Event>>cars & Coffee 12-10-11 Pt.1

While the main purpose for my trip to SoCal over the weekend was to cover the Mooneyes X-Mas Party in Irwindale, I thought I should also drop by Cars & Coffee while I was in the area.

With a long day of Speedhunting ahead of me, I got up early on Saturday and headed down to the Mazda HQ in Irvine to take a look.

It had been several months since I'd last attended Cars & Coffee so I was interested to see what this weekend's event would bring out. Of course there would be the usual turnout of classics, with a heavy sprinkling of early 911s.

What I wasn't expecting to see though, was a small group of AE86s parked in of the more "premium" areas of the lot.

It turns out the group of 86s were "escorting" the Greddy-tuned Scion
which was making its first public outing at Cars & Coffee. They couldn't have picked a better place to show the FR-S, as Cars & Coffee is one of the most diverse gatherings of auto enthusiasts in the world.

This was my first time to see the production FR-S in real life, and I have to say photos do NOT do it justice. This car is going to be a massive hit.

A lot has been written about the car's low center of gravity. When the hood is up you can actually see just how low the boxer motor sits in the bay.

Needless to say, there was a huge crowd around the car all morning. It was definitely the star of the show.

In fact, I started to feel sorry for this poor and lonely F430 Scuderia that was sitting across from the FR-S.

After checking out the FR-S for a while I took a walk to see what else had come out. This Audi Quattro was one of my favorites.

Here we have a perfect example of a '70 Chevelle SS. In the words of Wooderson from Dazed and Confused - "alright alright alright!".

The Chevelle was sporting a proper Muscle Car stance with meaty 275/60/15s mounted on factory rallye wheels in the rear.

From a Muscle Car icon to a brand new STI sedan. Only at Cars & Coffee.

There's just something great about old British sports cars. Something that makes you want to hop in and set course for the nearest country road.

I would need a proper hat and maybe some cool goggles if I was going to drive this Austin Healey though.

AMC made some damn cool Muscle Cars back in the day and it's a shame they are always overlooked. This '70 Javelin SST was a beauty.

Every visit to Cars & Coffee will turn up some truly unique machines. Here we have a Maserati Merak.

The Merak might not be a legendary exotic, but I quite liked it. Especially the cockpit.

Cobra anyone?

A BMW 1M shining in the morning sun. A future classic for sure.

I'll finish up part one with a '69 Z/28 and an E30 M3 sitting side by side.

More from Cars & Coffee tomorrow!

-Mike Garrett

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Mr Garrett you are too modest. Yours are the first images i've seen of the FR-S or any of its cousins - including official renderings - that made it look good in my opinion. I may be coming round...


Ferrari's F430 Scuderia is looking sweet, merely a stones throw away from a "BMW 1M" (you stand corrected) which itself does look 'just right'... where else can you see the fast, furious, old, classic and new all rubbing shoulders together - and enjoying coffee.. - ironically i've never spotted an original BMW M1 at one of these events(?) - Thanks


I'm already sooooooooooooooooooooooooo over the FRS/86/BRZ and it hasn't even really hit the road, way too much coverage all over the internet has already soured my taste for the car!

1M on the other hand is an awesome beast, would have one for sure!


looks like a nice meet, and glad to see toyota/scion taking an active interest like this. If only more cars did that. I definitely want to test drive a BR-Z


I JUST LOVED THIS LAST PICTURE IT REPRESENTS 2 OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES IT'S AWESOME IF YOU COULD MAKE A DESKTOP I'D REALLY APRECIATTE IT!!!!!!!! The pic just need a GTR-R34 and that would be automotive perfection to me =) And of course LOVED THE FR-S !!!!!! as you say it's gonna be a hit! can't wait to see it in town+)


FR-S seems to fit right in with some of the exotics and looks great in black. Awesome article


Just a correction, that BMW in the second last is a 1M, not an M1, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BMW_M1 The M1 is the only mid engined car BMW has ever produced.


Hi! I was the one responsible for gathering a fleet of AE86 to escort the GREDDY FRS for Scion. Please see my web for more details on what went on that moring :D Thanks for the great coverage!



hah that's gotta suck to drop a couple hundred g's on a ferrari and be upstaged by a toyota.


Its' a BMW 1 Series M Coupe (1M) not M1.....lol


damn.. you did put 1M.. sorry Mike.. mos. def. 'my Bad'..


Pretty funny how i ended up at the show...i was working across the st. at one of the buildings and I noticed all these nice cars going toward the Taco Bell building and i knew they couldn't all like Taco Bell so I went over to check out what was going on and boom...i was hit with a wave of every type of car any enthusiast could appreciate...dope event...cant wait for the next one.


Nice to see a good side view of the Greddy frs.. i guess the other official events were to crowded to get a good shot.. looks gooooood!


That 3rd pic you took of the FRS from the right rear is an awesome shot Mike!


The Chevelle SS looks so right. Just how I would build one.


I JUST LOVED THIS LAST PICTURE IT REPRESENTS 2 OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITES IT'S AWESOME IF YOU COULD MAKE A DESKTOP I'D REALLY APRECIATTE IT!!!!!!!! The pic just need a GTR-R34 and that would be automotive perfection to me =) And of course LOVED THE FR-S !!!!!! as you say it's gonna be a hit! can't wait to see it in town+)


That last picture really shows how the old muscle cars were not the boats we have today. Challenger and Camaro, I'm looking at you!

I won't be buying an FR-S unfortunately, but I'll be at the lot for damn sure when it comes out. What a sexy car.




Toyota FT-86 was much popular than Ferrari :D it's funny. Last picture is just AWESOME!!! My 2 favourite cars are on one picture. LOVE THIS EVENT!!!


that frs looks sweet!


i think the more of the FR-S....the more im begining to like it.....BUT im still not too keen on those tailights compared to the concept cars!


Please! OO==[][]==OO M3 with Chevy Z28 to dektop! Please!!


love the new scion especially this one done by Gready!