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Recently an old friend of mine called to tell me he was building something special in an old garage in Amsterdam.

What owner Rik has been working on in the garage is this S14 Zenki; a tough street car built specifically for fast laps around the Nordschleife.

Trainspotters may notice the newer Kouki front or the wide-body panels, but the first thing that caught my attention was the motor. 

Powering the S14 is a naturally aspirated VQ35 from a 350Z that sits well back in the engine bay. 

Rik used Mckinny mounts to make the VQ swap painless.

On top of the V6 is Cosworth's twin plenum which replaces the stock intake manifold. Its larger volume increases power at high rpm while the integrated velocity stacks improve torque in the midrange.

There's still a lot of work to be done before the S14 is punished at the Green Hell, particularly to the chassis. These are the cardboard mock-ups for the front tubs.

The strut towers themselves will be untouched. The S14 is fitted with Tein coilovers, EDFC stepping motors and GeoMaster knuckles that provide 50mm of roll centre correction. 

The roll-cage is an important addition that improves the rigidity of the chassis.

Rik called upon Biesheuvel Autosport to fabricate the custom cage design. 

Here is a close up of the cage just beneath the dash on the right-hand side. 

The cage design goes through the firewall and links the four strut towers. 

One, or actually four, cool items on this car are the old school 18-inch Nismo LMGT wheels. They are definitely a perfect match for this race-oriented car.

I'll have more details and specs on this S14 in the next update. 

-Jeroen Willemsen 



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Best wheels.


nice wheel choice.. some interesting pipework going on too - really want to see those front tubs done & dusted! - Thanks


really interested in seeing this progress, an NA power'd S14 built for grip. AWESOME!!!!!


my dream swap :D


where are the calipers, it doesnt look like they will fit between tho massive discs and the LMGT's


Sick project, im planing into buying an s13 coupe this year to start my drift project


Hooray for an S14 that will not spend its life sideways. Hooray for an engine swap without pushrods!


Very interested to see this build progress :)


will be great, interesting engine swap... good luck:)


Good luck getting the car out of amsterdam! Speedbumps are gonna try and kill it!! lol


I just read the next sentence, my bad


How high can a NA vq rev?


Nice Build, can't wait to see the updates


This Nissan is dope with just the shell but that drifting crap putting so many logos on it make it looks stupid cant stand that so please sont put a crap load of logos on this wonderful car


cool to see one that actually isn't built for the sole purpose of being trashed


that's a beast for dutch standards...... love it


Correct me if i am wrong but the front bumper looks like it has been modelled from a R34 GTR?

Anyway interesting build non the less like the wheels very much and it is interresting to see a differnt engine being used in a S14 instead of the usual RB or LS. Keep the updates coming should something else.


That's going to be a cold track car when it's finished. I wish him the best at the ring.


Sick project, im planing into buying an s13 coupe this year to start my drift project




Good luck getting the car through the Karussell in one piece with that ride height :)


You said it's a S14 Zenki, but it's got a Kouki front end?


So he finally got it in! He told me over half a year ago about this ambitious plan and that it _should_ easily fit (apart from the bonnet). Nice to see he actually did it! :)


Engine looks nice and far back, but is that as low as you can get a VQ in an S14? Maybe you have to go dry sump to drop it more. Cool build, that will be a fun car.


I saw the name Cosworth, and a great calm suddenly came over me, lol. Great build, more updates!


Cool conversion. Would be interested in seeing the progress.


Man, you can stick any small motor into a S14. Like to see the car done and see how the VG35 sits inside the hood.


Loving the wheel choice, cant wait to see it completed!


It's so refreshing to see something different! A VQ35-swapped S14 that is tuned for the 'Ring; that's amazing!


The front bar is just standard UK/AUS spec with the factory lip


A feature by Jeroen that isn't covered in knock off parts and cheap labor?!

It's a new dawn! Keep doing it like this.


To Kylem, I think the front bumper is a 200sx bumper?


sick cage. Speedhunters you should do an article on welding and chassis strengthening


the front bumper is USDM spec with factory lip.....albeit with non USDM grille (either JDM or EDM)

One day people will learn that Tein is overpriced, and that Koni, Bilstein, AST are the only way to go on S13,14,15


Aaagh build, a video of it done would b awsome would love to hear how it sounds


Needs pushrods, pushrods are much more predictable. That and needs V6


Aaagh build, a video of it done would b awsome would love to hear how it sounds


Simply delicious blend of power and beauty, I love the S14 especially with the kouki front end, I should have never NEVER sold mine!


@Spark: Needs pushrods? And a V6? LOL.

OHV V6 = huge POS.


DaMN never knew this was going on. I live in amsterdam poeple only care for slow new swagger cars.


why would you put a toyota motor in it nissans way better than toyota


vette shit ouwe goed gelukt wielen staan eg dik


Is this by any chance finished, or did Rik walk away from it and move on to something else?


Yes it is for 99% done now
Last bits before regestration now