Somebody Call A Priest For This Ford Escort Mexico

The Mk2 Escort is a revered car, especially a Mexico, hence there’s a strict rulebook for what’s acceptable or unacceptable in modifying one.’

Andy Devine, the owner of the Mk2 Ford Escort Mexico you might see mentioned around the words above, is no stranger to the UK’s classic Ford scene. After 30 years of ownership, it’s safe to say that his car – the Mexorcist – is far removed from most modified examples you see on the streets or at shows.

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“Way back, I decided I wanted to give the car a bit more power along with a few more upgrades,” Andy explains. He chose a Cosworth YB engine, but it didn’t stay original for long. “After a brief stint of use and blowing it up at the drag strip, I had already unleashed the thirst for more modifications.”

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As you can see, Andy stuck with his choice; the 2.0-litre DOHC 16V Cosworth mill still resides in the Escort’s engine bay. These days, however, its modification list is extensive. 

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Highlights include Arrow forged connecting rods and WRC-spec Cosworth forged pistons to achieve a 9:1 compression ratio. Aggressive BD15 and BD14 Kent Cams camshafts control the intake and exhaust valves, with the engine breathing through a custom Jarno Composites intake plenum, a drive-by-wire throttle body, and a bespoke side-exit exhaust built with 3-inch Vibrant Performance tubing.

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I can’t forget the twin-scroll BorgWarner turbocharger with dual 3.5-inch downpipes, the Emtron ECU, or the Julian Godfrey billet dry sump.

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One of my favourite touches is the twin-charge cooler system, taken from an F10 BMW M5 and hidden ahead of the front wheels.

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That must have cost BMW millions in R&D, so why not take advantage of all that work?” says Andy. “Dyno and hard road use confirmed it was an amazing solution, only reaching a consistent 32-degree inlet temperature. It can go far lower by using ice in the twin water tanks.”

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The intense engine build is only part of what makes Andy’s Escort Mexico so outrageous. You only need to glance at the exterior to see how modified that is too.

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“It has taken eight years from the point of starting again with a car that I blew up to where the car is today,” Andy reminisces. “The idea was always to have the car ‘look’ like it was rendered, i.e. slightly unreal. Like a Hot Wheels car from when I was a kid. Even the ‘badges’ on the boot lid are now stickers.” 

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The acid-dipped and restored Mk2 shell was fitted with a multi-point Custom Cages roll cage, the weight of which has been offset by the aluminium doors, carbon fibre bonnet and boot, and even the replacement roof. Combined with the stripped-out interior, Andy’s Escort tips the scales at less than a tonne.

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Zakspeed Group 2 wide arches feature, as does an SHP Engineering Mk1 Escort front splitter adapted to fit the bodywork’s increased width.

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Behind the Zakspeed wheel arches, you’ll find a chassis that has been tubbed to accommodate a set of billet aluminium BBS E48 recreations. The Image Wheels lips and barrels take the specs to 16×10-inch at all four corners, with centre-lock adaptors and Toyo Proxes R888R semi-slicks to finish them off.

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GAZ Gold suspension is paired with StanceParts air cups to allow Andy to lift the car and protect the front splitter on rougher roads, or for negotiating speed bumps and steep access. The brake system features AP Racing discs and callipers front and rear, an AP Racing hydraulic handbrake and an adjustable pedal box.

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To package things more efficiently, the Escort’s boot floor was raised to allow the oil cooler, oil pump and air cup system to remain out of sight above the Varis-style rear diffuser in a detachable cradle.

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Inside the car are a pair of Recaro Profi SPG XL seats with TAKATA Racing harnesses and a whole host of bespoke carbon elements, including the dashboard, firewall, floor trays, and door cards. The Escort runs an air-shifted 6-speed Quaife sequential transmission and an AP Racing clutch.

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“I really wanted something different from any other Mk2 Escort out there,” says Andy. “Something that would have purists’ eyes out on stalks, but appeal to the wider car community, both young and old.”

Andy’s dedication to the build is easily the most impressive feature, as are the skills he learned along the way. “I’m not a fabricator or professional car builder, he explains.Over time, I have had to learn everything from welding and fabrication to 3D design and 3D printing. All elements of mechanical assembly.”

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Whilst not necessarily to everyone’s taste, the bespoke touches stand out the most. Details like the Mustang-inspired, resin-cast and 3D-printed taillights, and the Arduino-controlled steering wheel panel that communicates with the rest of the car via a VIM3 board.

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Not to mention the 3D-printed Arduino connectors allowing Andy to daisy-chain components throughout the car, or the bespoke housings for the deconstructed Honda E headlights.

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“As you can see, there’s a lot crammed into a tiny space. I didn’t want something that was fast but looked an absolute mess. I wanted a very fast track car that is also a show car, so all the complexity had to be hidden away,” he says.

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I’ll let Andy close this one out, as, when asked, he had an opinion on his place in the classic UK Ford scene, which I think rings true.

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“I think I’ve moved so far away from the classic Ford rulebook that we’ve gone full circle, from haters turning back into people now loving the build.” 

Mario Christou



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So what were those dyno numbers?


Dyno? What? It’s all about seat of the pants and what you feel on the road. Respect all builds.


This is a car I'd love to be shown around in person, and take in ALL of the nerdy little details that are surely scattered throughout. I also love seeing more and more use of 3D printing and other modern tech in builds like this, and see where people's creativity takes them with the access to these methods.


Car goes vwoom. Car goes fast. Has 4 wheels. Amazing and it's orange. Waaaaaw. I wuv caws.


brutha eughhhhhh


I take it that the front grille is also 3D printed as well? I really like seeing what that technology allows people to do nowadays.


Selective Laser Sintering process allows pretty much any shape to be made in various plastics and metals, even Inconel. Koenigsegg 3D printed turbo housings years ago.


Not to mention the Czinger 21C, a car I'm absolutely impressed with. Those 3D printed suspension components intrigues me. I wonder how solid and durable they are.


Just beautiful....the amount of work and artistry that has gone into the build


Rear lights and front grill spoil it.


So well done.

Daniel Huneault

Ove this build - the attention to detail is amazing - looks like a fun ride!