the way we currently look at stingrays, impalas, devilles, willys, caterham, lola, lotus, chapparall, ac cobra, the judge, super birds and then trans am, imsa, group b etc.  Crazy.


I managed to get the book already. It's truly a masterpiece. I was amazed with the selection of cars featured in the book. It's definitely a must-have for every car enthusiast. 

Highly recommended. 

Sorry to say, but I still don't have any of the speedhunters books, and looking forward to see the next issue.


bluestreaksti Totally agree!


MarbMack You should be able to order it on Amazon just pay for international shipping


speedhunters_dino Ty_J The link isn't working for me either. I have found it on Amazon though, so I shall order it there. Should sit nicely besides the Speedhunters books!


MichaelGrayen MarbMack amazon was a little cheaper for the preorder in comparison to the store front. I ordered it though!


links are broken Dino!


aliysyed Working fine for me.


For those having issues with the link, go directly to:

It might be a Google Chrome specific problem, when I used another browser and it worked fine.


Paddy McGrath aliysyed seems like I can't click them at all for some reason


mpoganski Thank you!


What an awesome book, I'm proud to be part of this incredible collection of gear heads under a single hard cover....

There was a great launch party in venice at Deus Ex Machina last Friday..
Hanging out with real outlaws.. ;-)




roninrs211 Thanks for sharing, Frank!


Is your car in it roninrs211? Look forward to seeing it in print if it is! 
(Currently tracking the progress of my book online!)


Real outlaws..


definitely a most have!


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I have just received mine...I recommend.


RuiAugusto Hi, where did you buy it from please?


good car for the race and I'm sure very fast


the car was very good 
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I've got a spare factory sealed one. I'm located in Auckland and need to sell. Will give you it for $100 instead of Amazons $111.40


I'm keen. Will contact you on FB this afternoon.