Two NATS Standouts From Tokyo Auto Salon 2023

Every year, the students at Nihon Automotive College (NATS) create some wild projects for the Tokyo Auto Salon as part of their customization curriculum.

Working in teams, the students are tasked with building truly unique vehicles in just six months, and the results are always worth a closer look.


The NATS booth at TAS always has a wide variety of projects on display including complete restorations and Formula SAE race cars, but it’s their custom builds that steal the show.

This year was no exception, with the ‘Alphard Super Dually’ and ‘GR Stance’ headlining the NATS display. Let’s check out these two crazy builds…


The Alphard Super Dually was born from a simple question: What would an American custom/hot rod builder create if they got their hands on a typical Japanese family hauler.

The NATS students tasked with this build answered the question by combining a Toyota Alphard and the bed from a Toyota Hilux with a whole lot of custom fabrication.


But of course, it couldn’t be a dually if it didn’t have some extra width out back. That said, it doesn’t actually have two wheels per side at the rear, but the dually illusion is created by massive 20×14-inch Work Equip E10s tucked under custom rear fenders.


You can imagine this thing rolling down the Chuo Expressway and shooting sparks, while the kids kick back in the captain chairs.


If you were to approach this next car from the front and didn’t know its name, you might struggle to identify it.


The ‘GR Stance’ is a Toyota 86-based mashup between GT race car and stance car.


To help create the GT race car look, the students went all-out on the exterior. One-off overfenders, a huge rear diffuser, box-like side skirts and a rear window louver are just some of the details. Of course, it needed to be low to the ground too, and a T-Demand air ride system takes care of that aspect.


The FA20 engine up front has been lightly breathed on, with a GReddy T518Z turbocharger bumping power output to 275hp.


The interior is race-themed with the installation of a roll cage, Recaro RRMS2700G seat, Sparco P300 steering wheel and a few gauges.


The NATS students really outdid themselves at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon, so a trip up to the Nihon Automotive College for a proper look at all the creations is definitely on the cards.

Ron Celestine
Instagram: celestinephotography

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They should just rename themselves as "NUTS"

Way more interesting than what LB is doing these days


That 86 is glorious. NATS never disappoints!


Sorry for my ignorance, but what's the white car in photo #4?


Subaru XT if i'm not mistaken.


Thank you!


with the wild exterior on that 86 I thought it'd have a wilder engine spec, but this is good too!


Give 'em a break. Just some college kids on a school budget building world renown projects =P


I know, I just thought their engine setup would be wilder given the 2JZ-swapped SC430 Supra conversion from yesteryear.


Loving both of these. Also can we see some more of the Eunos (MX-5/Miata) with the RX-3 front end please?


Now that GR Stance build is cool af
It is absolutely nuts on a whole different level
We definitely need this in Unbound


That alphard's fenders and overall design doesn't really look well thought out. It's alright but without the paintjob, wood bed, and the huge chrome wheels, I'd think someone bondo'd it together in their backyard. Actually I still think that.


Totally agree. The open gap on the rear fender is what threw me off completely. I can only think that they may have ran out of time and had to go with what they had, a-la the SEMA build time crunch.


I'm the first to get onto the TAS hype but come on, that blue thing is such a piece of's an insult to many nice build to feature it, just because it's catchy? Come on HypeHunters get a grip. The rear fenders have gaps big enough to get kicked out from such a legendary show...the wood is cut out so badly from around the wheel arches and white fluff around the airbags to fill the hole? Really??? There was less cringe builds in Max Power in 2002...


While not my type of build either, the workmanship can't be faulted in person. The wood perfectly matches the contour of the arches, although it isnt picked up so well in the photos. Similarly the fenders have a slight squared off edge that creates a shadow line at some angles, depending on the light.
Please share with us your latest build so we can all see what perfection looks like.


Ok smart arse, my latest build is @slow_32 and as much as I'm not made of money, yes, it is carried out to the highest possible standard; now show us your build. And about those guards, wake up, those aren't shadows, you could fit a cow in the gap at the top. Learn what TAS stands for, look at the decades of incredible builds, this thing is cool but for TAS its viral trash. Typical build that appeals to the masses, and is therefore good business through social exposure. I'll stick to proper builds cheers :)


Effort anc concept: A
Execution: C