Car Spotlight>><br/>road Trippin’ Hudson

For many people Viva Las Vegas is as much about the journey as it is the event itself. During my event coverage we saw cars with license plates from all over North America.

With that in mind, this Hudson sedan is a car that very much represents the spirit of Viva Las Vegas.

Is it a “nice” car? No. But it is cool, and it must be functional considering it was wearing plates from the far off state of Nebraska.

With its rust-covered body and old Firestone rubber it might not look like a car made for long distance cruising, but it must get the job done.

When I looked inside I noticed a steering wheel and center console that look like they came from a 1990s era Cadillac. I didn’t get to see under the hood, but I’m thinking this means the car is packing an updated drivetrain to match. In fact, the old exterior is probably hiding many other updated components beneath.

To the average person this car probably looks like it can’t get down the block, let alone across the country. There’s just something  great about that.

Can you imagine getting passed by this thing at 70MPH down the interstate?

-Mike Garrett

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I've seen this type of thing before. It's considered to be the Derelict style. There are some definitely cool cars out there like this, hope to see more posts like this


am i the only one who thinks that this Hudson body has been dropped onto a later model Cadillac chassis?